December 14, 2001 Special Dispatch No. 312

Former Chairman of the Jordanian Physicians' Association Criticizes U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice's Comments on Treatment of Women in the Muslim World

December 14, 2001
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 312

The London Arabic-language daily Al-Quds Al-Arabi recently published an article by the former chairman of the Jordanian Physicians' Association, Dr. Tareq Tahboub: [1]

American Women Are Humiliated More Than Afghan Women
"What pushed me to write this article was the interview with U.S. National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice on CNN. Asked by Wolf Blitzer about the situation of women in Afghanistan, the advisor spoke powerfully and in great detail about the situation of women in Islamic countries, primarily Saudi Arabia, and about how America cannot agree to the humiliation of women in the Islamic world."

"The advisor forgot that the living example of humiliation of women in the twenty-first century is Hillary Clinton, whose husband fed her all kinds of degradation and humiliation, to the point where she was forced to lie in front of television cameras in order to defend him and his perverted relationships. She testified that he was 'innocent' of Monica and Paula – as the wolf is innocent of the blood of [Joseph], the son of Jacob [whose brothers threw him into a pit to be rid of him and claimed that an 'evil beast' had devoured him]." "The advisor also forgot to mention that the White House files proved that Nixon's wife suffered a tear in her retina as a result of a severe blow she received from her husband."

"What humiliation could be greater for women than the systematic rape of a freshman university female student [in America], as was proven in documentary and feature films telling true stories. The last of these films, broadcast a month ago on Jordanian television, presented the true story of a student and her friends who were raped by members of a fraternity headed by her brother. The epilogue said that most young American women are raped at university. Eighty-seven percent of rapes are carried out during freshman year, by their classmates, at student parties. They get the girls drunk with a drink said to be fruit juice (punch) but which is actually mixed with alcohol. The exacerbation of this problem led to the establishment of legal and psychiatric departments at the universities to handle this phenomenon, which has reached epidemic proportions."

"Where are women's rights, when their statistics show that one in every three American women is raped – in addition to sexual harassment in the workplace, and even on the part of generals in the military, during their hours of rest from bombing Iraq and Afghanistan?"

"What humiliation could be greater for women than the fashion shows [catwalks] or beauty pageants, in which the so-called beauty queens are stripped before the hungry eyes of men so that their internal measurements around the bust and hips can be taken, as if they were calves at a cattle auction?"

"What humiliation – and I quote from the article of Mr. Muwfaq Mahaddin, the leftist journalist from the [Jordanian paper] Al-Arab Al-Youm, who demanded that the labor unions and parties [in Jordan] donate money for oppressed British women – could be greater than the results of a poll conducted recently by one of the papers, that showed that the British man has an average of five extramarital lovers? [Not to mention] what Alan Clark, defense secretary in the Thatcher government, did – he admitted that he had slept with three generations – a girl, her mother, and her grandmother – in his office in the British Defense Ministry, as published in the Daily Mirror."

Violence Against Women in the U.S.
"What domestic violence are they talking about, when British police statistics show more than a million incidents of domestic violence annually? What children's rights are they demanding, when in America alone, a quarter of a million children are killed every year by aborting unwanted fetuses – something that has pushed Americans with a conscience to blow up some of the clinics in which they carry out this kind of murder and kill some of the doctors working in this area? What children's rights are they talking about, when pedophilia is legal on the Internet and the networks of this perversion reach from Thailand to Australia – a general epidemic from which not even the Church was spared."

"Our advice to the advisor is to look at herself before she tries to force her principles and opinions on others. We have suffered enough from the American way of life forced upon us by the media and marketing of the American model."

"The Greatest Damage is Western Television"
"The damages [caused by] the American model are not limited to burgers, cola, and Marlboro, which most cannot buy as a result of widespread poverty in the Islamic world. The gravest damage is television, something that almost no home, rich or poor, lives without. When dinnertime comes (which is the Arab/Muslim family's traditional hour for meeting in the Islamic world), everyone eats in front of the television, with no conversation developing among the members of the family. When Mickey Mouse comes on, the children throw their food on the floor. Children are also influenced by depictions of violence in cartoons. Thus, family life is being abolished… Nevertheless, Islam and even the Muslims are accused of terrorism, although they make up 82% of the exiles and refugees in the world…"


[1] Al-Quds Al-Arabi (London), December 7, 2001.

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