January 9, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1416

Egyptian Weekly Roz Al-Yousef: Bush Should Be Executed

January 9, 2007
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 1416

On the cover of its January 6, 2007 issue, the mainstream Egyptian weekly Roz Al-Yousef featured a manipulated photo of Saddam Hussein's execution, in which Saddam's head was replaced with that of U.S. President George W. Bush (see below). The photo was titled "Bush's Execution."

Inside the issue was an article of the same title, by Shafiq Ahmad 'Ali, accompanied by the photo and calling on the Americans to execute their president for the murder of Iraqi civilians and "as a true measure of justice, revenge and democracy."

The following are excerpts from the article: [1]

If Saddam Was Executed for the Murder of 148 Iraqi Citizens, How Many Times Must Bush Be Executed?

"Saddam Hussein was executed for the murder of 148 Iraqis. Do you know how many Iraqi citizens have been murdered, by Bush's own admission, as a result of the American invasion?... A total of 30,000, according to a report in [the Egyptian government daily] Al-Ahram on December 13, 2005. So how many times must Bush be executed for all those murders and for the ones he is still committing...?

"Moreover, he executed [Iraqi] President Saddam Hussein on 'Eid Al-Adha, so he could boast that he had murdered an Arab Muslim president on a Muslim holiday. In his boastfulness, boldness and moral depravity, he also called Saddam's execution 'a step towards democracy.'

"We indeed need a real step in this direction. In other words, we need Bush himself executed, as a true measure of justice, revenge and democracy. Worthy American citizens... I am not appealing to the murderers, thieves, invaders, occupiers, liars, and racists among you, or to those who have undertaken to serve as agents of Israel. I am appealing only to the honorable and conscientious [people] among you, explaining why we are asking you to execute Bush himself...

"After the American invasion of Iraq, [America's] lie [to the U.N. Security Council] was exposed [when] nobody could find the alleged weapons [of mass destruction]. In spite of this, Bush has not yet been brought before a tribunal for war criminals, which would punish him for his great lie and for the calamities that consequently befell Iraq and its people, whom Bush so vehemently promised to protect before the invasion. He was so sincere [in his promise] that the number of Iraqi civilians killed by Bush so far comes to 30,000 innocent men women and children, by [his own] admission..."

"Isn't the murder of so many innocent Iraqis enough [of a basis] for putting Bush on trial? If not, then how many Iraqi women and children must die in order for Bush to be brought before a tribunal for war criminals?... Regardless of whether the number of dead among innocent Iraqi civilians is 30,000, as Bush himself has said with his big mouth, or 665,000, as the American [Johns] Hopkins University reported, or 794,000, as the expert David Rush reported, the important question at present is [still] this: if Saddam Hussein was executed for the murder of 148 Iraqi citizens, how many times should Bush be executed for having murdered all these sons of the Iraqi people?"

[1] Roz Al-Yousef (Egypt) January 6, 2007.

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