October 2, 2005 Special Dispatch No. 999

Egyptian TV Interview with Egyptian General (Ret.) Muhammad Khalaf: According to VP Cheney, ‘This [9/11] is an Inside Job in the White House’

October 2, 2005
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 999

The following are excerpts from an interview with Egyptian General (Ret.) Muhammad Khalaf [1], which aired on Egypt 's Al-Mihwar TV on September 11, 2005.TO VIEW THIS CLIP, VISIT:

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Host: "The U.S. naively asks: 'Why do they hate us in the Middle East ?'"

Muhammad Khalaf: "There is nothing naive about it. This is the kind of thing they say as a pretext. The truth is that they understand, we understand, the American people understands, and the whole world understands that there is a comprehensive plan, and that 9/11 is just one of many small details of this plan, which is no longer concealed from anybody.

"It began with Bush Senior, who talked about a new world order. Plans were made and became public. The National Defense University developed a plan in January 1999, according to which, with the fall of the U.S.S.R., no other superpower should be allowed to exist - not the U.S.S.R. again, and not even the countries included in the U.S.S.R., not China, or any other country. They began thinking about filling the vacuum formed in Asia with the countries that had left the U.S.S.R., and the plan for Afghanistan had been published a year before.

"There was another secret plan that became public - I'm not inventing this, it's taken from their own sources. I'm not inventing anything. All this appears on the Internet. It all appears on websites which discuss some serious matters regarding 9/11.

"When we began talking about this... We, in the Arab world, are always accused of interpreting matters on the basis of conspiracy theories. Conspiracies are always possible, but nobody really expected that the U.S., the American White House, a law-abiding country, the country, which is a model of freedom and democracy for the entire world, would release a series of lies, which have not ceased until now - from 9/11, through the Anthrax [attacks], and to the purported WMDs in Iraq."


"Flight 11 took off at 7:55 from Boston 's airport, heading for Los Angeles. This plane took off at precisely 7:59. After it was already in the air... No, I'd just like to explain... 18 minutes after it took off... On board were 82 passengers and the four [hijackers]... After 16... after exactly 18 minutes [they] cut off... There is a system called the transponder, which tracks the plane's position. This system connects the plane to satellite navigation systems, because we should all know that even if the real pilot - not some other pilot who spent six months learning how to fly planes... If the connection with the transponder is lost, there is no way the pilot can set the plane's course. He can't simply look out of the window and go on. A plane at such an altitude, which went off track after 18 minutes... I have just one question. How can 18 minutes be enough time for four unarmed men to take over a plane with 82 passengers, to enter [the cockpit] and take over the plane, to switch off the instruments and to direct the plane... The plane turned to an angle of collision..."

Host: "You mean collision with the tower..."

Muhammad Khalaf: "...with the tower, at a distance of 300 km from it."


"There is a report that was released, and then disappeared. Dick Cheney was told..."

Host: "The vice-president?"

Muhammad Khalaf: "Yes. He was told over the phone... The president was flying Air Force One, the presidential plane, back to Washington. Cheney called him, not on the regular phone, but on the coded phone..."

Host: "The other one was broken..."

Muhammad Khalaf: "He called him and even the president, whose code name was 'Angel 1'... The American president was amazed that he was using the secret communications system which is saved for wartime. Cheney talked to him and said: 'This is an inside job in the White House. There are [enemy] agents in the White House.' He said these things. The American president slammed the phone down and said: 'Air Force One is next,' and gave the order to land. He was told there is a conspiracy. These things were published, but have not been repeated since.

"If we take into account who sold the communications systems - these were Israeli and Zionist companies that control the production of surveillance and communications equipment in the U.S.... There are many of these - so many that instructions were given later, in March, not to cooperate with foreign companies. To be precise, it is Comfrance [sic] - a company specializing in the manufacture of bugging equipment, and this is an Israeli company."


"When we look at how the Tower collapsed... The plane entered this way... Logically, and without any knowledge of engineering, if there was a fracture, the tower would tilt sideways at the point of fracture.

"A second point has to do with Tower No. 7, whose picture we just saw. Tower No. 7, which Mr. Nabil talked about, was far from the place. On the website, you can see footage of the tower collapsing of its own accord, and the dust emitted from its side has nothing to do with it. It was detonated. A ball of fire of such dimensions could not be created by... This is a cinematic production, like you see in action films."


"There is American terrorism."

Host: "Before you mention the American terrorism, we might not know this... When and where did the world's first terrorist operation take place?"

Muhammad Khalaf: "The world's first terrorist operation was an explosion that took place on September 16, 1920, in Wall Street, New York."

Host: "85 years ago."

Muhammad Khalaf: "On September 16, a car bomb..."

Host: "That was in September too."

Muhammad Khalaf: "Like the car bombs in Iraq, in 1920 - 35 fatalities."

Host: "In other words, 85 years ago."

Muhammad Khalaf: "...and hundreds of wounded, and the FBI began to investigate who carried it out on September 16, 1920, and still hasn't come up with an answer. This information is on the Internet."

Host: "What was the target?"

Muhammad Khalaf: "The financial and commercial district."

Host: "That one too?"

Muhammad Khalaf: "Yes. In the financial district. The investigation is still open."


"Some may ask: Is it logical that a government would kill its own people?"

Host: "That's an important question."

Muhammad Khalaf: "There is a plan called Northwoods, which was formulated in 1963 and also appears on the Internet. The U.S. does not balk at doing so. It is part of its bloody ideology. They took the land by force."

Host: "It does not balk at doing what?"

Muhammad Khalaf: "It does not balk at sacrificing a few innocent people, who would be considered martyrs and heroes, in order to accomplish its national policy. These things are on the website, and whoever logs on to and searches for 'Northwoods' will find the document. There is a picture of the document there. A picture of the plan of the north woods."

[1] Egyptian General (Ret.) Muhammad Khalaf made similar statements on May 8, 2005, on Egyptian TV Channel 1,

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