February 17, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 9773

Egyptian Researcher Ahmad Abdou Maher: Modern Islamic Thinkers Are Considered Heretics, But Muhammad's Companions, Who Ate With Their Fingers And Drank Camel Urine, Are Sanctified

February 17, 2022
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 9773

In a February 11, 2022 interview on Mayadeen TV (Lebanon), Egyptian researcher Ahmad Abdou Maher criticized the treatment of modern or liberal Islamic thinkers, who are sent to prison and accused of heresy, pointing out that Muslims are at the same time expected to sanctify the early companions of the Prophet Muhammad, whom, he said, ate with their fingers and drank camel urine, believing it to have medicinal properties. He said that this attitude degrades today's generation of Muslims. Abdou Maher and the show's host discussed liberal Islamic thinkers who have been killed for their beliefs. TheĀ  host, Yahya Abu Zakariya, said that he is familiar with a liberal Algerian thinker whose body was exhumed so that it could be beheaded and so that his head could be displayed in pubic. It should be noted that Ahmad Abdou Maher was previously convicted of "contempt of religion and disturbing the public peace" and sentenced to five years in prison. For more about Ahmad Abdou Maher, see MEMRI TV Clips Nos. 8473, 5999, 5669, 5409, and 5234.

To view the clip of Ahmad Abdou Maher on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

Muslims Are Pressured To "Glorify That First Generation Of Muslims" Even Though "Allah Said Some Of Them [Were] Hypocrites"

Ahmad Abdou Maher: "Sadly I have to say that our teachers, scholars, professors, and thinkers were met with the virtual sanctification and worship of the early Muslims, and the labeling of everybody else as infidels.

"So they thought that all of Prophet Muhammad's companions pleased Allah, even though [the Quran says] that some of them 'when they saw a bargain or a fanfare, they flocked to it, leaving you standing,' and even though Allah said that some of them are hypocrites 'who are not known to you and are know to Us, and We shall torment them twice.'

"Nobody knew who they were, but nevertheless, they forced us to say about this entire generation 'may Allah be pleased with them.'


"Unfortunately, those early Muslims whom we glorify - the so-called 'pious predecessors'...


"[They] did not invent as much as a spoon with which to eat their food.

"To this day, they still pressure us to understand that even though they would eat with their fingers and drink camel urine as medicine, we should glorify that generation of the first Muslims and degrade ourselves.

"[Today] We Have Some Thinkers Of The Highest Order, As Well As Pious Believers Of The Highest Order [And] Instead Of Paying Attention To Them And Encouraging Them, We Throw Them In Jail [As] Blasphemous And Heretics"

"This is despite the fact that we have some thinkers of the highest order, as well as pious believers of the highest order.

"Instead of paying attention to them and encouraging them, we throw them in jail, and say that they do not follow the Islamic script we have on our hand, and therefore they are blasphemous and heretics and so on.

"They annulled the marriage of Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd. Does the court in a civilized country have the right to pronounce a person 'heretic,' and declare his marriage annulled?


Yahya Abu Zakariya: "I believe that the annulment of Dr. Nasr Abu Zayd's marriage, Allah's mercy upon him, was the lesser evil, because some of his colleagues, some thinkers, had their throats slit. A colleague of ours in Algeria died of a natural cause, so they exhumed his corpse and severed his head from the body. Then they hanged his head for everybody to see."

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