September 10, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7662

Egyptian Journalist: The Secret Of The Power Of The Jews – Lies, Tricks, And Political And Physical Assassinations

September 10, 2018
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 7662

On April 15, 2018, in her column in the Egyptian daily Al-Yawm Al-Sabi', Nada Al-Dib presented the Jews as cunning tricksters who will stoop to any means, even the most nefarious, to achieve their interests.

The following are translated excerpts from Al-Dib's article.[1]

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"We have become accustomed to describing cunning people as resembling Jews. Sometimes we used this description in jest and sometimes because their cunning verges on wickedness. But have we ever considered why we do this? The reason we attribute this description to Jews in general and to Israelis in particular boils down to [the fact that] we all know that the Jews are behind the wars and divisions in the world.

"The name 'Jew' has always been associated with lies, cheating, and plotting. The Jews' long history of deception and fraud ever since the establishment of the Jewish state has taught us well that the Jews don't recognize promises and laws and that they don't even respect the other monotheistic religions. The greatest evidence that they are liars and crooks is the establishment of the Jewish state following the Balfour Declaration in 1917. [This declaration] spoke of the establishment of a national Jewish home in Palestine on condition that the rights of the Arabs wouldn't suffer. Where is that promise today, one hundred years later?...

"However, despite all the years that have passed, we have never addressed the question of the secret of the Jews' supremacy: is it because of the support of the West? Or perhaps because their minds are full of tricks and cunning? Or maybe there are other reasons and factors that explain their supremacy and their power? The answer to this question may not be simple, but over the years we have witnessed things that have allowed us to understand the secret of their power, which grants them what some of the Arab states lack. For example, the 'Zionist lobby' knows exactly what its purpose is, and there are no differences of opinion among [its members] in this regard, whatever personal factors and conflicts there may be. Their central purpose was to establish a Jewish state and once it was established to maintain [this state] and its expansion. This is what they currently seek to achieve by taking over Palestinian Jerusalem...

"Another characteristic with which the Jews are endowed is their way of coping with the media. Although they are not the owners of communications outlets such as FOX, CNN, and NBC, they follow the news at all times, respond to every statement on the radio, in print, and on television, and protest with every means at their disposal against the things that harm them. Of course they [also] make donations to these media outlets, which therefore refrain from harming them in any way.

"It is also known that the Jews use every dirty trick in the book to achieve their objectives, as exemplified by the Jewish government's treatment of pastor Jerry Falwell, one of the most important American preachers. They placed a jet plane at his disposal and covered all his expenses, [so he would] convince the Americans that God would abandon the U.S. if it didn't support the Jewish state in its aspirations to expand [and form] Greater [Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates], to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to build the [Jewish Holy] Temple in its place.

"It is further known that when the Jews don't find what they are looking for in accordance with their interests, they turn to political and physical assassinations. In the past they behaved this way with [the Prophet] Muhammad. They tried to kill him and also Jesus, and they killed our lord Yahya.‎[2] In the modern era they work to bring down every politician or intelligence officer who doesn't support the Jewish state, as they did with Mordechai Vanunu, a Jewish nuclear expert who was kidnapped, tried, and imprisoned because he revealed the secrets of the Jewish nuclear program to a British newspaper.

"Thus the Jews employ every legitimate or twisted and dirty means to achieve their objectives, and adopt lies and subterfuge in their dealings. The Arabs have never and will never behave in a similar way. But will we continue to be able to hold our own in the face of their trickery?

"The most important question of all still remains: how long will we continue to keep silent, confronted with their blows and their attempts to take control of our Al-Aqsa Mosque? The answer resides only with our Arab leaders. Period. And maybe this is a new beginning."


[1] Al-Yawm Al-Sabi' (Egypt), April 15, 2018.

[2] ‎The reference is to John the Baptist, called Yahya Ibn Zakariyya in Arabic, who is honored as a prophet by Islam.

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