May 12, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10610

Egyptian Journalist: Jews Control Global Media, Are Responsible For Historical Distortion In Netflix Series 'Queen Cleopatra'

May 12, 2023
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 10610

The Netflix docudrama series "Queen Cleopatra" recently sparked an uproar in Egypt because it stars a black actress in the role of Cleopatra. Many Egyptians, including officials and journalists, accused the series of "falsifying" Egyptian history by portraying Cleopatra as African when she was in fact Macedonian and therefore "light-skinned with Hellenic features."

Against this backdrop, senior journalist Refa'at Rashad published a column in the Al-Watan daily in which he blamed the Jews for the "historical distortion" in the series. Rashad claimed the Jews, who control the world media and culture, use films to entrench and advance their false stories, myths, and agendas, and that the series about Cleopatra will not be their last attempt to do so. He added that the Jews "invented propaganda," and that "the psychological influence of this satanic instrument enables them to control people's minds and turn nations into tools" that serve their purposes.

The following are translated excerpts from his column:

Refaat Rashad (Source:

"Decades ago [in 1956], Hollywood produced the film The Ten Commandments, directed by the famous director Cecil DeMille. The film – which is about the period when the Jews were in Egypt during the era of the ancient Egyptians, or the Pharaonic era – caused quite a commotion at the time. I noticed that the film focuses on the brave deeds performed by the Jews while the leaders of Egypt infringe their rights or minimize their worth and their abilities. The film depicts the Jews as the ones who created the Egyptian culture and [implies] that, had it not been for their presence, this country would have had no value.

"When Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin visited Egypt, during the time of the [signing of] the peace agreement, he said, on a tour of the pyramids, that his forefathers were the ones who built them!! What was the message of this statement, uttered by Begin in front of the pyramids? Did the Jews [really]build the pyramids? During that period the Jews were slaves in Egypt, and some of them worked on Egypt's giant construction projects. [But] does that mean that they were the rulers of the country?! Of course not. But [that didn't] prevent the accumulation of stories and the myths about the Jewish presence in Egypt and their involvement  in shaping life and culture [there]. [Nor did it prevent] the subsequent erasure of the Egyptians from [this] history, so as to turn the illustrious Pharaonic culture into something created by the Jews!

"In 1994, I was part of a delegation that visited in the U.S. for educational purposes, along with an excellent group of journalist colleagues. We saw the film Schindler's List, which Egypt had banned from the film festival in Cairo… The film is a highly professional [production]. It was long and included an intermission, and it was in exclusively in black and white, to convey the sense of the period in which the events took place, [namely] World War II, and the persecution of the Jews by the Germans and their execution in the gas chambers, and so on. Most of the people in the cinema not only cried as they watched it, they sobbed. The film [thus] achieved its purpose…

"The Jews invented propaganda, and the psychological impact of this satanic instrument enables them to control people's minds and turn nations into tools [that serve their purposes]. The Jews used this indirect propaganda to establish their state in Palestine, even before the fairytales of Russian and American propaganda began to appear… Even Goebbels did not yet exist then. Before all that, [Theodor] Herzl and his associates manipulated the mind of the world. They subjugated the British, who controlled the world and all of Europe at the time, in order to realize their dream of [establishing] the state of Israel.

"The series [about] Cleopatra is another link in the chain of mind-control by the Jews, who dominate global media and culture… We should examine [their] hidden agendas, because the matter [at stake] is not [just] a dispute about a historical issue or a case of ignorance about something the whole world knows. The point is what [the Jews intend to do] after implanting certain ideas in the mind of the world, especially in the minds of the Egyptians and of the younger generations. For their aim is to uproot in advance the Egyptians' motivation to defend their history and their culture, [and the series about] Cleopatra will not be the end of the matter."[1]


[1], May 8, 2023. The article was also published on the following day on the website of the Saudi Al-Arabiya channel (, May 9, 2023).

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