July 13, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8840

Egyptian Intellectual: Instead Of Complaining That The Jews 'Control The World,' The Muslims Should Follow Their Example And Pursue Excellence

July 13, 2020
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 8840

In an article he posted on his Facebook account titled "Facts Regarding the Superiority of the Jewish Mind over the Arab Mind," Egyptian researcher and intellectual Ahmed Saad Zayed wondered why the Jews, who number only 14 million worldwide, "control the world," while the Muslims, who number 1.5 billion, lag behind. Presenting a long list of pioneering Jewish figures, such as Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud,  who are globally renowned for their accomplishments, and comparing the number of Jewish Nobel Prize winners to the number of Arab ones,[1] he argued that the gap is not the result of a conspiracy or of any special favor enjoyed by the Jews, as many Arabs believe. Rather, it is the result of the Jews' pursuit of excellence and the high value they place on knowledge and education, compared to the Arabs. This is evident, he said, from the small number and poor quality of universities in the  Arab world, compared to the universities in the West in general and in Israel in particular. He called on the Muslims to stop blaming others for their failures and to start developing their capacity to gain and spread knowledge and to innovate.

Ahmed Saad Zayed (Source:

The following are translated excerpts from the article:[2]

"The facts reflecting the superiority of the Jewish mind over the Arab mind – are they due to a Hindu-Buddhist-Christian-atheist-Jewish plot, or to a failure of the Arabs and of their tall tales? Or perhaps the reason is the rationalism and secularity of the Jews, most of whom – especially the well-educated among them, such as Einstein and Freud – were not dervishes who believed in superstitions like many of the Arabs?

"The question thus remains: Why do the Jews control our world today? Let us examine the facts and figures. The Jews of the world number 14 million… [whereas] Muslims number 1.5 billion… In other words, one-fifth of the world population is Muslims, and there are 107 Muslims for every Jew. Despite this, 14 million Jews are more powerful than a billion and a half Muslims. Why?

"Let's continue with the facts and statistics. [Let’s look at] the most prominent names in modern history: Albert Einstein – Jewish; Sigmund Freud – Jewish; Karl Marx – Jewish; Paul Samuelson – Jewish; Milton Friedman – Jewish. The most important medical inventors: inventor of the medical syringe [bifurcated vaccination needle], Benjamin Rubin – Jewish; inventor of the polio vaccine, Jonas Salk – Jewish;… inventor of the cure for syphilis, Paul Ehrlich – Jewish; developer of the field of immunology, Ilya Ilyich – Jewish; the most prominent researcher of the endocrine system, Andrew Schally – Jewish; the most prominent researcher in the field of cognitive treatment, Aaron Beck – Jewish; inventor of the birth control pill, Gregory Pincus – Jewish; the most prominent researcher of the human eye and retina, George Wald – Jewish; the most prominent researcher of cancer treatments, Stanley Cohen – Jewish…

"Inventors whose innovations changed the world: [micro]processor developer, Stanley Mazor – Jewish; inventor of the nuclear reactor, Leo Szilard – Jewish; inventor of fiber optics, Peter Schultz – Jewish; inventor of the traffic light, Charles Adler – Jewish; inventor of stainless steel, Benno Strauss – Jewish; inventor of the soundtrack, Theodore Case – Jewish; inventor of the microphone and gramophone, Emil Berliner – Jewish; inventor of the videotape recorder, Charles Ginsburg – Jewish.

"Manufacturers of international brands: Polo by Ralph Lauren – Jewish; Levis jeans by Levi Strauss – Jewish; Starbucks, owned by Howard Schultz – Jewish; Google co-founder Sergey Brin – Jewish…; Oracle Corporation co-founder Larry Ellison – Jewish; DKNY by Donna Karan – Jewish; Baskin-Robbins co-founder Irv Robbins – Jewish; Dunkin' Donuts  founder William Rosenberg – Jewish.

"Politicians and decision-makers: [former] U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger – Jewish; [former] president of Yale University Richard Levin – Jewish; [former] chair of the U.S. Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan – Jewish; [former] U.S. secretary of state Madeleine Albright – Jewish; American politician Joseph [Joe] Lieberman – Jewish; [former] U.S. defense secretary Caspar Weinberger – Jewish; [former] Soviet foreign minister Maxim Litvinov – Jewish; [former] prime minister of New Zealand John Kay – Jewish; [former] chief minister of Singapore David Marshall – Jewish;… [former] Australia chief governor Sir Isaac Isaacs – Jewish; [former] British prime minister Benjamin Disraeli – Jewish;… [former] president of Portugal Jorge Sampaio – Jewish; [former] deputy prime minister of Canada Herbert Gray – Jewish; [former] president of France’s Council of Ministers Pierre Mendes – Jewish; prominent economic and financial speculator George Soros – Jewish; American businessman and philanthropist Walter Annenberg – Jewish.

"Influential media figures: Wolf Blitzer, CNN – Jewish; Barbara Walters, ABC News – Jewish; Eugene Meyer, The Washington Post – Jewish;… Catherine  Graham, The Washington Post – Jewish; Joseph Lelyveld, The New York Times – Jewish; Max Frankel, The New York Times – Jewish.

"These names are just a sampling of influential Jews and their accomplishments, which benefit humanity on a day-to-day basis. A few more facts from the last 105 years: 180 of [the world’s] 14 million Jews won Nobel Prizes. During the same period, [the world’s] 1.3 billion Muslims produced three Nobel Prize winners. That is, the Jews have one Nobel Prize for every 77,778 people… [whereas the Muslims have] one Nobel Prize for every 500 million people. Had the Jews’ ratio of winners been the same as the Muslims’, they would have won 0.028 Nobel Prizes in the last 105 years, namely, less than one third of a prize [sic]. And  had the Muslims’ ratio of winners been the same as the Jews’, they would have won 19,289 Nobel Prizes in the last 105 years… Is this cognitive superiority of the Jews incidental? Is [the result of] fraud, conspiracy or favoritism? And why don’t Muslims attain this level, these positions and this ability to bring about change, despite their huge advantage [in numbers]?   

"Here are some facts that may answer this question. The entire Muslim world has only 500 universities, [whereas] the U.S. alone has 5,758, and India has 8,407! Not one of these Muslim universities is on the list of the world’s best 500 universities, whereas six Israeli universities are on it…

"The conclusion is that the Islamic countries lack the capacity to produce knowledge, they lack the capacity to dispense imported knowledge, they lack the capacity to manufacture high-tech gear and they lack the capacity to use it. So let us acknowledge reality, without shame and without burying our heads in the sand. The truth is clear and requires no proof or statistics. But there are some among us who contradict themselves and deny what is as clear as day. Yes, the Jews made all these accomplishments because they embraced excellence and knowledge and instilled this [value] in their children. The [people whose] names were listed above were not born that way. They had good training. They encountered many difficulties before accomplishing what they did.  They were not born with a silver spoon in their mouth. We all know the story of Einstein who failed math, and of [Thomas] Edison who was expelled because he was [judged] ‘unfit for school,’ and other stories. Let’s stop deluding ourselves that the Jews control the world just because they are Jews or because the West loves them. The Jews took over the world through studying, planning and ingenious foresight… They set out their goals, first among them [attaining] excellence in the field of knowledge: the ability to create and discover knowledge, and then to dispense it to others while claiming credit and respect for illuminating the path for the world. [That is why] the Jews dominate the world of economy, medicine, technology and media. As for the claim that the West loves the Jews, have you noticed that the greatest Western comedians are Jewish? Even at humor they excel.

"And where are we in all of this? It is easy to read these lines and place the blame on the government, on generations of Arab opportunists and leaders, or on the long years of oppression, imperialism and occupation. But by doing so, you add yet another drop to the ocean of Islamic passivity that brought us to this state. Stop being bitter and passive and blaming others. Start with yourself. Have you ever thought of spreading knowledge? Do you have knowledge that nobody else has? Why not share it with everyone?"


[1] It should be noted that this list was not complied by Zayed, but appears in several sources, such as an article published over a decade ago by Pakistani writer Dr. Farouq Salim, titled "Why Are the Jews So Powerful?" (for an English translation of this article, see, January 12, 2009). Since then it has been quoted by several Arab writers. For example, it appeared in a July 27, 2009  article titled "How the Jews Took Over the World" on the Hamas-affiliated website, and in an October 27, 2009 article on the liberal website Zayed himself states at the end of his article that the source for his information is  "the encyclopedia on Jews, Judaism and Zionism by the late 'Abd Al-Wahhab Al-Masiri" (published in 1999), quoted on "the page of [his] friend Suleiman Muhammadi."

[2], July 2, 2020.

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