September 11, 2014 Special Dispatch No. 5840

Egyptian Daily: U.S. Planning 9/11-Style Attack Using ISIS In Early 2015 – Like It Did Using Al-Qaeda In 2001

September 11, 2014
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 5840

In advance of the 13th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, on September 7, 2014, Al-Wafd, the online newspaper of the Egyptian secular political party by the same name, published a series of articles on the attacks, by different writers. Some of the articles stated that Western security apparatuses, mainly the CIA and the Israeli Mossad, were responsible for the attacks.[1] One of these articles, which is the topic of this report, stated that the U.S. had carried out the 9/11 attacks using Al-Qaeda, and that it is now planning an attack on a similar scale using the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In the article, the author, Zainab Al-Qurashi, assesses that this attack will come in early 2015, possibly just prior to the president's State of the Union Address, and that it will include a biological or chemical attack on New York's subway system as well as a rocket attack on the White House – both of which will be blamed on ISIS.

The article claims that this upcoming attack is the reason why Western media are grossly inflating ISIS's importance and working to establish the global perception that the organization could constitute a major threat to the U.S.

The article goes on to claim that the new 9/11-style attack will allow the U.S. administration to divert attention from its problems at home – including the country's economic crisis and the increasing criticism of President Obama – and that the attack will also serve as a pretext for mounting new assaults against the Middle East in the guise of an international alliance against ISIS. The aim of this offensive will be to sow division in both Egypt and Saudi Arabia – an aim which has not yet been achieved due to the June 2013 ouster of president Muhammad Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood (MB) regime in Egypt, with the ultimate goal of transforming Israel into the region's only superpower with control of parts of Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia.

The following are excerpts from the article:

The U.S. Is Planning Another Terrorist Attack To Divert Attention From Its Domestic Problems And To Strengthen Israel

"We are obliged to ask...

"1. What are the reasons motivating the U.S. to repeat an event similar to September 11...[?]

"2. What will the ruling class in America achieve from the new attack[?]

"On the domestic level, the U.S. is currently suffering from several problems, the most important of which is the economic crisis and the stagnation impacting arms manufacturers, who need to sell their stockpiles of goods. The situation has become more difficult as protests and demonstrations have broken out, particularly following the killing of two black American citizens which sparked [fears] that the protests would be directed against Obama's policy – especially since the flames of racism are burning below the surface in some of the states. Furthermore, the U.S. wants to pass new laws banning gun [ownership], which is a right guaranteed to citizens by the American constitution. A terrorist attack would enable the U.S. to ban the carrying of weapons on the pretext of combating terrorism.

"On the foreign level, due to the fall of the MB in Egypt in the June 30 [2013] revolution, the U.S. failed to implement the final part of its plan to divide Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It is now trying to achieve this by means of ISIS, whose importance is now being inflated, so that the U.S. will be able to stand alongside Syria and Iraq to besiege the Gulf and also to intervene in Libya, via NATO, in order to besiege Egypt. All this, naturally, is aimed at furthering Israel's interests and laying the groundwork for it to become the next empire in the Middle East – [in accordance with] the map of Greater Israel [that includes] half of Syria, half of Iraq, parts of Saudi Arabia, and parts of Egypt.

"Many will reject [the possibility of] this scenario, but if we look closely at this [map of Greater Israel] and similar maps, we will see that the armies of Iraq and Syria have been dismantled and that the two countries have been divided [in accordance with] the regions on [this] map. [Now] the U.S. is striving to implement the same plan in Saudi Arabia and in Egypt, which can happen only if the U.S. arrives in the region at the head of a new NATO-led international alliance. This will come about only if there is a major terror operation against the U.S.

"A new attack would enable the U.S. to unite the American people under the current leadership and completely divert attention from demonstrations or from discussion about the weak economy. Naturally, it will also allow the U.S. to increase its presence in the Middle East and to try to strike the Egyptian military – particularly if one of the perpetrators of the new attack is Egyptian or if [Egypt can] somehow be blamed. The aim will be to attack [Egypt] and to dismantle the only remaining Arab force capable of confronting Israel – and the U.S. is trying with all its might to transform [Israel] into the Middle East's sole superpower..."

One of the images accompanying the article: the White House with smoke rising from it

The Western Intelligence Agencies Have Prepared Public Opinion For An ISIS Attack

"Intelligence agencies such as the American CIA, the British MI6, and the Israeli Mossad rely primarily on psychological warfare aimed at a people's unconscious. By means of [this warfare], it is possible to fully control groups and individuals without them noticing. Western intelligence agencies prepared [the ground] for the disaster of September [11] several years in advance, by publishing reports on Al-Qaeda and the threats it posed to the interests of the superpowers prior to the war in Afghanistan. This [scenario] is now repeating itself, [except with] ISIS...

"The beginning of [the psychological warfare] was ISIS' first emergence in the media in 2012, in the context of the war against the Syria[n regime], even though its establishment began in 2006 along with other extremist organizations. As usual, the U.S. supported them all [equally]... so that the Middle East continues to burn as part of the 'Creative Chaos' project.

"Following the MB's rise in Egypt and Libya, the Gulf States [were supposed to] fall into the hands of the MB one after another, thus coming apart on their own without foreign intervention. This is what happened in Sudan, for instance, when the MB regime of [President Omar Al-]Bashir succeeded in taking control... so that during his rule Sudan was divided, with the South gaining independence and [becoming] a state. This happened also in Libya, which fell apart after the MB rose to power.

"However, the June [30] revolution [in Egypt], which ended the MB era, also brought down the U.S.-sponsored plan for division. This is when the intelligence agencies ordered the organization known as ISIS, whose numbers were small, to be inflated in the media, so that [the organization] could be used as a pretext for open intervention in the regime – as happened previously in Iraq...

"The news that percolated into the collective [unconscious] boiled down to:

"1. ISIS has accumulated a great deal of power and has become a state possessing all the [necessary] fundamental elements, and [also] possessing a military capable of threatening the U.S. – both via its interests in the Gulf and at home.

"2. ISIS is capable of infiltrating into the U.S. and carrying out large-scale terrorist attacks against the American people.

"3. ISIS represents Islam, and, therefore, Islam is a religion of killing, slaughter, and amputation. This image did not exist like this prior to 2011.

"Naturally, after these points crept into the subconscious of the peoples of the world, any terrorist attack carried out inside the U.S. would likely be blamed by all on ISIS, before any criminal investigation was launched – just as happened on September 11, 2001...

"In closing, what has happened in the past prompts us to assess that in the very near future, New York and Washington will be attacked, for several reasons, chief among them that harming the American economic front – that is, New York – and the political front – that is, the White House – will enable the U.S. to establish an international alliance to launch a war against ISIS, [an organization] that was created [specifically] for this purpose. In this way, the U.S. can implement the plans that it has already drawn up."

The Next Attack Will Be In New York And Washington In Early 2015

"Many have predicted that the U.S. would be attacked again either on the anniversary of 9/11 or later, in October. But this attack can be expected at a totally different time, for several reasons – [but] mainly because American security apparatuses are on high alert on this anniversary and during the month that follows...

"The U.S. knows better than anyone else that ISIS is small, in both manpower and equipment, and is incapable of mounting a large-scale terror attack. For this reason, those who tyrannically control the U.S. administration are planning smaller [but] more painful attacks that target as many people as possible, with the aim of swaying American and global public opinion and of driving it, like a raging bull, to destroy the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Another result of these attacks will be increased restrictions on Muslims in Europe and the U.S....

"The attack will be two-pronged: The first [strike] will be in New York, targeting the subway system in order to cause as many casualties as possible... [for the trains] make five million trips every week. So the attack can be expected to involve bombs carrying biological agents or sarin gas – which is banned by international [treaties] – particularly in major underground stations where the plague can spread quickly and lethally, especially when it is released in main air ducts.

"Additionally, there can be other, similar attacks against drinking water plants. Such attacks can maximize casualties with minimum harm to the perpetrators.

"The second [strike] will be in Washington, where the White House can expect to be attacked by small projectiles such as Grad rockets that can carry small nuclear warheads with highly destructive capabilities, or shoulder-mounted rockets that can be aimed accurately. The attack can include many rockets launched at once, since the White House missile defense system cannot handle small shoulder mounted rockets launched from a short distance. It should be mentioned that the Iron Dome system, used by Israel to intercept the rockets of the resistance [i.e. Hamas], is a proven failure – it successfully intercepted only 20% of the rockets launched at Israel...

"We predict that the next attack on New York will come in early 2015, particularly sometime in the period between the American holidays – that is, from New Year's Day through Martin Luther King Day and ending in the State of the Union address, delivered in the second half of January by the president at a joint meeting of the U.S. Congress (the House and the Senate) in the Capitol building; in it, he presents the state of the U.S. on the domestic and foreign levels.

"The terror attack may come in mid-January, between the 15th and the 20th. Maybe January 17 will be chosen for the New York [attack] and later there will be an attack on Washington, or perhaps they will be simultaneous, so that the State of the Union Address will be different this year, and Obama will use it to try to rouse enthusiasm and recruit public support for the prepared plan that includes establishing an international alliance to fight the scarecrow known as ISIS."[2]

Images accompanying the article show possible targets of the attack: Grand Central Station and the subway system in New York




[1] For example, one article, from September 7, 2014, was titled "The September 11 Attacks – Planned by Netanyahu and Carried Out by the Mossad," and another, published one day earlier, was titled "The September 11 Attacks – Carried Out by Security Apparatuses."

[2] The article also includes a video produced by American activist James O'Keefe in which he crossed the U.S.-Mexico border wearing a bin Laden mask to demonstrate how easily terrorists could enter the U.S. undetected.

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