July 20, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3108

Egyptian Daily Publishes Antisemitic Dissertation by the Late Al-Azhar Sheikh Tantawi; In It, He States 'The [Jews'] Abominations Described in the Koran Are Demonstrated Throughout the Ages,' Recounts Damascus Blood Libel

July 20, 2010
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 3108

The independent Egyptian daily Al-Masri Al-Yawm recently published a series of articles about the doctoral dissertation of the late Al-Azhar sheikh Dr. Muhammad Sayyed Tantawi, who passed away in March 2010. Written in 1969, the dissertation is titled "The Sons of Israel." The first article in the series was preceded by an introduction in which the daily stated that, following the recent events of the Gaza flotilla, a reexamination of Tantawi's work affords a better understanding of the roots of aggression in Jewish history. The introduction said: "It seems that, for the first time, the world has been shocked by [an Israeli crime, namely] its latest crime against the Freedom Flotilla. This time the shock was [expressed] by the West itself, which, for more than 60 years, has persistently propagandized about the democratic [character] of the Jewish state, and has paid the price for the illusion that [Israel] is discriminated against and oppressed by its Arab neighbors. Dr. Sayyed Tantawi, the late sheikh of Al-Azhar, debunked this illusion when he dedicated his 1969 doctoral dissertation to exposing what can be called the roots of violence in Jewish history, from [the Jews'] arrival in Egypt and their departure therefrom, to the establishment of the [Jewish] state, [attained] through the destruction of entire nations. Al-Masri Al-Yawm rereads this important research in light of circumstances that demand an interpretation of and investigation into this culture of aggression throughout Jewish history..."[1]

Following are excerpts from the articles:

The Abominations of the Jews Can Be Seen Everywhere and Throughout History

"The sixth chapter of [Tantawi's] study deals with the 'Jews' abominations as they are described in the Koran.' In this chapter, Tantawi explains that the sons of Israel are described in the Koran as people of various bad qualities, loathsome character, and contemptible behavior. The Koran describes them as infidels and liars, as ungrateful, selfish, arrogant and cowardly, as naggers and cheaters, rebels and lawbreakers, cruel and inherently inclined to deviate [from the straight and narrow]. [They are] quick to crime and aggression, and they steal people's money through lies and commit other such atrocities that are mentioned in the Koran and due to which [the Jews] deserve to be excluded from Allah's mercy and doomed to baseness and wretchedness. The abominations described in the Koran are demonstrated by [the Jews] throughout the ages and in different places. As time goes on, [these abominations] intensify and become more deeply entrenched among them.

"The study describes some of these abominations in detail, the most important of which are 'that they violate treaties and agreements and act wrongly toward Allah; that they are unbelievers; that they resent the good [fortune] of others, out of envy, and use trickery in order to permit what Allah has forbidden; that they contemn the Koran and distort its words; that they cling to life and cravenly avoid jihad; that they ask their prophet Moses to make them a god like the god of their fellowman, and devote themselves to worshipping the golden calf; and that they misuse religion...'"[2]

The Jews Betrayed the Muslims

The daily proceeds to present examples of how the Jews violate treaties. For instance, it says, they violated their agreement with the Prophet Muhammad in Al-Medina, according to which they agreed to fight alongside the Muslims in case of an attack on the city, and in return the Muslims granted them a life of freedom and stability in their midst: "[The members of the Jewish tribe] Banu Qaynuqa', who lived in Al-Medina, their homes right next to those of the Muslims, did not only avoid extending a hand to the Muslims in the Battle of Badr [in 624 CE], they even resented the [Muslims'] victory over the Quraysh, and expressed sorrow over the defeat of the Meccans, and began conspiring against the Muslims...

"When the Prophet saw that they were determined to breach their treaties, that they continued to fight against the Islamic faith, and that they supported anyone who opposed it, he expelled them from Al-Medina to Adhra'at [in Khoran] as punishment for their betrayal. As for [the members of the Jewish tribe] Banu Nadir, they were even more despicable than [Banu Qaynuqa'] in violating treaties with Muslims. They were not satisfied with [merely] refusing to offer assistance to the Muslims in Badr, but even sheltered their enemies who came to devastate Al-Medina... Banu Nadir were also those who tried to assassinate the Prophet when he came to their homes in order to ask for their help in paying the blood money of a man who was accidentally killed. As punishment for their betrayal and for breaching their treaties, the Muslims expelled them from Al-Medina just as they did with [Banu Qaynuqa']..."[3]

Murder and Assassination Are Part of the Jews' Nature

The daily stated further: "It is written in many verses of the Koran that the Jews killed prophets and those who commanded them to act justly. The Jews killed Allah's prophets Zakariya [Zechariah] and Yahya [John], and attempted to kill 'Issa [Jesus],[4] taking all [possible] measures to do so. But Allah granted him immunity against them, contrary to their will. They also tried to kill the Prophet Muhammad, but did not succeed because Allah saved him from their wickedness and cunning. Whoever follows history through all its stages will discover that murders and assassinations have been part of the Jews' nature throughout the ages.

"[Tantawi's] study examines an assortment of murders and assassinations that were recorded by the [Roman] historian Cassius [Dio] in the 78th volume [of his works], the most egregious of which is that 'the Jews in the second century AD massacred the Romans and Greeks, ate their flesh, skinned them, split many of their bodies in two from the head down, and cast many of them to predatory beasts, to the extent that the number of dead reached 220,000.'"

The Jews Used Christian Blood in their Passover Matzoth

"The same source states that 'one of the religious ceremonies honored among the Jews' is bleeding a Gentile to death and mixing [the blood] into the dough used for preparing Matzoth for Passover. This wicked matter has been investigated and verified; and it has been proven that Jews have done this throughout the ages. Their proven guilt in this crime is one of the main reasons that led Gentiles to persecute and torment them. Several historians compiled [a record of] these crimes by the Jews, which reached more than 200 in number.'

"[Tantawi's] study states that the most notorious of these crimes was what occurred in 1840 [in Damascus], when it was proven that [the Jews] murdered Father Toma and his servant. The essence of this crime is that one of the Jewish rabbis requested the blood of a Gentile to be used in the Matzoth for Passover, and several Jews complied. They lured Father Toma and his servant [after them] and then slaughtered them and bled them to death. All the murderers were proven guilty and sentenced to death, but the European Jews took interest in this incident and sent some of their rich to Muhammad 'Ali Basha, who at that time was ruler of Egypt and Syria, and gave him a large sum of money. Then he issued a decree of clemency for the criminals who committed the crime in Damascus..."

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion Expose the Jews' True Designs

Tantawi's study also examines The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, which has been translated to Arabic by several authors: "Here is a quick look at the Protocols: The leaders of the Jews held 23 conferences between 1897 and 1951, the last of which was held, for the first time, in Jerusalem, on August 14, 1951, and openly addressed the issue of Jewish emigration to Israel and the borders of the [Jewish] state. Their first conference was held in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897, with [Theodor] Herzl presiding and 300 of the haughtiest Jews in attendance, representing 50 Jewish associations. There they decided on their secret plan to enslave the entire world under the crown of a king descendant from David, may he rest in peace. A French woman managed to get [a copy] of the protocols, by cunning, from one of the Jewish leaders in France, and when she saw the evils they contained she gave them to a Russian dignitary, who passed them on to the Russian priest [Sergei] Nilus, who printed several copies in 1902.

"Once these protocols were disseminated, the Jews' true wicked designs were discovered and there were widespread massacres against them in Russia, to the point where in one [alone] 10,000 were killed. Their leader Herzl was alerted and began screaming and shouting over this scandal, publishing a number of announcements in which he declared that several secret documents that had been kept concealed from all but their owners, even from some of the most important Jews, had been stolen from 'the Holy of Holies.' The Jews were quick to proclaim everywhere that the protocols were not their doing, but no sensible person believed their claims.

"Afterward, the protocols were once again printed, but the Jews were vigilant and as soon as a copy appeared for sale they hurried to get hold of it by any means possible and to burn it. Several British authors succeeded in disseminating these protocols a number of times, the last of which was in 1961, and some Arab authors translated this publication into Arabic..."

After presenting several excerpts from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the daily adds: "Tantawi writes that 'This [i.e., the Protocols] is a compilation of decisions made by the elders of Zion that exposes all the evils, hatred, and destructive designs that forever fill their innermost hearts, and their [plans] to destroy the world and enslave its citizens, groups, and peoples. Likewise, it makes clear their great mastery at exploiting people's weak points in such a way as to serve their goals and aspirations. [This compilation proves] that they are striving to topple the governments of all the countries and replace them with governments subjugated to Jewish influence, and that they never stop planting seeds of contention and civil strife in all countries through various clandestine, political, religious, and economic organizations and clubs."[5]


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[4] According to Muslim tradition, Jesus was neither crucified nor executed, but was brought up to the heavens by Allah, and another crucified in his place.

[5] Al-Masri Al-Yawm (Egypt), June 13, 2010.

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