March 28, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4609

Egyptian Daily: Mossad Behind Violent Incident at Port Said Soccer Match

March 28, 2012
Egypt | Special Dispatch No. 4609

In his February 8, 2012 column in the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram, 'Abd Al-Gaber Ahmad 'Ali claimed that the Israeli Mossad, along with remnants of the NDP, Egypt's former ruling party, were behind the massive brawl at the February 1, 2012 Port Said soccer match in which over 70 died and hundreds were injured. He further claimed that the incident was part of a plan by Israel, the U.S., and Arab countries to thwart the Egyptian revolution, undermine security and stability in the country, and spark civil war.

The columnist also stated that Israel is implementing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Egypt, which he says call for controlling peoples by means of violence and terror, with the aim of destroying the armed Egyptian forces and the country itself. Unemployed youth are being paid to wreak havoc in Egypt, he said, and added that organizations and political parties that spark fitna are being funded by the U.S. and Arab countries, and that various media outlets, such as tabloids, are defaming the heads of the armed forces. He criticized the media and MPs for attacking the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), which he said had made the revolution and the free elections possible, and called for supporting the SCAF until it transfers power to civilian hands.

Following are excerpts from his column:[1]

Israel Is Implementing The Protocols in Egypt

"Responsibility for the violent incident in Port Said during an enjoyable soccer match between the Al-Masri and Al-Ahli [teams], which claimed the lives of over 70 of this homeland's finest, falls on the security [forces], along with many other elements, like the Soccer Union, which managed the game, and the security apparatuses which were in charge of gathering information regarding looming dangers for the country.

"However, the ones ultimately responsible are foreign elements, specifically the Israeli Mossad, which was rocked by the clean and pure youth revolution of January 25 last year. This deadly blow [i.e., the soccer incident] came on the first anniversary of that revolution, and was meant to punish the Egyptian people – [the people] that uprooted a regime that had corrupted social and political life in the country and had facilitated the spread of [this] corruption. Therefore, it is the remnants of the previous regime embodied by the National [Democratic] Party that are driving the destructive elements, in return for material [compensation] that the youth and thugs chase and drool over.

"I am not claiming to know any secrets, or saying that I am letting my imagination run free. [However], I have stated here [in this newspaper] that Israel and its intelligence apparatus will not let us celebrate this anniversary in peace, and I have [also] stated that we must know the principles and goals of global Zionism regarding the countries that surround Israel or are at odds with it... I have said that Israel is implementing The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in Egyptian society, while we slumber deeply and despite the fact that these protocols are circulated [openly] on the Egyptian street and elsewhere. Unfortunately, we neither read them nor heed them."

U.S., Arab Countries Are Funding Elements that Spread Fitna in Egypt

"The question at hand is whether Israel and the [other] foreign elements that oppose [the revolution] will allow it to continue on its path, after it accomplished three goals only months after it began. The first of these goals was bringing down a regime that had burdened us for over 30 years, and which concealed the theft, plunder, and hoarding of funds that took place during its rule. The next goal was bringing down the National [Democratic] Party, which had spread hideously and voraciously throughout the country, helping to spread corruption [along the way] as well. The final goal was holding elections that were the talk of the entire world, and [achieving] a parliament that held its first sessions strongly and fearlessly – even though some MPs went overboard [in criticizing] the SCAF, without which the revolution would have failed and the free and fair elections it insisted upon would not have taken place. But time will prove [these MPs] wrong, [because] without the SCAF and its insistence upon holding elections, these MPs – some of whom attack the military establishment and its chiefs, as represented by the SCAF – would not have been [elected] in the first place.

"There are other forces [opposing the revolution], chiefly the U.S., which grants asylum to fugitives from Egyptian justice, and also holds [the] aid [it gives Egypt] over our heads and uses it to pressure us, [and] I hope that we will reject [this aid] outright.

"Several Arab countries, in addition to the U.S., are funding some unofficial organizations in Egypt, as well as several political parties; these [organizations and parties] are spreading anxiety and sparking fitna in Egypt. And some parties and political forces are calling for the destruction and rebuilding of the Egyptian state – knowing that they would benefit from the events, whether the security anarchy or street fighting. Time will prove us right."

Our Youth Are Being Paid to Destroy Egypt from Within

"Once again, we warn about The Protocols of the Elders of Zion... which distinguish between Jews and goyim... The term goy in The Protocols of the [Elders] of Zion means a non-Jew. There is a consensus that [when the Jews use this term they] mean beasts, the impure or heretics, and idolaters. This shows [the Jews'] contempt for non-Jews.

"The first protocol states: 'Men with bad instincts are more in number than the good, and therefore the best results in governing them are attained by violence and terrorisation, and not by academic discussions...' This protocol is one of 24, and although [the Jews] continue to disavow them, [the protocols] have been confirmed [over] time.

"What is happening in our country is a genuine implementation of these protocols, because [the Jews] seek to destroy Egypt in order to eliminate its armed forces. They have already announced... that they have no fear of a military that was pelted with rocks and bricks by its own people [during the revolution]. This causes me fear them [i.e. the Jews], since they seek to destroy [Egypt's] military establishment, which means the destruction of Egypt's structure and the Egyptian entity. But our people and our youth will not allow them to do this; they will face them and stand up to them.

"It is clear that the destruction and ruination will continue to be perpetrated in Egypt by young people who have nothing to do with the revolution, and who seek only to destroy everything. They are being paid to destroy and to ruin. Not a month goes by without some new disaster being exported [to Egypt from abroad] – such as what happened in Port Said – with the aim of robbing us of our joy over the new People's and Shura Councils, which will [soon] convene for the first time.

"The tools used [to accomplish this] include, in addition to unemployed, barbaric youth, the tabloids that defame armed forces chiefs, and the satellite television channels that seek only to profit from advertising in order to fatten their already lavish paychecks... These are the means used by those who have sold their conscience and their soul, and who are attempting to destroy [Egypt's] military establishment and Egypt [as a whole].

"Those who attack the SCAF are thoroughly enjoying their attacks, because they could never have accomplished them before. [But] they will be sorry when the people, who want to purify the media, demand that they be held accountable; at that point, there will be no escape for them. I demand that the communications minister take action against [those perpetrating these attacks]... without restricting freedoms or attacking democracy... Many countries have done this, including the European countries and the U.S....

"Finally, I say to the SCAF and its chief Field Marshal Tantawi: Allah is with you. Continue on your path until you transfer power honorably – as your role was previously, in the wars that came one after another and in the bitter conflicts."


[1] Al-Ahram (Egypt), February 8, 2012.

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