July 28, 2016 Special Dispatch No. 6547

Egyptian Columnist Muhammad Amin: U.S., Britain Behind Terror Attack In Nice

July 28, 2016
Special Dispatch No. 6547

In his July 15, 2016 column in the Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Yawm, in the wake of the Nice terror attack, Muhammad Amin wrote that terrorism is a creation of the U.S. and the U.K. and averred that the U.S. is using the Islamic State (ISIS) to fight proxy wars. Amin, who is also the newspaper's newly appointed Board of Trustees chairman,[1] suggested that the U.S. had used ISIS to carry out the Bastille Day attack in Nice so as to punish France for its support of Egypt. Throughout his piece, he alludes to Britain's "harboring" of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB); like many pro-regime Egyptian commentators, Amin considers the MB terrorists as well.

Following are translated excerpts from the article:

Egyptian columnist Muhammad Amin

"They Gave Him A Truck And Told Him: We'll See You In Paradise, Hero"

"The terrorist Mohamed Bouhlel imagined that he would enter Paradise and that he would be a martyr. They gave him a truck and told him: We'll see you in Paradise, hero. He went and ran over everyone he encountered in Nice, killing and injuring more than 100 people. So, how will he enter Paradise? Who said that [the terrorists] would enter Paradise by killing, bloodshed, and running people over? The one who ran over the French on their holiday did not just run over them, he ran over the entire world, under the wheels of his insane truck. He is not a human and he is not a Muslim, and savages and murderers will not enter Paradise!...  

"The saddening thing is that there are those who celebrated this massacre and congratulated themselves, and perhaps even performed two prostrations in prayer after the attack. What are you happy about? Why are you praying? Why France, and not Britain? Every time there is a new terror incident - who plots them? Who funds them? In particular, what is the relation between America and England and what happened in Nice?"

"In The Past America Created, Trained, And Funded Al-Qaeda - And Now It Has Created ISIS"

"Don't say that Washington is far removed from what happened in Nice. Don't say that the CIA is far removed from it. ISIS is entirely a creation of American intelligence [apparatuses], a dirty wing that it employs when necessary, and over whose victims it then sheds crocodile tears, condemns what occurred, announces that it is offering humanitarian and security aid, and launches attacks on ISIS positions in which no one is killed.

"Don't say that Britain is far removed [from the Nice attack]. Britain harbored the [MB] terrorist organization itself, and then spread it throughout Europe...

"No one is unaware of the history of America. Britain holds the patent on the invention of [Hasan] Al-Banna's [Muslim] Brotherhood. In the past, America created, trained, and funded Al-Qaeda, and now it has created ISIS. It turns them wherever it wants them to go. The Pentagon decided that it and its soldiers would not themselves fight, [so] it uses suicide bombers who imagine themselves to be martyrs and who want to enter Paradise. America emerges unscathed, the killers are Muslims...

"What happened [in Nice] was in no way a coincidence; the truck incident was not an accidental one, and the truck was not an out-of-control vehicle driven by a drunk driver. The attack was directed and plotted, and the timing was important, as multitudes were celebrating the national holiday [Bastille Day]. If this Tunisian [Mohamed Bouhlel] had failed, another truck would have been there to carry out the same mission. The other truck has already been recovered near his house, and it was booby-trapped as well, and ready to carry out the mission. The meaning of this is that Nice was targeted for a truck war, and this was a very high-impact operation!"

"Why Does America Manufacture Terrorists, Why Does England Harbor Them, And Why Do They Strike France?"

"No, tears alone are of no avail, though they are important. Declaring days of mourning is of no avail either, it will not spare us more terror. It is important that we act to prevent the loss of human life, and it is likewise important that we ask: Why does America manufacture terrorists, why does England harbor them, and why do they strike France? When will we understand that terrorism is a means to punish renegade regimes like Egypt and France? Egypt rejected the American plan [for the Middle East], and [the terrorists] punished it; France supported Egypt's position and supplied it with arms, and [the terrorists] punished and 'educated' it as well!

"For the past quarter century, Egypt has demanded the convening of an international conference on terrorism. Washington has not accepted. It neither hears nor sees; nor does Britain, which harbors the terrorist [MB] organization. If an international conference were convened, the world would discover that [America and Britain] are countries that sponsor terrorism..."[2]



[1] Al-Yawm Al-Sabi' (Egypt), May 21, 2016.

[2] Al-Masry Al-Yawm (Egypt), July 15, 2016.

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