April 28, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10583

Editorial In Pakistan's Urdu Newspaper Roznama Jasarat: 'The Unrest In Sudan Should Not Be Considered A Separate Problem; An Attempt Will Be Made To Divide The Arab Countries Through This Route As Well'

April 28, 2023
Sudan | Special Dispatch No. 10583

In a recent editorial, the Pakistani Urdu-language newspaper Roznama Jasarat, which is owned by Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, warned the Islamic countries to remain aware that the current crisis in Sudan will test their unity, which is emerging following the Saudi-Iran rapprochement brokered by the Chinese leadership.

In the editorial, titled "A New Front In Sudan – Beware the Muslim Ummah," the Islamist newspaper argued that international powers are always seeking to entangle Muslim countries in different battlefronts. "This whole game is spread by those who wish and plan to populate many battlefields in the world at the same time. A major war, which has an impact on the global economy, continues in one region of the world or another," it says.

Following are excerpts from the editorial:[1]

"The Muslim Ummah Must Be Alert In This Matter As Well: If Reconciliation Starts Between Saudi Arabia And Iran, Some New Front Will Be Opened, And They Will Be Entangled There"

"Along with the peace efforts in the Middle East and Arab region, the forces that spread conflict are also fully active.

"On the other hand, there was a reduction in tension between Saudi Arabia and Iran and in the coldness of the relations between the two countries, and measures were undertaken to open embassies and there was progress toward a ceasefire in Syria and Yemen. And with that, the army and reserve forces in Sudan became engaged in a power struggle, or they were made entangled.

"Of course, this whole game is spread by those who wish and plan to populate many battlefields in the world at the same time. A major war, which has an impact on the global economy, continues in one region of the world or another. After the improvement in Iran-Saudi Arabia ties, the next stage was that the Iranian president invited the Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz to visit Tehran. Diplomatic activities will also be started in both countries by May 19.

"The second development is that the Syrian foreign minister has reached Saudi Arabia after a decade and has also held talks regarding a political solution to the Syrian crisis. This development is against the plan of those who keep the Middle East in permanent crisis. Therefore, they keep preparing to open some new front.

"So, the unrest in Sudan should not be considered a separate problem; an attempt will be made to divide the Arab countries through this route as well. The root cause of Sudan's conflict has not yet been revealed to the public, but the African Union has announced that it would send its representative to Sudan to bring about a ceasefire. The astonishing fact is that in this war, as in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, and so on, all the losses of lives are being borne by civilians.

"The whole region will benefit from increased diplomatic relations and activities between Iran and Saudi Arabia. It is wrong to hope that both countries will become united like brother Islamic countries. But with the end of tension and war-like situation between the two countries, Muslim Ummah will get relief. Therefore, the Muslim Ummah has to be alert in this matter as well: in case reconciliation starts between Saudi Arabia and Iran, some new front will be opened, and they will be entangled there.

"The Sudan front is far from these countries, but Russia and Ukraine are also far from many countries in the world, and despite that the damages from their war are reaching all over the world. The Muslim Ummah must now recognize its real enemy and plan to avoid its attacks. And the real enemy is the lack of unity. The only thing the enemy does is make the Muslim countries fight each other and destroy their unity, then their wars continue for years."

"The Entire World Is Embroiled. Even Now, If The Plans Of These Merchants Of Wars Are Not Understood, Then The Rulers Of The Muslim Ummah Will Be Responsible"

"The Ummah has witnessed two wars in Afghanistan, the Iran-Iraq war, the American attacks on Iraq, and the wars in Yemen and Syria which show that the targets are only Muslim countries and their resources, and the people of these countries. If the heads of Muslim countries are sincere to their people and the Muslim Ummah, then they should not fall prey to such tactics. The Ummah has the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League, and other organizations that need to be strengthened to solve problems.

"A one-day ceasefire has been announced in Sudan, but there has been no news of its implementation. There is no evidence of direct US or Russian intervention in this whole war, but the US is helping the African Union find a resolution here. And the very presence of America is a declaration of conflict. For now, a twenty-four-hour ceasefire has been announced.

"But there are two or three important things in Sudan. A Christian state of South Sudan that was created under U.S. patronage, the other was U.S.-sponsored protests against the 35-year rule of Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir and General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan handed over power. After that, Sudan normalized relations with Israel; the Sudanese people continue to protest against it. In this war too, it appears that the government and the United States are creating cracks in the unity of the Muslim Ummah.

"There are activities of international powers around Sudan as well. For example, military operations are also taking place in Libya, Ethiopia, and Chad. Forces supported by the United Nations (i.e., the United States), Russia, [the United Arab] Emirates and Turkey are fighting in Libya, while the region of Tigray in Ethiopia is in conflict because of the rebels. While in Chad, the situation is worse due to separatist attacks and refugees.

"As the civil war in Sudan escalates, the militant elements of these bordering countries will move to Sudan and then Sudan will also be entangled in the same kind of conflicts as in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. Interestingly, the U.S. and Russia are united under the UN flag in Libya, but they are entangled in a war in Ukraine. The entire world is embroiled. Even now, if the plans of these merchants of wars are not understood, then the rulers of the Muslim Ummah will be responsible."


[1] Roznama Jasarat (Pakistan), April 19, 2023.

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