February 1, 2024 Special Dispatch No. 11106

Editorial In Pakistani Daily Roznama Jasarat Accuses U.S. Of Fomenting War With Houthis To Divert Attention From Israel's Actions In Gaza: 'There Are American Jewish Agent Rulers All Over The World Who Use Their Governments Only To Protect American Interests'

February 1, 2024
Pakistan, Palestinians, Yemen | Special Dispatch No. 11106

In a recent editorial, Pakistan's Urdu daily, Roznama Jasarat, accused the United States of spreading war in the Middle East by firing "rockets from Yemen, or [from] some other direction to divert attention from Israeli atrocities"  and by taking the issue to the UN Security Council.

"America, Israel, and Britain are now trying to convince the world that many countries of the world have heated up the front against Israel. For this, they have also targeted the opposition in Lebanon and Houthi bases in Yemen," says the editorial, which is titled: "Defeated America Fomenting Wars In The World," and was in Roznama Jasarat, an Urdu-language newspaper published by Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan.

Following are excerpts from the editorial, as translated from Urdu:[1]

"The Government Of Joe Biden, The President Of America, The Disturber Of The Peace Of The World, Has Announced It Will Send More Weapons To Israel After Failing To Achieve Success Against A Small Organization Like Hamas"

"Israel has lost the war in Gaza and Palestine. The U.S. and its allies have also failed, but the American efforts to turn Yemen, Lebanon, and other surrounding areas into a battlefield are continuing. The only reason for this is that Israel, America, Britain, France, etc. are no longer able to defend Israel's genocide.

"South Africa has filed a case against Israel's apartheid in the International Court of Justice with very solid arguments. And Israel's failure and anger can be gauged from the fact that the Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] went back on his announcement that Gaza would be emptied, and based on further anger made a statement that the case and arguments in the International Court of Justice are hypocrisy.

"Very well! South Africa itself suffered under apartheid for years and Nelson Mandela's struggle officially ended apartheid in that country. It is the arrogance of the Israeli prime minister to call the case in the [International] Court of Justice, filed by this country against Israel's genocidal actions against Palestinians, a hypocrisy.

"America, Israel, and Britain are now trying to convince the world that many countries of the world have heated up the front against Israel. For this, they have also targeted the opposition in Lebanon and Houthi bases in Yemen, and have announced that more attacks will be carried out. The government of Joe Biden, the president of America, the disturber of the peace of the world, has announced it will send more weapons to Israel after failing to achieve success against a small organization like Hamas for over three months.

"This announcement has been strongly disliked by American citizens, and now there are many demonstrations in the capital of the United States. The leaders of Codetic [phonetic spelling], an American organization, have called for people to demonstrate every day. The public opinion against Biden in America has been flattened. All of America is shaming its own government. So, America is spreading the war to prepare the ground for Israel's genocidal actions."

"America Has Set Another Trap By Firing Two Or Three Rockets From Yemen... To Divert Attention From Israeli Atrocities And Try To Create The Impression That No One Is Safe From The Houthis In The Red Sea"

"This war is being spread in such a way that the ships of different countries have been sent to the Red Sea under the directive of the U.S. and are keeping an eye on each other. It is being said that they are here to prevent Houthi attacks on international ships and to protect them, but in reality they want to ensure that no naval attack is carried out on Israel, no missiles go toward Israel. If necessary, they should be made to fight against each other.

"On the other hand, there have been reports of the presence of foreign forces in Saudi Arabia. Although the Saudi authorities have denied the presence of foreign troops, such a denial was also made at the time of the Iraq-Kuwait War, and at the time of the denial, American troops had been present in [the Saudi city of] Al-Khobar. And this is not surprising, because at this time there are American Jewish agent rulers all over the world, who use their governments only and only to protect American interests. And anyone who works against it is called a traitor, terrorist, or whatever in his own country.

An anti-Israel protest in Karachi organized by Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan.

"Examples of this continue to emerge across this country [Pakistan]. In Islamabad, Jamaat-e-Islami's Palestine March camp was demolished, and Mian Aslam and other leaders [of Jamaat-e-Islami] were also tortured by the police. Now, the camp for the preparation and reception of the Gaza Million March in Karachi's Korangi was demolished. These are very small steps and everything from killing people to prosecutions can be done against them.

"In countries like Pakistan, the entire nation gets embroiled in the fever of elections, entangled from one court's decision to another, and from there gets caught in the decisions of the third court. People sit in front of the TV and keep watching shows. In Palestine, more than 22,000 people have been martyred in just one hundred days, but the number one issue for the Pakistani media is transparent elections, and is limited to the analysis of public opinion about political parties. Even if all this media is hung upside down, transparent elections cannot be held in Pakistan.

"America has set another trap by firing two or three rockets from Yemen, or [from] some other direction, to divert attention from Israeli atrocities and try to create the impression that no one is safe from the Houthis in the Red Sea. The purpose of presenting this position in the Emergency Session of the [United Nations] Security Council is also for people to forget about the genocide at the hands of Israel and the killing of more than 22,000 Palestinians, and focus on the spectacle of the Houthi's actions."

"The World Has Been Watching The American Spectacle Since 9/11; Weapons Of Mass Destruction Have Not Been Found In Iraq To Date; The Chemical Weapons Factory In Sudan Has Been Swallowed Up By The Ground, The Drama Of 9/11 Is Now Exposed In Front Of Everyone"

"Even if all the attacks by the Houthis were successful, 100 people would have died, while Israel has killed thousands of people, and displaced hundreds of thousands. America wants to distract the world from the killing of 22,000 people by presenting the imaginary threat of the Houthis. Surprisingly, Houthis have been revealed to have the most dangerous missiles. After all, in their war with Saudi Arabia for many years, they could not throw even one such missile. Suddenly, dangerous missiles came to them, and they became a threat.

"The world has been watching the American spectacle since 9/11. Weapons of mass destruction have not been found in Iraq to date. The chemical weapons factory in Sudan has been swallowed up by the ground. The drama of 9/11 is now exposed in front of everyone. The Houthis can be a 40-second advertisement compared to them. If the Houthis are such a big threat, why don't America and the forces of the Muslim countries present in Saudi Arabia attack them? These are not used against Israel and also not against the Houthis, described as a threat to the whole world.

"It is also a test for the United Nations Security Council as to what it does, and whether or not the United States exercises its veto power. Nevertheless, the Security Council has proven unsuccessful in every test since its inception. It can be called a tool of America and the major powers. The plan is to divert the world's attention from Israel by approving the action against the Houthis through the Security Council, which can be thwarted only by Russia and China in the form of a veto. Even if they abstain, it will mean that they want what America wants.

"But the people of the world have now reached the bottom of reality. In every demonstration in America, it is said that Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. The illegal occupation of Palestine for 80 years should be ended. And the solution to the problem is a permanent ceasefire, an independent Palestinian state, and the end of the illegitimate occupation. It's not clear when the Muslim rulers will understand this."


[1] Roznama Jasarat (Pakistan), January 15, 2024.

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