April 3, 2020 Special Dispatch No. 8686

Domestic Terrorism Threat Monitor – Account Review (DTTM-AR): On Facebook, 'Black Hitler' – African-American Fascist, Antisemite, And Holocaust Denier Who Says He Served In State National Guard – Is Founding Fascist Revival Party

April 3, 2020
Special Dispatch No. 8686

Platform: Facebook

Additional Information:  An African-American Fascist and antisemite in the Southwest openly expresses his views on Facebook. He claims to have served in his state's Army National Guard in 2018, and noted that it had been difficult to refrain from making antisemitic comments when in this role. He currently works at an establishment where he works on water purification repairs and car wash installations. The man posts numerous photos of himself with Fascist pins on his hat and clothing. He frequently uses the (((echo))) denotation, indicating Jews without explicitly saying so, for his antisemitic statements. He says he is working on building a Fascist party, and that that he is currently creating a page and figuring out funding. Over 100 Facebook users expressed interest when he posted about this endeavor, and dozens said they wanted to join his party. Several individuals on Facebook have called him "Black Hitler" and "American Duce."

Background & Work

The man's Facebook byline read:, "Anti-Communist, anti-Zionist, Pro-Justice, pro-American Nationalism/ Patriotism, Pro-Meritocracy."

With Fascist lapel pin

The individual wrote that he left his job at his state's Army National Guard in 2018, adding that during his time there he had had a difficult time from making comments about rich Jews controlling the country.

He appears to wear Fascist regalia at work on occasion. Several months ago he posted a photo of himself in a hat with a perched eagle clutching fasces.

Another work selfie

With a WWII-era Fascist cap with a fasces and a different emblem


Earlier this year the man linked to a Holocaust-denying article, adding: "More and more people are waking up to the truth! It's a Holohoax!!!"

In the discussion, he wrote that the Jewish elites, Zionists, neo-Conservatives, and "cultural Marxists" are all the same enemy. A friend wrote that he agreed with him.

The same day, he posted an image of two small children, one white, one black, that included the text: "There's only one race, the American race."

A friend of the man recently wrote that he encourages all his friends to learn about  nationalism, underlining that it is not white supremacism and that media that called it "white nationalism" was showing ignorance.

He praised the man, calling him his "new brother in the Nationalist fight" and underlining that he is "very educated" on what is needed to "nationalize our country' and fight globalization.

Adding that "we are in the process of uniting all of American nationalists parties," he said that they would "grow powerful" to oppose "globalist powers who wish to destroy American ideology" and invited readers to "become a nationalist today."  

He concluded by saying that "today is the day to take a stand," adding "Hail Nationalism for either we will walk over the bodies of our enemy or they will walk over our bodies." The post included a graphic of a merged Fascist symbol and American flag.

Recently, the man revealed that he is creating a Fascist party, and that he is inspired by the late Louisiana governor and U.S. Senator Huey Long.

He wrote that the party's upcoming Facebook page will be "step one" of "spreading the message of American Fascism and national liberty."

This post generated much enthusiasm among his Facebook friends.

Fielding questions, the man explained that the organization would be a "Nationalist collective" with a "far-right" culture.

An interested individual ask, "How does one gain entry into the movement?" He answered that this could be discussed once the Facebook page was active.

Earlier this year he posted an image of an assault weapon.

4Chan Activity

On 4Chan, the man posted a screen shot from an old Facebook account of his and stated that he had been blocked by the "Zionists and liberals" because he had exposed them. "They didn't expect to see a Black Natsoc/Fascist trying to uplift his people," he added. He went on to say that he was trying to save his race and to free gentiles to be with their own kind.

The man deleted his account on, but a cached version shows the content he had on the site as of 2017. On it, he referred to himself as both a national socialist and a fascist.

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