June 4, 2019 No.

Direct Incitement To Terrorism On 8chan – Including Specific Naming Of A Jewish Journalist For Targeting

On May 20, 2019, an anti-Jewish thread was posted on the imaging board 8chan, titled "I'm done. I'm angry. Gas all kikes."[1] The post, which was uploaded to the page "/pol/ - Politically Incorrect," is another example of the hate speech and calls to action, namely to attack and kill Jews, on this platform.

The 8chan site has come to the attention of the public in the past three months, since New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant[2] and Poway, CA synagogue shooter John Earnest[3] posted their manifestos on it right before they carried out their attacks. It is noteworthy that Earnest called Tarrant a direct inspiration for him (for more on connections among users of these and other platforms, see MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 1457, Online Non-Jihadi Terrorism: Identifying Potential Threats, May 30, 2019).

The opening post of the May 20, 2019 anti-Jewish thread 

The following is an examination of the anti-Jewish thread on 8chan posted May 20, 2019 that specifically targeted a Jewish journalist.

Calls To Action – And How To Carry Out Attacks

The anonymous 8chan post came in response to allegations that students from Covington Catholic High School had behaved in a racist and offensive manner to a Native American man during their visit to Washington DC to participate in the January 2019 March for Life rally.

The anonymous post, which was also uploaded to the ZIG FORUMS website under the name Kevin Ramirez,[4] expressed rage at the mainstream media (MSM) and explicitly called for the deaths of mainstream media journalists. It specifically named a Jewish BuzzFeed journalist.[5]

"I want all of these MSM kikes to fucking die. Every single activist "journalist" that lied about the Covington Catholic kids needs to hang. (((NAME REDACTED))) [6] needs to fucking hang. What am I supposed to do, /pol/? I feel like I'm betraying the white race by letting this happen."

One of the characteristics of the violent discourse on 8chan is the use of the game Minecraft to describe possible real-life violent acts. This can also be seen in John Earnest's manifesto, in which he gave advice for anyone who might choose to carry out similar attacks.

One of the posts commenting on the opening thread, whose author goes by William Perry on ZIG FORUMS, listed suggestions for possible violent acts:

"PVP [kill individuals][7] in churches synagogues, banks, big (((tech)) companies, journalist, or even your local nigger drugpusher, kill a cop, kill a soldier, commit suicide in a way it fucks up logistics (like throwing yourself into a power plant to short-circuit and fuse with the equipment so it becomes unusable), burn buildings in poor neighborhoods... trying to derail commercial trains, sabotaging traffic lights, kill (((people))) [Jews] in gated communities and frame niggers... get college kids to feud with niggers over petty shit and watch the system turn those kids into actual race aware people, Molotov a ghetto gas station and ensure that the rich are forced to interact with the poor at THEIR gas-station...make a batch of toxic water bottles set them on a sidewalk at 3-AM and watch how the niggers the next day get sick for some weird reason, enlarge the divide of pro and anti zion jews."

This commenter also wrote:

"anything truly productive is illegal in someway or another, when have laws stopped ANYTHING except the white people abiding them? The jew game is to outlaw any form of dissidence, SLOWLY. If you let them do it slow you'll be in hell before you know it. Let them kvetch [complain], let them ban, let them demonize, let them outlaw, FAST and people might wake up from all the shaking and realize they can't do the things they love due to (((somebody)))"

The full post with suggestions for possible attacks

Another commenter, who on ZIG FORUMS goes by Aaron Price, provided more advice for carrying out operations:

"Do it intelligently. Get a car that doesn't look out of place, preferably a very common one with neutral paint, and with no identifiable features. Also try to obtain fake license plates. Get an outfit specifically for these operations, and a mask/bataclava/whatever. Drive to your target location with whatever gun you choose to use. Find the target and shoot into it, make sure that all casings remain in your vehicle and do not fly out into the open. Be quick, then escape. Go to a more remote location. Change your license plate, and into normal clothes. Drive home. If you aren't reckless or retarded, it's a good way of doing something without getting caught. You could even do a 'road trip' sort of thing, driving around the country and occasionally carrying out an operation. To make it harder, you can add 'identifying points' to your car like stickers, which you then peel off after the operation. Or if you don't want to do any violent action, just have a white family with many children, and make sure to redpill[8] them."

Another commenter, who on ZIG FORUMS goes by Charles Kelly,  also had suggestions:

"Making cocktails is really easy mate. I also recommend you scout your local DSA/Antifa. Subversion and doxing [i.e. publishing private information online] our enemies is obviously on the table. Maybe combine an address with a nice Russian cocktail. I'm with you. And will be devoting this summer until my big boy job begins to training myself."

Another commenter, who on ZIG FORUMS goes by Gavin Wood, wrote:


Another commenter, who on ZIG FORUMS goes by Joseph Foster, wrote:

"The biggest thing I would sterss is GET A TEAM. Get a fire-team (4 people) together for any job. You KNOW that the impact would more than quadruple. A 4 man team has such potential. I know my guys, if you don't have a 3 or 4 man "trouble trio" you're behind. Imagine a coordinated action. Minecraft is much more fun with a team."

A commentator who goes by Alexander Ross on ZIG FORUMS wrote about the Buzzfeed journalist:

"(((NAME REDACTED)) needs to fucking hang [here he inserted text from the opening post] This is true. Hitting him in the back of the head with a hammer on a NYC sidewalk also works."

One of the commentators, who goes by Leo Rodriguez on ZIG FORUMS, posted a link to a book titled "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors,"[9] which has been linked to a March 1993 triple murder in Montgomery County, Maryland.

Further advice was given by the commentator Jaxson Rodriguez [according to ZIG FORUMS]:

"Nothing worth doing is legal. System built around the concept. This is the true matrix – nothing legal matters.

">Car – Borrowed cars. Use fake ID. Always different car, never the same modus operandi. Never same car rental service twice in a row. Cash only. Never use your phone. Never search for rental service on your phone or computer. Only rental services you can go without being on any cameras. Prefer high traffic rentals. Plan your way using maps and camera databases. Make pre-trips via city offered buses or trains and map the environment. Applies to every trip you make. Prefer 80-90s cars. Less electronics = better.

">Weapon – Out of car .22 revolver. Untraceable, casings stay in the gun. Point blank distance, empty whole gun. In the car .22 pistol. Buy on darknet. Never your own. Also stolen weapons.

">Identification – Two layers of latex gloves. Regular leather gloves on top. Clothes everyone wear. No exposed skin under neck line. Prepare everything with gloves. No electronics with you.

">Evidence – Have special location ~30 minute drive from target. Everything one-time use. Underwear, shoes, socks etc. included. Weapon can be hidden and reused. Not at places you use. Burn all used if safe. If environment allow, use where river meets the sea (ocean). Drop there. Never keep used gear on you. Never keep used gear existing. Once home, strong industrial soap for shower. Shave everything.

">Alibi – Just do not talk to police. ~ 80 % of crime solved because people are talking. Never talk to anyone.

">Stickers – No.

">Fake license plate – Stolen real license plates. Not from stolen cars, just plates. Pick random real license, use tape to recreate."


[1], May 20, 2019.

[2] On March 15, 2019, Tarrant shot and killed 51 people and wounded dozens of others in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

[3] For more on John T. Earnest, see MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 1454, The Anti-Jewish Manifesto Of John T. Earnest, The San Diego Synagogue Shooter, May 15, 2019.

[4], May 20, 2019.

[5] The journalist was named but MEMRI is not providing that information.

[6] Triple parentheses, which are also known as an (((echo))), are an antisemitic symbol that has been used to highlight the names of individuals of Jewish background, or organizations thought to be headed or owned by Jewish people.

[7] PVP stand for Player vs. Player. This is a reference to a video and computer game concept where players face other players. In this context, the reference is to be understood as a call for individuals to attack other people.

[8] "Redpilling" is a reference to the 1999 film The Matrix, in which taking a red pill awakens the individual to the true reality. This reference is frequently used by members of online white supremacist communities, for waking others up to the alleged plight of the white race.