August 12, 2019 Special Dispatch No. 8220

Copenhagen Imam, Indicted In 2018 For Calling To Murder Jews In Sermon Translated By MEMRI, Says In New Friday Sermon: Every Single Muslim Leader Serves American, 'Crusader' Interests

August 12, 2019
Special Dispatch No. 8220

Copenhagen Imam Mundhir Abdallah said in a June 21, 2019 Friday sermon at the Al-Faruq Mosque in Copenhagen that Muslims, their blood, their honor, and their holy places are no longer inviolable. He said that Jerusalem is occupied by the Zionists, who he said are spreading corruption, and he said that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is spreading heresy, immorality, and promiscuity in Mecca and Medina. Imam Abdallah said that "Crusader flames are engulfing Muslims" throughout the world and that the blood of Muslims flows in rivers.

Claiming that all Muslim rulers have become the "spearhead" for the "crusade" against Muslim lands, he criticized Iran for "serving" the American "crusade" in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, and he criticized Saudi Arabia for being "shoes on America's feet" and for conspiring against the Syrian revolution.  Imam Abdallah went on to criticize the UAE and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed for inviting the Pope to hold mass in the Arabian Peninsula and for normalizing relations with the Jews. The sermon was uploaded to Imam Abdallah's YouTube channel and to the Al-Faruq Mosque's Facebook page.

On July 24, 2018, Imam Abdallah was indicted in Denmark for calling for the murder of Jews in a Friday, March 31, 2017 sermon that had been translated and released by MEMRI. It was reported on July 25 that Imam Abdallah had resigned. News reports from across Europe on the indictment credited MEMRI with exposing Imam Abdallah. He has also said in his sermons that "jihad necessitates the conquest of Europe" (see MEMRI TV clip no. 6689 Copenhagen Imam Mundhir Abdallah Calls For Jihad To Invade And Conquer Europe, Adds: Filth And Vileness Of Jews Reflect Their Immutable Nature – Archival) and that "a caliphate, which will instate the shari'a of Allah... will liberate the Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Zionists" (see MEMRI TV clip no. 6013 Copenhagen Friday Sermon: Imam Cites Antisemitic Hadith, Says: Soon Caliphate Will Uproot Colonialist, Crusader Jewish Entity). Read the full MEMRI report here.

To view the clip of Mundhir Abdallah on MEMRI TV, click here or below.

"All The Muslim Leaders... Have Become The Spearhead Of The Crusade Against The Muslim Lands"

Mundhir Abdallah: "The Muslims are no longer inviolable. Their blood is no longer inviolable. Their honor is no longer inviolable. Their holy places are no longer inviolable! Our first Qibla and the final destination of the Prophet's nocturnal journey [Jerusalem], which is the place from where the Prophet ascended to Heaven, and which is our third holiest place, is occupied by the Zionists, who spread corruption in it. At the same time, in the holiest place, in the first mosque ever built, in the Qibla of all the Muslims – the place of the Kaaba – and also in Medina, the city of the Prophet, [Mohammad] Bin Salman is spread heresy, immorality, and promiscuity. The Crusader flames are engulfing the Muslims in the East and in the West today, and the blood of the Muslims flows in rivers. The crusaders run riot in the lands of the Muslims."


"Mohammed Bin Zayed, That Sinful Apostate... He Holds [Christian] Masses And Invites The Pope From Rome To Hold Masses In The Arabian Peninsula"

"All the Muslim leaders – those who claim to be moderate and those who claim to belong to the resistance... All of them have become the spearhead of the Crusade against the Muslim lands. Their leaders of Iran have spared no effort in serving America and the Crusade in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan. The leaders of Saudi Arabia have also spared no effort in being shoes on America's feet and in conspiring against the Syrian revolution."


"As for the leaders of the UAE [and especially] Mohammed bin Zayed, that sinful apostate who spreads corruption in the Arabian Peninsula... He holds [Christian] masses and invites the Pope from Rome to hold masses in the Arabian Peninsula.

"That scoundrel who normalizes relations with the Jews and conspires with them, and who provides services for America... One can talk endlessly about him. Mohammed bin Zayed does not conceal his hatred of Islam and the Muslims."

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