June 29, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3064

Columns in Jihadist Weekly on Dajjal Caution Against Overestimating the 'Power of Infidels': 'Nowhere Will You Find Islam Praising the Power of Infidels [And] Their Conspiracies'; 'U.S., Europe, Kabbala... All These Satans Will be Destroyed by Jihad Alone'; 'The Mischief of Dajjal Can Be Dealt With By Jihad'

June 29, 2010
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 3064

The Urdu-language Pakistani weekly magazine Haftroza Al-Qalam which belongs to Al-Qaeda-linked jihadist organization Jaish-e-Muhammad, recently published two articles on Dajjal, the antichrist. The articles argue that a focus on conspiracy theories such as those about Dajjal lead to a waste of Muslims' energy and prevent them from waging jihad, and to overestimating the power of the U.S.

Jaish-e-Muhammad is headed by Maulana Masood Azhar, a Pakistani militant commander who was released by India in exchange for the passengers of the hijacked Indian plane to Kandahar in 1999.

In the Islamic world, there are two versions of the concep of Dajjal. According to Islamic literature, Dajjal is the antichrist who will be born at the time Jesus is reborn and will try to mislead people. Those who follow him will enter the path of heaven as shown by him, but in reality it will be hell. Those who disagree with Dajjal and go into hell as shown by him will actually be entering heaven. This concept concerns "Dajjal the antichrist."

However, in the popular perception, the concept of Dajjal has come to be of someone out to mislead and corrupt Muslims, a one-eyed, bloodthirsty, and powerful mischief-maker bent upon dividing the Muslim Ummah. With the antisemitic environment influencing international Muslim opinion, the Jews are seen as the contemporary Dajjal, with numerous conspiracy theories built around them.

In the first article, titled "Dajjal, Judaism: A Viewpoint," Talha As-Saif, a regular columnist for Haftroza Al-Qalam, warns Islamic scholars against giving too much weight to the power of the Western countries in their assessment, saying that such a trend in the Islamic world encourages a defeatist mentality among Muslim communities. The article argues that the trend of Islamic leaders' emphasis on explaining everything in terms of Dajjal and the Jews, and their overemphasis on the power of the U.S., is creating a defeatist Muslim mindset.

As-Saif notes: "In our view, the effort [about explaining Dajjal] is positive and good so far as it is helping in setting Dajjal's fitna [mischief], character, and attributes before the people – but now… this is so exaggerated that every work is now said to be the handiwork of Judaism and Dajjal, and their power is being exaggerated so much that [Muslims]... are thinking about hiding from or bowing to these conspiracies about Dajjal."

In the second article, titled "Japanese Dajjal," columnist Saadi urges Muslims not to waste time discussing and researching Dajjal and similar conspiracies that have a negative impact on the Muslims' morale. Urging readers not to waste time on on conspiracies, he writes: "When Dajjal comes, the world will know, and the only people who will be safe from the mischief of Dajjal will be those with perfect belief in Allah who do not worship wealth or fear death. Such people will join the forces of Jesus and fight against Dajjal."

Following are excerpts from both columns:

"Dajjal, Judaism: A Viewpoint"

"Every Work is Now Said To Be the Handiwork of Judaism and Dajjal, and Their Power is Being Exaggerated So Much That [Muslims]… Are Thinking About Hiding From or Bowing To These Conspiracies About Dajjal"

"The true prophesy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH or peace be upon him) reveals that Dajjal will appear in the days near the Day of Judgment. He will be the greatest among the evils arriving on earth. Allah will give him the power of deceptive miracle, through which he will bring the dead back to life. He will appear at a time of great famine and will bring rain upon his followers and will test the faith of the Muslim Ummah. He will grow grain and will shower daily bread upon his followers, while making the life of those who do not believe in him (i.e. true Muslims) miserable. He will carry paradise with him, which actually would be hell, and those who would enter into his paradise in temptation will experience heat and burning, and the ones who do not fear him and remain firm in their faith will feel peace and comfort after being put into his hell. He will stay on the earth for 40 days, and the first day will be equal to a year; the second day will be a month; the third a week, and the remaining days will be like normal days.

"There are many signs [of the arrival of Dajjal] which Islamic scholars and sacred figures have mentioned at various times in their books. There are three points of view regarding Dajjal:

"1. Some scholars are of the view that Dajjal is not the name of a person but of a system which is being established in this world to spread Kufr [i.e. the beliefs and system of infidels] and its peak is conceived of as Dajjal. Those who hold this notion present lots of scientific reasons in its favor, and argue that it is beyond reasoning that such immense power will culminate into the hand of one person. There is no need of any proof to counter this notion. One of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, in which he said that Dajjal will come and will be killed by Jesus after created much disturbances on earth, is enough to repudiate this notion. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has warned his Ummah by giving complete and minute details of Dajjal up until the time he will be slain – e.g.features of his parents, his nationality, habits, body build, and activities. In this way, denying Dajjal is the denial of all those sayings of the prophet (PBUH) which have been said in this regard. And that is why I don't want to discuss this anymore.

"2: The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) presented the events and circumstances of Dajjal and the time before the end of this world in details to his Ummah; he narrated everything, and gave the details of every mischief and the full procedure for safeguards against him. The companions of the prophet (PBUH) and the ulema [religious scholars] who followed did the same. However, the addresses and preaching of the ulema of today from the mosque pulpits are generally devoid of the mention of the mischiefs [surrounding Dajjal]. A majority of Muslims is not even aware of the very name of Dajjal today. They are not aware of the features of this great mischief or of the safeguards from it, or of how Dajjal will pose a threat to faith, and what measures Muslims should take during the time of great distress which will be inflicted on them. Perhaps the ulema think that the time of his appearance is distant, and that is why they don't discuss this issue. In this way, this notion is also not correct, because the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) knew it for sure that Dajjal could not appear in his lifetime. He also informed his companions that Dajjal could not enter Medina; even then, he warned them against Dajjal and narrated his story in such a way that women in their homes forgot to knead their bread, [and told] how negligence and circumvention would be allowed when trials and tribulations rain down from sky on the earth.

3: "The third view is of those who discuss Dajjal and Judaism and have made it their topic of research and discussion. In our view, the effort is positive and good so far as it is helping in bringing the fitna [mischief] of Dajjal, his character and features before the people, but now… it is being so much exaggerated that every work is being said to be the handiwork of Judaism and Dajjal, and their power is being exaggerated so much that [Muslims]... are thinking about hiding from or bowing to these conspiracies."

"American Power… Especially the False Propaganda of Their Power by the U.S. and Europe, Has Fully Convinced Muslims That It is Beyond Their Capacity to Compete With Them; By This Very Thought, Muslims are Being Driven Away from Jihad"

"Timidity and cowardice in Muslims has become the order of the day. American power, the magic world of technology, especially the false propaganda of their power by the U.S. and Europe, has fully convinced Muslims that it is beyond their capacity to compete with them. By this very thought, Muslims are being driven away from jihad and action. In this way, if they are shown that the eye of Dajjal and the 'triangle' [unclear] of Judaism are behind every action in this world, their remaining courage will die its own death.

"In our view, those who do so are doing no good to the Muslim community, except arguing for arguments' sake and not for information. It is true they are causing much harm. We have so far found those people who have more knowledge about this 'new dajjalism' to be inactive.

"About the power of the Kufr, the dictate of the Holy Koran is that Allah always shows the faithful [Muslims] their power in less quantity: 'Ever feeble indeed is the plot of Satan,' 'this is the fact and surely, Allah weakens the deceitful plots of the disbelievers,' 'And they (disbelievers) plotted to kill Jesus, and Allah plotted too; and Allah is the best of those who plot.'

"When the Jews challenged the Muslims, Allah told the Jews not to think that Muslims were weak like the polytheists, and that they would present a different spectacle in the battlefield. Allah brought their [the Jews'] attention as well as those of the faithful toward [the Battle of] Badr. Go minutely through all the descriptions of Jihadi events, debates and verses from the Holy Koran regarding jihad, and research the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad under the chapter of jihad; nowhere will you find Islam praising the power of infidels, their conspiracies, and the vastness of their networks.

"This style of Islam makes this very clear, that Allah wants to distract the minds of Muslims from false powers and their resources. That's why you will find their weakness mentioned everywhere and not their power. And finding the 'one-eyed' [i.e. Dajjal] and the 'triangle' behind every action, work, incident and change, and also beating the drum about it, is surely becoming the cause of more degradation and weakness for the Muslim mind. Allah is saying that infidels cannot do anything, while we are saying that they are doing everything; whatever is happening in this world is happening as per their wishes in accordance with the 'Protocols [of the Elders of Zion].' Now, you may decide yourself if this view is in accordance with the views of the Koran or against it."

"The Methodology of the Europeans is That They Carry Out False Propaganda Regarding Their Power... With the Aim of Influencing Muslims Mentally and Making Them Cowards"

"As I have mentioned in the beginning, it is the duty of ulema to inform the people of about the evils that would come to this world before the Day of Judgment, including the biggest fitna [mischief] of Dajjal; disregard of this is producing dangerous results. I have also mentioned that the written and oral services of the pious ulema in this regard have been present throughout the ages. Do we find any instance in the life of our predecessor ulema that all the might of the pen should be spent on questions such as where is Dajjal, what is Bermuda, who devours ships and their passengers in the ocean, what role did the Freemasons play in occupying Baitul Muqaddas [Palestine], what is the Kabbala and its services, etc.? I think, and it is my belief, that there is nothing like that. Whatever has been discussed so far is in light of the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, and their translations, and to some extent their explanations. Now you can decide for yourself whether the work which deviates from the path of our predecessors will be of any help for the Ummah, or whether it will take away what remains with them as well.

"The methodology of the Europeans is that they carry out false propaganda regarding their power and whatever views they want to spread they spread them by using the weapon of media – with the aim of influencing Muslims mentally and making them cowards. Whatever America and Europe write or get written about their weapons is 90 percent false. They posses not even 50% of the capability that they attribute to their satellites.

"In 1996, we were receiving training. Our teacher brought a book in English about an American naval ship. The U.S. had made this ship but so far it had not been launched. The book said that the defense mechanism of this ship is so powerful and modern that if it came under attack by a hundred missiles fired simultaneously, either from the air or from the water, it would resist them all. And if there were a hundred and one missiles, then only one could reach to it. There were many more things in that book, including this and that, such and such countries have ordered such ships from the U.S., etc.

"The USS Cole was taken to the sea many years after the publication of that book, and within a few days two mujahideen destroyed it by colliding with it with a boat full of explosives, and this icon of power was sunk in the ocean. Its funeral was shown, carried on the U.S. naval fleet throughout the world.

"Similarly, pamphlets containing surprising details of American air power were dropped from aircraft during the [2001] U.S. attack on Afghanistan. The motive was to frighten the mujahideen into fleeing from the battlefield. But time has proved their claim wrong.

"This propaganda is an integral part of war, and sometimes this very propaganda scores heavily over massive troops and armies, and change the equation of the battle. Under such conditions, you had better decide which type of pen would help an Islamic military in this great war against dajjalism, Judaism, Zionism, and Crusadism. Are those who read aloud the translations of the reports of the Americans, Europeans or their paid columnists and analysts helpful? Or those who write the stories of Allah's help to victorious invasions of the mujahideen and the martyrdom attacks! Those who inform the Ummah about the mysteries of American and European technologies? Or those who write and inform about these technologies' failure after failure? Decide yourself. We leave it to you."

"Whenever the Baitul Muqaddas [Palestine] was Snatched Away from the Hands of the Muslims – The Jews, Their Mind, Their Conspiracies, and Their Mischief Were Behind It"

"The habit of the false people is that they falsely associate every big event with them, so that they could believe that whatever happened was according to their wishes, and Muslims could not harm them and the world also could not harm them. In this regard, they associate some of those events in which they have suffered badly, but accept them with the view that they could bear the loss of life and property but do not want to lose their honor.

"Muslims brought down the World Trade Towers and set fire to the Pentagon, which is considered the 'symbol of power' in the world; they inflicted heavy losses on the U.S. and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan. When the West saw that their very honor and terror was in danger, as the planes of such a safe and powerful country like the U.S. were hijacked; their routes were changed, and their control room remained unaware, and the world powers met with ignominious defeat in Afghanistan and Iraq, then they found the eye of Dajjal and Judaism behind everything, and our 'Freemason' maniac writers translated those reports and took them to the Muslim community, showing that the infidels are bearing all these ignominy as a fallout of their own plans so that no one should accept the power of Allah and truthfulness of jihad. Now what name should this 'service of Islam' be given?

"Whatever is being written on this subject, acknowledging it would be duly deserved if it had been the result of research by these researchers for such an effort to be an educational service – but you go through all such books and you will find them based on translations. The reports that the English wrote were translated by some of the Arab writers who subscribed to their views and who delivered them to our people in Urdu, despite being unaware about intricacies of the English language. There is no way of checking the truth of these reports.

"The stories that Dajjal made ships and people vanish in the Bermuda Triangle are all narrated by the English. [Information about] all the activities of the Freemasons reaching Muslims through these very sources, and the tradition of Kabbala and some prominent families' Jewish friendships and anti-Islam stances. The stories of American companies and banks were also told by those English, and all the tales of fearful conspiracies that would occur in future have been told by those very English. And we are only the 'tambourine' from which the sound of our beloved is coming. About the boys and girls indulging in kissing and shameful scenes at some of juice corners in Lahore, our research is this much: that there is the eye of Dajjal and the conspiracy of the Freemasons [behind all these actions], though all such things would also happen in Lahore when there was no Freemason in the world. However:

"'It is about one's own limit of thoughts and faith,

"One who thought of a world would live in it.'

"Many of the learned persons, while translating these reports... even found the eye of the Dajjal hidden in cartoons and Hollywood films; they even wrote the names of the characters of the films. At this point, some questions might have cropped up in the mind of every reader. 'Where did he [I, or the writer of this article] watch this movie? If he watched it, how could he get his hand on it? And if he did not watch it, then on what proof did he bring up this issue? If he watched it, then we must also watch it; and if he has not yet watched, then why should I believe it without proof…"

"The Jews were a mischief-making community from the very beginning. They played the same role during the time of the Prophet Muhammad, by using their mind and money in backing other communities at war with Islam. Whenever Baitul Muqaddas [Palestine] was snatched away from the hands of Muslims, the Jews, their mind, conspiracies and mischief were behind it, and Christians entered the battlefield and thrust war on the Muslims.

"Their character is not new; but we must see how they were tackled when they came to the Muslims with such mischief in the past. Muslims were in fierce battles with the Jews in the times of Prophet Muhammad, during the era of the sacred caliphs and afterwards during the Crusades and in the times of Sultan Salahuddin Ayyubi. Muslims faced their conspiracies, but during any of these periods was any research was carried out regarding their conspiracies or swords were drawn against them? History is before you, and you decide.

"During the times of the companions of the Prophet, research and writings were not so much in vogue, but the period of the Crusades was the pinnacle of Islamic writings, and many books were written on every educational, investigative and ethical subject. I have no objection to writing and research at all; it is the right of all. My objection is the fever which is running on every researcher regarding some of these unknown terminologies."

"In Every Era, the Sole Answer to the Conspiracies of Jews has been Jihad in the Path of Allah"

"In every era, the sole answer to the conspiracies of Jews has been jihad in the path of Allah. When jihad was waged, all their conspiracies fell flat; whether Muslim knew about it or not, their plots were smashed. Their treatment is the same in today's era too. And by the grace of Allah, the benefits of this treatment are being revealed.

"The U.S. is being destroyed; Europe is breaking up; NATO is splitting; great changes are taking place, the satanic economy is in recession. Everyone is watching with eyes wide open what was unimaginable 10 years ago. And all this happened at the hands of those who don't know the address of Dajjal or the boundary of the Freemasons; nor are they aware of the Kabbala; neither they are aware of the mysteries of the Lodges, nor have they awareness about the Protocols; nor are they concerned about conspiracy theories. I have never seen either Mujahid Mullah Omar pondering over it, nor did Osama bin Laden. I did not find Maulana Muhammad Masood Azhar [Jaish-e-Muhammad leader] being concerned about it; nor did I hear Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi talk about it in any of his speeches – and today, these very people, by being united, have brought the Kufr [the world of infidels] to the verge of destruction.

"Let's look at the validity of the information and the credibility of the research carried out by the researchers of international conspiracies by a small true incident.

"Last year, a suicide attack was carried out in Kabul on 27th Ramadan; a 17-year-old suicide bomber targeted an Italian army convoy. A top-level Italian officer was killed in the attack. The Italian president himself came to the airport to receive his dead body. Six hundred thousand people joined the funeral procession to the Vatican, where religious last rites were performed, for three hours. The live telecast was shown on Italian TV channels for three hours. Some of the mujahideen have the video footage of that telecast.

"Sometime after that incident, a well-known researcher presented his analytical investigative report explaining how the Taliban came to know that the officer was in Kabul and was returning to Italy from Kabul that day and how the convoy was identified, etc. He mentioned all these in the report, costing millions of dollars, including that an anti-Italy European country gave the information to the Taliban to take revenge against Italy. However, the Taliban's spokesman said that the suicide bomber had gone for some other target, but he could not reach there in time and could not attack, and then he saw this convoy and found this opportunity appropriate for his attack, and he collided with it and thus the incident happened.

"The objective in narrating this incident is to explain the European researchers' line of thinking; they include their activities in every incident so that Muslims should believe that they are not capable of inflicting such a heavy loss on them. Besides, they want to support their propaganda against the mujahideen that they cannot continue without the support of their intelligence agencies.

"And so far, they are successful in their attempts, because some of us are spreading their dirty reports to Muslims by translating them and thinking of them as their fame or an act of virtue."

"The Antidote of All the Conspiracies of Jews is Jihad; Whoever the Freemasons Are, Jihad will Bring Destruction to All Their Frauds; The U.S., Europe, Kabbala, Dunbala – All These Satans Will be Destroyed by Jihad Alone"

"The aim of all these objections is to lead brothers of our organization [probably Jaish-e-Muhammad] toward 'right action and right thought.' Students are much impressed by such modern research these days; and wherever I happen to go I have to face volleys of questions from them in this regard. I have to say that wherever the Dajjal is, and whatever he is doing, his treatment lies in Jihad. The antidote of all the conspiracies of the Jews is jihad. Whoever the Freemasons are, jihad will bring destruction to all their frauds. The U.S., Europe, Kabbala, Dunbala – all these Satans will be destroyed by Jihad alone.

"So, instead of getting trapped in the nets of these terminologies, you give a call for jihad, propagate the idea of jihad, become the supporters of mujahideen, and spread their message among the Ummah. Instead of seeking the one-eye and the triangle behind everything, try to search for Allah's help, read the instructions of the Koran and true prophesies of the Prophet Muhammad. It is much needed in this situation to show the Muslim Ummah this aspect of the picture so that Muslims should return to their center and accept the power of Allah.

"The coming of Dajjal, Hazrat Mahdi and Jesus Christ are just. The true news of big wars are mentioned in the sayings of Prophet Muhammad, and try to mention them instead; mention them more often but in the light of the Koran and the sayings of the Prophet, but only insofar as it has been mentioned.

"May Allah the sustainer and most honorable guide us to follow the right path and show the truth to the people!"[1]

"Japanese Dajala"

"The Mischief of Dajjal Can be Dealt With by Jihad in the Way of Allah; You Had Better Goad Muslims To Jihad"

"God save us from every mischief. Some people keep themselves engaged in useless activities. They try to involve others in such activities too. A close friend told me that a message is being circulated on cell phones saying that Dajjal is about to appear from an island in Japan, and that [the hidden Shi'ite] Imam Mahdi will also appear within the year. [It says that] a volcano has erupted in the Sea of Japan from which a new island will emerge. Since Japan is in the East and Dajjal is to appear from the East, he will appear from that island. This and a lot of other related 'facts' are described in that message.

"Many people, considering it an act of virtue, are forwarding this message, claiming that they have found out the address of Dajjal and that Dajjal is Japanese.

"Has Islam ordered us to keep searching for Dajjal? Is Dajjal's mischief some ordinary problem? O, salves of Allah, it will be the greatest problem on earth. Instead of forwarding this message [via your cell phones], you had better forward supplications that we have been taught to recite during and after namaz [prayers] as safeguard against 'Dajjal the antichrist.' You had better message the Hadiths [sayings of Prophet Muhammad] in which recitation of the verses of the Surah Al-Kahf on Fridays has been described as armor against the Dajjal the antichrist.

"The mischief of Dajjal can be dealt with by Jihad in the way of Allah. You had better goad Muslims to jihad. Dajjal will not be a small or concealed problem needing to be identified, for which we will need to read books. It will be a dreadful and international mischief against which all prophets have cautioned their followers.

"Some time ago, someone met with me and said that he wanted to talk about a problem, asking if I would be able to listen patiently. I said that I will, Allah willing, listen patiently. He said that Dajjal is not an individual or a man; it is a 'collective problem;' and these days, the U.S. and Europe are the 'Dajjal the Great' and the 'Mischief of Dajjal the antichrist.' After that, he gave a long speech about it and asked that we should leave everything aside and start telling Muslims about it. He was an American national and spoke English fluently.

"I asked: 'Why has Dajjal the Great [the U.S.] given nationality to its such a staunch enemy?' He became annoyed. I said, be patient. Dajjal can only be dealt with by jihad. 'Do you have a system for Jihad?' He became irritated. I asked him, 'What is your task?' 'Is it introducing Dajjal or is it fighting Dajjal? If it is introducing Dajjal, you are serving Dajjal; if it is fighting Dajjal, what is your preparation for it?'

"He became uneasy and left. His brother told me that the man had kept talking to clerics about it for many years and that this was the first time he had seen him fleeing this way. He also said that the guy had defeated a number of clerics [in debate] with his knowledge about this issue.

"In fact, these kinds of people want you to sit down with them, and talk about Dajjal, sing the praise of his might, talk tall about the Jews' conspiracies and their strength in connection with Dajjal, discuss their atom bombs and count their planes, discuss astonishing talk of their technologies, and describe them as unconquerable – and then leave the responsibility of waging of jihad to Imam Mahdi and Jesus (peace be upon him), [saying that] when they arrive, something will happen; we cannot wage jihad against this frightening power and mischief."

On the Need for Jihad: "The Caliphate is Not an Annoyed Wife Who Will Return Just Because You Keep Calling Her; Caliphate Will not Be Established Just Because We Want It To Be"

"I read this in a magazine a few days back. A lady assigned this responsibility to the whole Muslim Ummah to write 'peace be upon him' with the name of the Holy Prophet in a specific way, claiming that the current practice is wrong and it means X or Y… This is jihad of the Net freaks. They smell a rat in every word and then spread it among Muslims.

"Another woman's mission was to relate that while writing 'Allah,' 'the Prophet' and 'the Koran' in English, one should start with a capital letter to avoid sin, otherwise, Muslims will become part of a conspiracy. Every few days, a 'cyber thinker' announces that writing Mecca and Medina with certain spellings means X and that Muslims are unknowingly becoming prey to some mysterious conspiracy by writing such names with certain spellings. These computer gamers detect blasphemy in something or other, and then propagate it to an extent that our heart falls apart.

"In reality, if one sees any prayer mat, shoe or map from different angles, these acquire an imaginary word or shape. Since they do not care to wage Jihad or recite the Koran or pray, these useless people keep themselves occupied with pictures and maps, and keep finding conspiracies and blasphemies, and think that they are serving Islam, though (due to this disservice) the heart of Muslims bleeds more and more.

"O, salves of Allah! Such conspiracies were hatched against the Muslims when the infidels were the ruled; they used to express their grudges by hiding a cross at some holy place or by insulting sacred names of Muslims surreptitiously. But this time they are dominant. Muslims are falling for them. They openly insult our Prophet, peace be upon him – but the lines of Muslims in front of their embassies [for visas] gets no shorter. Not to mention the common man – religious scholars too are proud to go to their countries and to adopt their ways. The politics of our countries has been occupied by them. Our economy is another name for licking the leftovers off their plates. Our armies are ready to slaughter Muslim leaders when ordered to do so by them. In this situation, do they need secrecy in their conspiracies? Propagating their conspiracies causes defeatism and a further drop in morale among Muslims under these conditions. These days, Muslims need actions, not words.

"I met a person in Lahore 15 or 20 years ago; he was not a scholar but used to discuss the Koran on the basis of his reading. His topic was the revival of the Caliphate; three-hour discussions benefited him; he became convinced of the need to wage jihad. I told him that the Caliphate is not an annoyed wife who will return just because you keep calling her. Caliphate will not be established just because we want it to be."

"Most of the Thinkers who… [Call for Caliphate] Are Themselves Enemies of the Caliphate – Because They Stop People from Waging Jihad – And Without Jihad, The Caliphate Cannot Be Established"

"A long time ago, a senior religious scholar came back from a trip to Iraq. He said that there is cave in Samarra city in Iraq. The Shiites believe that their 12th Imam is hiding there. Visitors go to that cave, pay the custodians there, and stand in the door and wail, calling their Imam to come out. That scholar asked one person if the Imam is really in that cave. He said, 'I don't know, but even if he is, the custodians wont' let him out and will beat him and push him back inside; if he tries to come out, the custodians will lose an income of millions [of dollars].' Most of the thinkers who keep chanting slogans in favor of Caliphate again and again are themselves enemies of the caliphate. Because they stop people from waging jihad, and without jihad, the Caliphate cannot be established.

"In short, Muslims should not waste time in useless activities and futile research. Jihad is obligatory for every Muslim, even before the arrival of Imam Mehdi; they should just fulfill that commandment. If the Imam comes in our lifetime, it will be easy for us, Allah willing, to join him in waging jihad; and if he does not come in our lifetime, we will gain all the benefits of jihad.

"When the Dajjal comes, the world will know, and the only ones who will be safe from the mischief of Dajjal will be those with perfect belief in Allah who do not worship wealth nor fear death. Such people will join the forces of Jesus and fight against Dajjal. Dajjal will be killed by Christ's army. We should all establish our relations with jihad, instead of searching for the address of Dajjal."[2]


[1] Haftroza Al-Qalam, Pakistan, No. 247, May 7-13, 2010.

[2] Haftroza Al-Qalam, Pakistan, No. 249, May 21-27, 2010.

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