June 9, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 3013

Columnist in Syrian Government Daily 'Al-Thawra': U.S. Responsible for All Modern World's Problems; North Korea Has the Right to Maintain Any and All Means of Deterrence to Defend Itself Against U.S. Threats to Its Security

June 9, 2010
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 3013

In an article published in the Syrian government daily Al-Thawra, columnist Dr. Ibrahim Zu'ayr upheld North Korea's right to possess any and all means of deterrence in order to defend itself against U.S. threats to its security, while blaming the U.S. for all the world's problems. It should be noted that Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Al-Mu'allem met recently with North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Yong-Il to discuss strengthening relations between their two countries.[1]

Following are excerpts from Zu'ayr's article:

The North Korean People Have Suffered Greatly from the American and International Blockade

"The [situation in] the Korean Peninsula is dangerously tense once again, due to groundless accusations that Democratic [North] Korea is responsible for the sinking of the South Korean ship Cheonan. Until now, Seoul has not allowed a team from Democratic Korea to assess the situation, in order to uncover the truth and find out who was actually responsible for sinking the Cheonan. This refusal, which is unjustified [both] legally and morally, gives Pyongyang reason to doubt the results of the international team's investigation, which is inclined toward South Korea...

"America's financial and military support of South Korea has turned the southern part of Korea into a permanent American military base which Washington has always used against liberation movements in the Indo-Chinese region, against the former U.S.S.R., and against revolutionary movements opposed to imperialism. The U.S. never hesitated to exploit any incident, even if it were accidental, or to fabricate incidents in order to justify intensifying the pressure and blockade of Democratic Korea – and this with an aim to smother it financially and to starve its people, who are suffering greatly from the exploitative American and international blockade that has been imposed against [North Korea] for more than six months."

New U.S. Fabrications Are Likely a Response to North Korea's Resistance to the U.S. Will to Subdue and Subordinate It

"It is conceivable that the newly 'fabricated' accusations against Democratic Korea are the result of its opposition to the U.S. Despite all of the extreme measures the U.S. has taken and the fierce hostility [it has shown towards] Democratic Korea, it did not succeed in subduing and subordinating it to its will so that both parts of the Korean Peninsula, North and South, would fall under its rule, as part of its overall policy of world domination.

"The danger lies in the fact that President Obama was quick to instruct the American military – even before the fundamentally distorted investigation was complete – to work closely with the South Korean military in defending South Korea, which [in the first place] had started accusing, threatening, and punishing Democratic Korea."

The U.S. Is Sinking in a Quagmire of Incredibility and Lies

"Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says one thing [while] her country does another, as it sinks in a quagmire of incredibility and lies vis-à-vis the international community. It did not ask itself how it could reconcile its efforts to avoid any escalation of the tense situation in the Korean Peninsula – as it claims [to be doing] – with the order given to the American military there to assist South Korea as well as the order given to the [U.S.] government to reassess its policy toward Democratic Korea and to support new sanctions against it... and threaten it with war. Moreover, [the fact that] the accusation against North Korea [for sinking the Cheonan] was turned over to the Security Council, in order to extort from it a resolution condemnatory of Democratic Korea, is likely to pave the way for new sanctions against the latter country – which is already under blockade – and may even serve as pretext for a military offense by combined U.S. and South Korean [forces] against Pyongyang."

The U.S. Fans the Flames of Tensions Worldwide, Just As It Has in the Korean Peninsula

"The false accusations and threats against Democratic Korea are no different from America's threats against Iran and Israel's threats against the resistance and Syria, or from the creation of a variety of fabricated accusations intended to enlist as great a number as possible of countries to oppose those countries which refuse to relinquish their legitimate rights, independence, and national sovereignty [i.e. Democratic Korea, Iran, Syria, and the resistance] which is under constant threat, has the right to maintain any and all means of deterrence in order to defend itself. It has the right to threaten to respond to any military provocation on the part of South Korea, [coming] under orders from Washington, which is responsible for all of the modern world's problems – destruction, wars, and the occupation of pacifist countries. It is because of this policy, which is always in favor of the aggressive forces, that the U.S. fans the flames of tensions worldwide, just as in the case of the Korean Peninsula."[2]


[1] SANA (Syria), June 7, 2010.

[2] Al-Thawra (Syria), May 28, 2010.

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