October 25, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10907

At Colorado Muslims Community Center In Aurora, Imam Teaches Children: The Jews 'Lie And Break Their Covenant' – 'Should You Trust These People Today?'; Allah Turned Jewish Fishermen Into Monkeys; They Killed Their Prophets, Tried To Kill Jesus, And 'Keep Tricking Us To Trust Them'; The Israelis Are 'Comparing Our [Palestinian] Brothers And Sisters [Who Are] Being Murdered To Nazis'; 'It's Not Hate Speech For You To Be Aware Of These Things'

October 25, 2023
United States | Special Dispatch No. 10907

In an Islamic lesson to children at the Colorado Muslims Community Center (CMCC) in Aurora, Colorado, on October 22, 2023, Umar Mitchell described the "characteristics" of the Jews. Umar Mitchell is the imam of Masjid Umar Ibn Al-Khattab, which is located in a building that belongs to the CMCC in Aurora.[1]

While Umar Mitchell's face is not clearly seen in the video, he acknowledged that it was indeed him in an exchange on X (formerly Twitter), even doubling down on his message by retweeting it and stating, "This was my lecture and everything I stated can be referenced in the Bible and Torah."[2], accessed October 26, 2023

According to its website, the CMCC aims to "serve the Muslim & Non-Muslim Community alike and to strengthen and unite our community on good ethics, moral character, & family values. We strive to educate Muslims and Non-Muslims of all ages and backgrounds, teaching Islam to Muslims and clarifying misconceptions for the greater Non-Muslims Community. With the goal to nurture respect and understanding of Islam as a way of life and Muslims in relation to the self, the individual, family." It also states that it owns two buildings and that one of them houses the Masjid Ummar.[3]

The imam told the children that the Jews lie and break their contracts and covenants, and that they killed their prophets and even tried to kill Jesus. Recounting the story of Jewish fishermen who were turned by Allah into "literal physical monkeys" for fishing on the Sabbath, he added that Israel keeps defeating the Palestinians because the Jews trick them into trusting them. He noted that "it is not hate speech for you to be aware of these things," and said that not every single Jew is like this – "a couple of them" are not.

The lesson was livestreamed on YouTube and Facebook, including by the Colorado Muslims Community Center, SAFA USA, Al-Minhaal Academy, Authentic Ilm Mission, and Karim AbuZaid, who delivered a Friday sermon at the Colorado Muslims Community Center. The lesson was presumably delivered in the framework of the Taqwa Academy weekend school that is located at the CMCC.

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To view the clip of this imam's lesson for children at CMCC on MEMRI TV, click here or below:

The Jews "Lie And Break Their Covenant" So "I'm Going To Ask You... Should You Trust These People Today?"

Umar Mitchell: "[Descending] from the Israelites is what group that we know today? Israel – who do you call today? The Yahud. Who are the Yahud in English terms? Jews.


"They were given covenants, promises, and agreements that they were supposed to follow. What did they do every single time? They don't obey. They break their covenant. They lie and break their contract.


"So I'm going to ask you: If this is the group of people who broke their rules with Allah, should you trust these people today?"

Children: "No!"


The Jews Killed Messengers And Prophets And Tried To Kill Jesus; Allah "Made Them Into Monkeys" For Fishing On Saturday – "Does This Sound  Like A People You Want To Do Business With?"

Mitchell: "The Israelites were sent many, many messengers and prophets. They killed some of them. They even tried to kill Jesus.


"If that wasn't all bad enough, Allah had given them one day that they don't do any business. What day was that? For the Jews, what is their day they don't do anything – just devote it to worship? What day is it? Saturday. So the people were prevented from doing business. So there's a group of fishermen... Who knows this story? You guys don't know the story about the fishermen who were not supposed to fish on Saturday? In the Baqara Chapter of the Quran, they are told not to fish, so they say: 'You know what, we'll cast our nets on Friday, we'll leave the nets out there all Saturday, we'll do our worship – everything is good – then come Sunday, we're going to eat.' Does this sound like good worshippers?"

Children: "No."


Mitchell: "So what did they do? They went fishing and cast their nets. And they said: 'We're not fishing. Our nets are fishing, but we're not fishing.' What did Allah do to them as a punishment? Yes? Yes. He made them into monkeys. Literal physical monkeys. Monkeys. Does this sound like a people you want to do business with?"

Children: "No!"


"They Keep Tricking Us To Trust Them"; Allah "Tells You About Their Characteristics For Two Things: One, So That You Don't Be Like Them, And Two, So That You Be Aware Of Them"

Mitchell: "What is one of the most major reasons why we keep losing in Palestine?


"Why do they keep destroying them? No... Because they keep tricking us to trust them.


"Allah reminds you about nations that came before [Islam], and He reminds you about some nations that still are, and He tells you about their characteristics for two things: One, so that you don't be like them, and two, so that you be aware of them. It's important for you guys to know this."

"Who Has Been Watching What The Israelis Are Saying About You?... They Are Comparing Our [Palestinian] Brothers And Sisters [Who Are] Being Murdered To Nazis, To Adolf Hitler"

"Who has been watching the news? Who has been watching what Israelis are saying about you?


"They are calling anybody who disagrees with Israel a terrorist.


"They are calling what's happened to them [on October 7] a 'holocaust.' They are comparing our brothers and sisters [who are] being murdered to Nazis, to Adolf Hitler."


"We Have To Know And Understand Who These People Are"; "It's Not Hate Speech For You To Be Aware Of These Things"

"We have to know and understand who these people are, so that we stop falling victim to them time and time again.


"It's not hate speech for you to be aware of these things. Allah says: 'Except for a small [group] about them.' Are we saying every single one of them is like this? No. Except for a little bit from them. Except for a couple of them."


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