August 15, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 10140

Chinese Media Outlet: 'Understanding The Ten Breakthroughs' Of Beijing's Joint Military Operations Around Taiwan

August 15, 2022
China | Special Dispatch No. 10140

On August 7, 2022, the Chinese media outlet Yuyuantantian published an article listing "ten breakthroughs" in Beijing's joint military operations around Taiwan, following Speaking Nancy Pelosi's visit. The article further stressed: "It is the firm commitment of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people to resolutely safeguard China's state sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is the common aspiration and sacred responsibility of all Chinese sons and daughters to realize the complete reunification of the motherland. The will of the people is not to be defied and the trend of the times cannot be reversed. Those who act against the trend will only make our firm resolve stronger."


Below is the article:[1]

"The True Meaning Of [Beijing's] Joint Military Operations"

"Recently, all Chinese netizens have suddenly become fans of the military. After U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's hasty visit to Taiwan, the People's Liberation Army conducted a series of joint military operations. This series of joint military operations has made many Chinese netizens exclaim that they truly understand the meaning of 'taking advantage of an opportunity.'

"More importantly, the breakthroughs shown in this set of military operations will have a long-term impact on the Taiwan Strait, and only from observing these breakthroughs can we understand the true meaning of these joint military operations.

Breakthrough 1: The PLA Navy "Conducted Actual Combat Drills In The Waters Around Taiwan Island"

"... On August 5, more than 10 destroyers and frigates conducted actual combat drills in the waters around Taiwan Island. [In the photo,] we can see Chinese Navy officers and soldiers on a warship of the Eastern Theater Command looking out at the waters around Taiwan Island. In this picture, the coastline and the mountains of Taiwan Island are clearly visible.


"Some military experts told the author that the PLA Navy warships generally do not get so close to the coast of Taiwan Island. This time they made a breakthrough. The presence of the PLA Navy here sends a signal: There is no such thing as Taiwan's so-called 'territorial waters'; Taiwan is part of China, and the Chinese navy sails in its own territorial waters.

In this image, a warship with hull number 935 can be seen, which is the Lanyang frigate of Taiwan Province. In the early 1990s, Taiwan Province leased several Knox-class frigates from the U.S. Navy, one of which was the Lanyang. The ship was handed over to Taiwan Province after 23 years of service with the U.S. military. In Taiwan Province, it has been in service for another 27 years, and during these years, the warship has suffered repeated accidents.

"According to Taiwan media, in 2017, the Lanyang was hit by a collision, causing damage to its stern and flooding to its cabin. In 2019, the Lanyang caught fire during refurbishment. After several incidents, the Lanyang has taken on the dilapidated look it is now. Such a rusted old antique is still one of the main battleships in Taiwan Province. The weapon of the Taiwan Independence elements 'seeking independence by force' is really a joke."


Breakthrough 2: "The PLA Fighter Jets Have Pierced The So-Called 'Airspace' Of The Taiwan Authorities"

"On August 5, the Air Force of the Eastern Theater Command dispatched fighters, bombers, early warning aircrafts, electronic reconnaissance aircrafts and other types of fighters to conduct practical training around Taiwan Island.

"As can be seen from the photos, the pilots on the mission overlooked the coastline of Taiwan Island, a treasure of the motherland, with its central mountains in the distance visible to the naked eye.

"Military experts said that in the case of particularly good visibility, the visual distance of the fighter jets is about 10-20 kilometers, which means that the PLA fighter jets have pierced the so-called 'airspace' of the Taiwan authorities.

"It is worth mentioning that there are pilots from the 'Du Fengrui Brigade' in this round of joint military operations. Du Fengrui is a famous hero of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Air Force. 64 years ago, he sacrificed himself in a one vs three battle in the sky. Today, as descendants of Du Fengrui, in the veins of our pilots, there is always the blood of bravery and tenacity. In this round of joint military operations, the heroic troops are going all out; they dare to fight and win."

Breakthrough 3: "PLA Army Also Successfully Fired Long-Range Live Ammunition In The Chosen Sea Area"

"In this round of joint military operations, the PLA Rocket Force carried out multiple types of constant-guided missile fire assaults.

"The video footage shows that the Dongfeng missile was ignited on a rural road in a small hill, with plastic greenhouses appearing in the launch scene.

"This shows the excellent maneuverability of the Dongfeng series of missiles, which means it is easy to find a suitable place for a quick launch, making it impossible for the enemy to defend against.

"In addition to the 'Dongfeng Missile,' the PLA Army also successfully fired long-range live ammunition in the chosen sea area.

"This long-range firepower is called the 'steel rainstorm,' and the dense blows formed after the projectiles are fired may impact some people's psychological defenses.

"The longest range of PLA long-range firepower is more than 300 kilometers. It is one of the most advanced multiple rocket launcher systems in the world today, and can easily cover all targets on Taiwan Island.

"Those who advocate 'Taiwan independence' should listen closely."

Breakthrough 4: "J-20 Participates In Military Exercises Against Taiwan"

"The famous name of the J-20 stealth fighter jet speaks for itself. In the words of Yang Wei, chief designer of the J-20, 'The J-20 is not a code name for a model, but a synonym for the developmental achievements of China's aviation industry in the past 40 years of reform and opening up.'

"The successful development of the J-20 directly broke the monopoly of the United States in the field of stealth fighter jets, allowing the Chinese Air Force to have a 'zero generation difference' with the world-class air forces in equipment. The Americans themselves also evaluate that the J-20 and F-22 Raptor fighter jets and F-35 Lightning II fighter jets are comparable in terms of competing for air supremacy.

"Military experts said that this is the first time that the J-20 has performed a mission in the context of actual combat. This indicates that the PLA military level has reached a historical high, and it also means that the air superiority of the Taiwan Strait has been decisively and overwhelmingly on our side.

"This round of joint military operations is a small test for the combat performance of the J-20, but it is a big test for the psychology of those who advocate 'Taiwanese independence,' and will certainly make it harder for them to sleep at night."


Breakthrough 5: "There Is No Such 'Median Line' In The Taiwan Strait"; "PLA Warships Will Regularly Conduct Training East Of The So-Called 'Strait Median Line"

"The so-called 'Strait Median Line' is a virtual line that divides the Taiwan Strait into two parts: northwest and southeast. Legally, the 'Strait Median Line' has never been recognized. It is just an imaginary line introduced by the U.S. military for combat needs in the last century.

"Looking at the six major areas of this PLA military drill, five are east of this 'Strait Median Line,' and one is all the way across this 'Strait Median Line.'

"The delineation of these six areas in the recent drill shows that there is no such 'median line' in the Taiwan Strait. Previously, flying over the so-called 'Strait Median Line' has been a normal practice of the PLA's fighter jets. This round of joint military operations across the 'Strait Median Line' will completely shatter the illusions of some people that such a line has any power.

"In the future, PLA warships will regularly conduct training east of the so-called 'Strait Median Line.'

"The area on the northwestern side of the median line is located in the southeast of Pingtan Island. Since Pingtan is the part of mainland China closest to Taiwan Province, this exercise area is also in the narrowest part of the Taiwan Strait. Conducting military exercises here is equivalent to controlling the Taiwan Strait.

"China has repeatedly stressed that the Taiwan Strait is not part of international waters, and China enjoys sovereignty, sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the Taiwan Strait."

Breakthrough 6: "The Six Zones Of The Military Exercises And Training Activities Come The Closest To The Island Of Taiwan"

"Pay attention to the two areas in the southwest and the north. As you can see from the graphic, they are very close to the Island of Taiwan.

"The area in the southwest is the closest to the Island of Taiwan, only about 20 kilometers away.

"Any idea what the distance means? For example, the maximum flight speed of the J-20 is Mach 2.0, which is 41 kilometers per minute. In other words, the scope of the PLA's military exercises and training activities is less than 30 seconds away from the Island of Taiwan.

"It is just the blinking of an eye to carry out any attack.

"In addition, this area is also a vital shipping lane for the Island of Taiwan in its trade with the United States, Europe and Asia.

"The closest point to Taipei of the area in the north is only about 80 kilometers.

"Meng Xiangqing, a professor at the PLA National Defense University, tells me that the six zones of the military exercises and training activities come the closest to the Island of Taiwan this time. Some people may not even sleep tight and well."

Breakthrough 7: "The USS Ronald Reagan Retreated Several Hundred Kilometers Overnight After The Start Of The PLA's Joint Military Operations"

"The spokesman for China's Eastern Theater Command said in his response to questions on the joint military operations that the aim of the drills was to 'test the precision of the weapons and ability to deny an enemy access to or control of an area.'

"I have also noticed that the training area in the northeast is close to Okinawa.

"An authoritative military expert tells me that the U.S. forces stationed in Japan are heavily concentrated in Okinawa. If the U.S. forces there try to interfere in the situation in the Taiwan Strait, the zone in the northeast for our drills is right in the path of U.S. aircrafts flying south. 

"As to the zone in the south, it holds the strategic point of the Bashi Channel, which is the only important waterway to enter and exit the South China Sea.

"According to satellite images, the USS Ronald Reagan retreated several hundred kilometers overnight after the start of the PLA's joint military operations.

"The idea of 'seeking independence through force' can be put to rest."

Breakthrough 8: "The PLA Has Designated A Live-Fire Range East Of The Island Of Taiwan"

"The People's Liberation Army has designated a live-fire range east of the Island of Taiwan for the first time in these military exercises and training activities. This area faces two key military bases in Hualien and Taitung on the island.

"These two bases are regarded as the rear areas or hinterlands by the elements of the 'Taiwan independence.' There are many mountains in the eastern part of the Island of Taiwan. Many years ago, the Taiwan authorities dug and built the so-called 'the largest underground air force base in the Far East.'

"And the selection of this zone for the drills is aimed at launching a frontal attack on the retreating route of the elements of 'Taiwan independence,' completely ending their thoughts of escape.

"The People's Liberation Army used a term of 'joint shutdown and control' in this round of joint military operations.

"It is easy to see that the PLA has formed an unprecedented encirclement around the Island of Taiwan by linking the six zones mentioned above.

"The U.S. media has also noticed this, particularly noting that it is not surprising that China has had such a capability for a long time.

"The People's Liberation Army has the resolve, the capability and means to maintain the unification of the motherland and safeguard its national sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Breakthrough 9: "Aircraft Carrier Formations Deployed For Deterrence Maneuvers For The First Time"

"In this round of joint military operations, aircraft carrier formations were deployed for deterrence maneuvers for the first time to build a three-dimensional maritime combat system.

"Zhang Junshe, a researcher at the Naval Research Institute, discloses especially that under normal circumstances, when an aircraft carrier formation carries out its mission, it is usually accompanied by nuclear submarines.

"I once talked about the operational formation of our country's aircraft carrier battle group in my article 'After the Largest Exercise by Liaoning, Some People Feel Uncomfortable.' It consists of Type 055 10,000-ton super destroyer, Type 052D destroyer, and accompanying nuclear submarines.

"All these warships have participated in this round of joint military operations."

Breakthrough 10: "All Five Branches Of The People's Liberation Army, Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force And Strategic Support Force, Participated In This Round Of Joint Military Operations"

"Different from other drills of this year, the strategic support forces and joint logistics support forces made their first appearance in this round of joint military operations.

"All five branches of the People's Liberation Army, Ground Force, Navy, Air Force, Rocket Force and Strategic Support Force, participated in this round of joint military operations.

"The joint logistics support force is responsible for the control and allocation of materials and various resources, anti-terrorism and social stability, emergency rescues, disaster reliefs and other operations. During the pandemic of coronavirus disease, the joint logistics support force held fast their duties at the Huoshenshan Hospital (in Wuhan).

"The authoritative military expert tells me that the deployment of this force means that all the forces that should be needed in actual combats are deployed.

"Recently, the Eastern Theater Command used an EMU as a 'field hospital train' for the first time to do drills on the rescue and medical treatment as well as evacuation of wounded.

"Military operations require full and complete preparations to ensure that nothing goes wrong."

"It Is The Firm Commitment Of More Than 1.4 billion Chinese People To Resolutely Safeguard China's State Sovereignty And Territorial Integrity"

"By summarizing these ten breakthroughs, it is easy for one to identify the core feature of this round of joint military operations, that is, all key elements:

"All five branches of the PLA are deployed, which point to all key elements of the PLA;

"All key elements of weapons mean that aircraft carriers, J-20 fighter jets, 'Yuanhuo' (Far Fire) long-range rocket system, Dongfeng missiles are all utilized;

"Joint blockage and control, sea assaults, land strikes, air dominance and combat, and denying access to area are all key elements of the drills.

"This joint military operation of all key elements clearly sends a signal:

"The history of the Taiwan question is crystal clear. The fact and current situation that both sides of the Taiwan Strait belong to one China are crystal clear as well.

"It is the firm commitment of more than 1.4 billion Chinese people to resolutely safeguard China's state sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is the common aspiration and sacred responsibility of all Chinese sons and daughters to realize the complete reunification of the motherland. The will of the people is not to be defied and the trend of the times cannot be reversed.

"Those who act against the trend will only make our firm resolve stronger.

"If any country, any forces and any individual insist on opposing the firm resolve of the more than 1.4 billion Chinese people and dare to separate Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will not hesitate to fight no matter the cost, resolutely smashing any separatist plot for 'Taiwan independence,' and resolutely defending our national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

"The historical task of the complete reunification of the motherland must be fulfilled and will be definitely fulfilled.

"This is the historical trend that cannot be stopped."


[1], August 7, 2022.

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