January 6, 2016 Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1218

Beheadings On Social Media

January 6, 2016
Inquiry & Analysis Series No. 1218

I. Executions By Beheading


ISIS Video: Beheading Of Kurdish Fighter, Threatening To Behead Obama And Kurdistan President Barzani, Detonate Car Bombs In France, Belgium

On January 26, 2015, the information bureau of the Islamic State (ISIS) in Ninawa Province (Mosul region) in Iraq released a video titled "Bombardment of Peaceful Muslims in the City of Mosul" that included an ISIS fighter beheading a captured Kurdish soldier. Before executing the soldier, the fighter threatens the U.S., France, Belgium and the Kurds, noting that he and his comrades will reach America and behead Barack Obama in the White House; will target France and Belgium with car bombs and explosives, and will behead Kurdistan Regional Government President Masoud Barzani.[44]

A December 5, 2015 tweet stating "Picture Report - Implementation of Allah's ruling on a tyrant, one of Sheikhs of Al-Rafi'iyah group [a Sufi group]" linked to a page of photos on

(@62invasion, December 5, 2015)

"Implementation of Allah's ruling on a tyrant, one of Sheikhs of Al-Rafi'iyah group"

"Implementation of Allah's ruling on a tyrant, one of Sheikhs of Al-Rafi'iyah group"

"Reading the verdict of the Islamic court"

"The tyrant is being escorted to the public square to have Allah's ruling applied on him"

"The devils he worshiped instead of Allah did not come to his rescue"


"#Caliphate_News #Ninawa_Province Carrying out the Koranic punishment against a sorcerer..."

(@Alakeed46, December 3, 2015)


"Al-Raqqah province/Caliphate productions/ 'Oh the despised and disappointed Russians'"

(@Zzzzccccccsa, December 2, 2015)


"#Al_Raqqa_Province (Pictorial report) "Implementing two of Allah's hudud in #Al_Raqqa "#Islamic_State, #Shari'a_Rule"

The tweet below includes a link to, a content-sharing website similar to created by jihadis. Jihadi users frequently post content on these websites and share links to it via Twitter; in this way they can share large quantities of content easily in a single tweet.

(@tgareerr7, January 8, 2015)


"#Caliphate_State/ #Aleppo_Province/ Implementation of death sentence on a man who insulted Allah the almighty in Dadif region."

(@Sa3eed_23, September 7, 2015)

An October 5, 2015 tweet of a beheading linked to a page of photos on and other content-sharing websites:


"Applying hadd to a sorcerer - by beheading"



"Pictorial report on implementing two hudud in the town of Al-Raqqa"

"Implementing Allah's hadd on hashish dealer in front of a gathering of Muslims"; "Reading the sentence to the Muslims gathered"


"Implementing Allah's hadd on hashish dealer in front of a gathering of Muslims"; "Implementing Allah's hadd on an curser of Allah in front of a gathering of Muslims"


"Reading the sentence to the Muslims gathered"; "Muslims' happiness with the implementation of Allah's hadd"


"Lions of Jaysh Al-Sunna [in] Hama's sector. Head of the pig tank driver who was attempting to advance towards the mujahideen in Tal Al-Sakhr"

(@Izza_Mujahid, November 16, 2015)


(@RPic1901, June 5, 2015)


Execution of two men accused of spying in Nineveh

(@eyes_omah_, August 9, 2015) 


(@eyes_omah_, August 9, 2015) 


(@eyes_omah_, August 9, 2015)


"This is the Shari'ah of Allah Azza Wajallah.."

(@3diyah15, August 16, 2015)


"March 20 [2015] Ninawa/ Implementation of a banditry sentence/ Muslims gather to watch the implementation of Hudood [sharia punishments]"






"Bandit" beheaded in Al-Khair, Syria

(@Abomased_0, July 27, 2015)


Beheading of man convicted of sorcery by a shari'a court

(@Omahs_news, July 15, 2015)


Execution of a member of Hashd Al-Sha'bi in Falluja

(@eyes_omah, August 4, 2015)


Sharing a link to a video of a beheading

(@msisis3, August 17, 2015)


Tweet linking to report of beheading in Ninawa, Iraq on

(@Abunaseeha_0,, November 15, 2015)


Tweet from Afghanistan: "Soldiers of the #Khilafa have slaughtered a spy by the name MuhamaduLlah in shabrihar/nanajarhar"

(@AbuQitaaliAbu, June 9, 2015)


"'And it was due from Us to aid those who believed' - Butcher of Al-Qaeda members"

(@pbiggie22, November 2, 2015)


"Beheadings of 2 Peshmerga officers by ISIS in Jalawla, Diyala governorate"

(@AbuBakrAl_Janab, June 21, 2015)


ISIS members in Homs, Syria share photos, link to page of photos of beheading man accused of sorcery

(@Al_mo103, July 29, 2015)


(@Oqaap8, August 9, 2015)


Public execution of prisoners accused of apostasy

(@egypt_today15, July 27, 2015)


A "sorcerer" is beheaded by ISIS member

(@hobahoba03, May 3, 2015)


Syrian soldier being beheaded by ISIS fighter

(@3awatel007, May 16, 2015)


A Syrian soldier beheaded by ISIS operatives

(@3awatel007, May 16, 2015)


"#Al-Raqqa_Province enforcing the hadd [Koranic punishment] on a sorcerer in the town of #Tal-Abyad #Islamic_State #Publishing #Retweet"

(@dwlt_isl..., December 28, 2014)


" Heal your chest O monotheist, Nusairi heads in the hands of #Jabhat_Al_Nusra lions #Wadi_Al_Deif, #Backstage_Of_Wadi_Al_Deif"

(@abo_azaama_jb, December 16, 2014)


"IS beheads four Sunni Syrians in El-Bab, #Aleppo after accusing them of seeking to join the Syrian army"

(@ummetislam_ November 23, 2014)


"IS supporters made me laugh. Breaking: IS inplement Hadd [Islamic religious punishment] on the traitor of the two holy sites"

(@dawlat islam1)


They enjoy slaughtering Sunnis! They even take pride in [announcing it in] the media.. By Allah, we have seen crimes by the Kharijites [a reference to the Islamic State (IS)] which [even] the Nusairis [Alawites/Assad regime] didn't dare commit!"



"Slaughtering two of the Nusairis [i.e. Assad's soldiers, who were] fleeing from the 17th Division [of the Syrian army]. #Reposted_images"



"Slaughter of a Nusairi [Alawite/Assad regime] soldier at the hand of the Islamic State soldiers in the city of Al-Mansoura, west of the Al-Raqqa wilaya [province]"



Tweet: "Thanks to Allah, today, this malicious [man] was slaughtered in Homs province, [and he] was the the most [harsh] in fighting Muslims. [Oh] I come to you with slaughtering" Comment: "The khawarij Ghulat behead Abul Miqdam, sniper of the tanks, may Allah have mercy on him"



"One of a Assad dog in 17th Div being slaughtered by ISIS. This will be happen to kifr who wage war on muslims #Raqqah"

(@KabarJihad, June 22, 2015)


ÔÇï"They [expressed] animosity [towards us] because we are harsh toward the unbelievers. This is the fate of any soldier in the [army of] Al Sihoud [sic., Saud, the Saudi monarch]."



From ISIS's Wilayat Khurasan

(@3mo_1333, June 29, 2015)


"Every American doctor working in any country will be slaughtered if America attack Iraq"



Following an ISIS Salil Al-Sawarim video of a man, his son, and another young man digging their own graves, a tweet showed their severed heads and stated: "This is the end of Sahwajiyya [i.e. involvement in the Sahawat or Awakening], whether in Iraq or Syria"

On image: "Does he think that none has power over him? [Oh] Abu Risha, this is your end, Allah willing. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Destruction of the walls" (@Asdwao, May 18, 2014)


"Reaping the head of the dead Lt Col apostate (Mekki Mahmoud Amin Al-Dawri) #Islamic State in Iraq and Syria"

(@abotakua1, April 10, 2014)


Post On Facebook Page Of "Democracy Is The Cancer, Islam Is The Answer": "#Syria ISIS behead an alleged regime collaborator in Hasakah province [in Syria]"



From ISIS's Wilayat Khurasan "The fate of every Nusairi [Alawite/Assad regime member, who] does not know the number of Rak'ah prayers"

(@s_1020_s, December 22, 2013); (@omar00army, August 26, 2013)


"Nothing happened, this is the only thing that happened, nothing beyond"

(@associated668, May 9, 2014)


(@omar00army, April 19, 2014)


From ISIS's Wilayat Khurasan "Pictures from (the Al-Anbar Vengeance Raid) that the lions of the Islamic State [ISIS] waged in the state of Salah al-Din [Iraq], in revenge for our brothers in al-Anbar"

(@abotakua1, March 21, 2014)  


Twitter profile image of @omar00army


"Syrian troops beheading regime forces"

(@omar00army, March 7, 2014)


"Good [one], but there are filthy things released from the slaughtered"

(@Bq_A4, March 18, 2014)


ÔÇï"To those who doubt ISIS gangs beheaded Abu Miqdam, here is a known ISIS fighter proudly claiming it on his FB account."

(@JihadNews2, May 16, 2014)


"#Martyr of betrayal Abu al-Maqdam - He was went to fight in Qalamoun [Syria] far from Da'esh [ISIS] and its problems, and [there,] he attacked hard the regime's tanks, and when he returned to Homs, they [ISIS] captured him and slaughtered him."

(@abuomerq8, May 17, 2014)


In Iraq: "18+ #ISIS behead captured Iraqi soldier at government HQ. #Iraq"

(@IraqiWitness, February 21, 2014)


"This is the punishment for those who make blasphemy"

(@Getulmran, June 16, 2015)


"In revenge for the Sunni people in Diyala province"; "In revenge for the Sunni people in Diyala province"

(@abotakua1, March 23, 2014)


"Slaughtering was done, beheading the Iraqi Shi'ite, leader of al-Asa'ib [an Iraqi Shi'ite militia] Abu Kameel al-Lami by the hands of the heroes of the Islamic State"



In Iraq: "Soldiers of the #Islamic State in Iraq and Syria cutting off the heads of Maliki's army in Diyala province"

(@JehadNews, January 26, 2014)


From Instagram account of Saudi teen Muadh Al-Jraish: "Urgent | the director of Abu Ghraib prison was slaughtered with a knife in the prison's yard... He has long tortured and killed the detainees and exploited their dignities. His head was cut off today, Allah akbar"


"hahahaha, trampling was done"


"Trampling was done"


ISIS fighter beheads Peshmerga fighter

(@3awatel007, January 31, 2015)


Iranians/Hizbullah In Syria

Photos Of Severed Head Of Former IRGC Commander Killed In Syria Widely Circulated On Social Media

Images of the severed head of Abdollah Eskandari, a retired senior commander in Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) reportedly killed by Jabhat Al-Nusrah in late May 2014, were retweeted and celebrated widely by jihadis on social media.[45]


"#Urgent Iranian general Abdullah Eskandari was killed in #Syria, Allah akbar, the glory to God," (@Risk_Outs, June 14, 2014)

Images of other beheaded Iranians and Hizbullah members are also widely circulated, as are images of those killed by Hizbullah and their associates:

"Jabhat al-Nusra fighters cut off the heads of the mercenary militiamen of Hizbullah who had fallen into their hands in the battles of Ghouta [near Damascus]. #Lebanon"

(@motlaqghazai, November 24, 2013)

"Corpse of the hypocrite (who is called a martyr) commander of #Hezb Al-Lat [derogatory term for Hizbullah[46]], killed by the mujahideen of #Jabhat Al-Asala Wal-Tanmia during a storming of the headquarters #Halish [acronym used by Islamist to refer to Hizbullah] #Yabrood #Qalamoun" 

(@AtharBattalions, March 4, 2014)

"Allah akbar.. #Qalamoun The lions of Qalamoun [Syria] slaying the spies and dogs of Hezb Al-Lat [derogatory term for Hizbullah[47]] #Jabhat al-Nusra"  

(@aL3kade, February 15, 2014)

"Allah akbar, reaping the heads of Hezb Al-Lat [derogatory term for Hizbullah][48] today in #Quneitra [Syria] by the hands of the Mujahideen, oh splendid morning #Jabhat al-Nusra" 

(@Ansaar_Gbhat, February 18, 2014)

"#Islamic State in Iraq and Syria collection of Hizb Al-Shaitan [derogatory term for Hizbullah[49]] heads, soon American soldier heads if they come here"  

(@Islamic_States, November 29, 2014)

"Do you know them or not?"  

(@omar00army, December 14, 2013)

"Head of a Nusairi [Alawite/Assad regime] thug executed by the mujahideen in the Adra Al-Umaliyya in the outskirts of Damascus in response to the al-Otaiba massacre, Allah Akbar" 

(@Syria_homs1, February 27, 2014)


II. Jihadis Pose For The Camera With Severed Heads

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