October 31, 2018 Special Dispatch No. 7739

Articles In Palestinian Press Condemn President Trump And His Administration: Neo-Hitlerism Aspiring To Global Hegemony – According To Instructions Of Rothschild Family

October 31, 2018
Palestinians | Special Dispatch No. 7739

In the wake of the crisis in relations between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, the PA press has published numerous articles condemning the Trump administration and President Trump personally. Inter alia, they called the administration "the most bullying U.S. administration in modern American history" whose racist, colonialist and "neo-Hitlerism" policy "heralds terrifying catastrophes for mankind." They also said that Trump was acting deliberately to bring down the global order and the UN institutions in order to force complete American hegemony on the world and bring it back to the law of the jungle. One columnist in a PA daily even accused the Trump administration of aspiring to change the world order according to instructions by the global government headed by the Rothschild family.

Some of the articles were addressed, in particularly harsh tones, against President Trump himself, calling him a "gang leader," a "highway robber," a "new cowboy," a bully who wants to turn America into the world's "sheriff," and more.

The following are excerpts from the articles.

Columnist In PA Daily: Trump Is Acting According To Guidelines Of The Rothschild Family World Government – To Dismantle And Reassemble The World

'Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, a columnist for the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, wrote that the Trump administration is acting to destroy the UN because it is unwilling to obey the international law and heed the positions of other countries, especially poor ones. He added that the capitalist U.S. administration follows "the guidelines of the global government headed by the Zionist Rothschild family," and aims to achieve global hegemony:

"The U.S. under Trump is pursuing a tycoon-like policy of dismantling and reassembling the world map, after it could no longer tolerate the UN system that it itself founded upon the ruins of the League of Nations… as though it no longer believes in the goals [the UN] is expected [to achieve]. [This is] because the other major international forces and the poor countries represented in the UN pulled the rug out from under its feet based on the norms of international law... which the gang [in the U.S. administration] refuses to accept and acts to change and eliminate.

"What the U.S. administration is implementing is America's [preferred] choice: creating a vortex of global chaos or creative chaos, in accordance with the guidelines of the global government headed by the Zionist Rothschild family, and [also in accordance with] Trump's slogan of 'America First.' The [American] struggle in the various arenas thus [corresponds to] the tycoon [Trump's] decision to persecute the [other international] players in order to take back the reigns of decision-making and global policy..."[1] 

Trump – A New Arrogant, Populist, Bullying Cowboy

In an earlier article, published following Trump's September 25 speech at the UN General Assembly, Hilmi Al-Ghoul said that the speech reflected the "bullying" attitude of the Trump administration and his wish to turn America into the world's "sheriff." He wrote: "It would have been better and more dignified for the U.S. if the arrogant and populist real-estate tycoon [Trump] had kept his mouth shut. Some of the most [embarrassing] moments of his speech came when he praised himself and his administration, saying that they had made achievements that no previous American administration had made – a statement that compelled the audience to breach the accepted [protocol for such occasions] and laugh in response to this uncouth American. Everyone knows full well that the Trump administration is the worst administration the UN has ever known in terms of its commitment to international agreements, laws and charters. In fact, it is the most bullying U.S. administration in modern American history [and] in the 73 years since the UN's establishment – for it has acted and continues to act to crush, malign and persecute the UN, and to undermine its international bodies and institutions that promote human rights, nations' rights and justice.

"In the same speech, the new cowboy threatened a sovereign country, Venezuela, and its president Nicolás Maduro, and announced that his administration would attack this president. Using unequivocal language, he incited the [Venezuelan] military to stage a coup against the legally-elected president. He also attacked socialism, as though his capitalist regime is better. The populist evangelical [U.S.] president pretended to forget that his administration is the worst in the history of the capitalist leaders... As for [his] handling of the Palestinian cause and the [Middle East] peace process, anyone listening to Trump's speech noticed that the man was behaving on the one hand like a gang leader and highway robber, and on the other hand like a coward who is afraid of Israel and its allies and of [their] influence in the U.S....

"The speech of the U.S. president was explosive, and reflected the approach of a thug and world sheriff. [Trump] announced that the U.S. is an empire and the leader of the world, as though conveying a message to the world leaders whose gist was [the following]: The U.S. is your leader and ruler and your source of authority, and you have no choice but to bend to its will. Such was the satanic and arrogant spirit of the populist Trump's speech..."[2]      


Al-Ayyam Columnist: The Trump Administration's Policy Is "Neo Hitlerism"

Talal 'Awkal, a columnist for the PA daily Al-Ayyam, claimed that Trump's policy towards the Palestinians was "neo Hitlerism" that threatens the world order and global peace. He wrote: "The U.S. is waging a brutal war against Palestine and its cause, as one of the most essential means through which it seeks to bring down the global order as well as the world's sources of authority and its apparatuses that were established following World War II... and after the world experienced two devastating world wars... The world's greatest superpower is [currently] governed by a strange administration that employs the tactics of cowboys or highway robbers with even more enthusiasm than the radical Israeli right, which expresses amazement [but] welcomes [every statement that] this gang [in the White House] issues…  

"The American administration is not settling for taking [steps] proving its loyalty to the fundamental Zionist plan, known as Greater Israel – on the contrary, it is attempting to extort the international community in order to prevent it from [expressing] solidarity with the Palestinian people... It is obvious that in this attack, the Trump administration is targeting the U.N.'s system, laws, sources of authority, and role, in order to strip [the U.N.?] of content before the U.S. takes it over in the hope of forcing [U.S.] hegemony on the world order that is crumbling to make way for a multipolar system, and that is moving towards deposing the U.S. as head of the list of superpowers... Despite their modest capabilities, the Palestinians must take the initiative in order to establish a global front against the neo Hitlerism that heralds terrifying catastrophes for mankind..."[3]


Editorial In Al-Quds Daily: Trump Aspires To Take Over The World And Instate The Law Of The Jungle

An editorial in the Al-Quds daily stated, in a similar vein, that the Trump administration aspires to take over the world by means of attacking the national Palestinian cause: "The Trump administration maintains that its war on our people and our national cause will enable it to take over the world by means of hegemony over the UN and its resolutions, and to change the method, the laws, and the goals of this international organization in accordance with the American vision. This heralds the transformation of the world into [an arena of] disputes that will end bitterly and badly, to the point of a return to a regime of the law of the jungle... The same goes for the American attack on [its] allies and the countries friendly [to it], such as Europe, Canada, and Mexico, which is [likewise] aimed at changing the rules of the international system as represented by the UN, which constitutes the essence of the experience of the peoples, particularly the experience of two world wars that brought the world destruction and ruin...

"The countries of the world must act to protect the achievements that they attained as a result of learning the lessons from the two world wars. [This is true] primarily with regard to the U.N., whose role [was harmed] by the American arrogance and the [American] use of its veto against every resolution criticizing the Israeli occupation state or demanding that it obey international law in all things regarding the Palestinian cause...

"Every delay in confronting the attack being waged by the Trump administration [against the Palestinian cause] will have disastrous ramifications for the international community, and therefore [the delays] must stop. If this is not done, the world will reach a very dangerous stage that will threaten global security and peace. As far as the Trump administration is concerned, the elimination of the Palestinian cause is the spearhead of the dismantling of the world and the reinstatement of the disputes and wars like in the previous century."[4]


Columnist for PA Daily: Trump Hates The Arabs, Particularly the Palestinians

Bassem Barhoum, columnist for the PA Al-Hayat Al-Jadida daily, stated that the Trump administration had targeted the Palestinians even before he was elected president, and that his policy towards them was racist: "I don't know whether we should be happy, sad, or angry at the Trump administration's decision to close the PLO office in Washington. Surely, we must be happy that we have no connection with this pro-Zionist administration, because it is worse than Zionism itself. But [at the same time] we must be sad, because the relationship with the world powers is important, vital, and essential, and this office was an important window for the Americans of Palestinian descent and for the Arabs in the U.S....

"Obviously Trump and his administration intended to tackle the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people even before he entered the white House in 2017... In practical terms, the Trump administration is waging war on the Palestinian people, because this people and its leadership have said 'no' to the Deal of the Century, a deal aimed at eliminating the [Palestinians'] political existence and at giving Israel full rights to determine their [the Palestinians'] fate... We are facing an American phenomenon that is extremely dangerous, a phenomenon that not only completely supports the Zionist enterprise but also hates the Palestinians and does not want to see them exist on the face of the earth – because this [Palestinian] people stands like a rock against the spread of the colonialist Zionist enterprise. We are facing the most racist phenomenon in human history, but history will sweep away the darkness of this racist administration..."[5]

In a subsequent column, Barhoum wrote that President Trump was taking a racist approach to all the Arabs, not only the Palestinians, and that the Arabs had to learn from the Palestinians how to deal with it: "All the developments and all the positions [taken] by President Trump have proven that he hates and scorns the Arabs, and takes a racist attitude towards them. This was clear from the start, from his position on the Palestinian cause, whose elimination he has set as his top priority.

"His hatred for the Arabs have become a fact even for those [Arab countries] who think that they can evade harm by establishing stable relations with him and meeting all his demands. The Arabs today must ask themselves: How must we deal with this president who loathes us and treats us arrogantly?... This question can be answered with a look at the Palestinian experience and position. The Palestinian people and its legitimate national leadership understand Trump's plan and his hostile and racist positions towards them, and this people has not surrendered, although they are a state and people under occupation. They and their president have said No to trump and his decisions aimed at eliminating their [national] cause..."[6]


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