January 25, 2010 Special Dispatch No. 2768

Article in Urdu-Language Women's Magazine of Pakistan-Based Jihadist Group, Titled 'Polio: Disease or Dangerous Jewish Conspiracy?' States: 'The Jews, Who Dream of Ruling the World, Have Invented... Vaccines, Drugs, and Injections... to Weaken Muslims'

January 25, 2010
Pakistan | Special Dispatch No. 2768

An article published by an Urdu-language magazine for women in Pakistan has called the international polio eradication campaign a Jewish conspiracy being furthered by various international organizations.

The article, by Mohammad Kamran Talib, is titled "Polio: Disease or Dangerous Jewish Conspiracy?" It was published in the Urdu-language monthly magazine Mahnama Banat-e-'Aisha ("Daughters of 'Aisha" – 'Aisha was one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad). Mahnama Banat-e-'Aisha is a sister publication of Haftroza Al-Qalam, an Urdu-language weekly loyal to Jaish-e-Muhammad, an Al-Qaeda-linked militant organization based in the Pakistani province of Punjab. The article first appeared in June 2006 an Urdu-language magazine called Mahnama Rahnuma-e-Sihat, and was reproduced in the October 2009 issue of Mahnama Banat-e-'Aisha.

The article alleges that several international organizations, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the WHO, Rotary International, the World Bank, and UNICEF, which are providing massive funding for international polio eradication campaigns, are serving Zionist interests. Claiming that the eradication campaigns are a Jewish conspiracy, the article quotes reports from Urdu-, Hindi-, and English-language newspapers on various incidents in India of children contracting polio despite being vaccinated. It also refers to several such cases in Yemen and Indonesia, adding that Islamic scholars in Nigeria have issued a fatwa against polio vaccination.

The article also notes that Dr. Ibrahim Datti, a physician and president of Nigeria's Religious Law Supreme Council, has accused the U.S. of including anti-fertility components in the polio vaccines.

The following are excerpts from the article:[1]

The Polio Eradication Campaign

"The U.N., the U.S. Health Department's Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Red Cross, and 16 wealthy European countries are collaborating with the WHO's polio eradication program to carry out their nefarious designs by giving aid to the poor countries. And that is why three states of Nigeria have banned this program.

"The governor of the state of Kanu, Ibrahim Shikarao, has said, 'We have opted for the lesser of two evils. We don't want to affect the reproductive system of millions of children, especially girls, by allowing the vaccination campaign; instead we have preferred the disease in which a few – two, three, five, 10 children – are afflicted with [polio]...'"

"Ninety-Eight Million People Have Been Infected with the SV-40 Virus Because of the Polio Vaccine; Consequently, the Number of Cancer Patients in the U.S. Has Increased Alarmingly"

"When the polio eradication campaign was launched in the U.S. in 1950, only 13 people out of New York's population of 15 million [sic], and the question was raised as to what was the need for it. None seemed to be convinced that such a massive program should be launched for such a meager number of patients, one person in 100,000.

"According to 1996 figures, in comparison to deaths from polio, 276, 203, 60, 40, 23 and 11 people died in the U.S. of heart disease, cancer, cerebrovascular disease, diabetes, and AIDS, respectively.

"The polio virus is a genetically engineered virus made of the components of a monkey's kidney. Monkeys' kidneys have Simian Virus (SV-40). It may create the danger of incurable diseases if it's injected into [the] human body. It may cause osteosarcomas, brain tumors, and malignant mesosmthlisomas [sic], which are difficult to cure.

"Besides, the BK virus and JU virus are in the polio virus, and they can cause cancer. In 1962, unsuccessful experiments were carried out in advanced and standard laboratories to do away with the effects of these fatal viruses. These viruses spread rapidly into the human body and became difficult to control.

"Every year, about 20,000 people die in the U.S. due to this. According to U.S. scientist Dr. Mercola, around 50,000 people become afflicted with dangerous diseases every year due to these viruses. In his words, 'We believed the experts that they would free us from polio, but it happened that they injected the fatal viruses of cancer into the human body, and because of it 20,000 people die every year in the U.S.'

"Debbie Bookchin and Jim Schumacher, authors of 'The Virus and the Vaccine [The True Story of a Cancer-Causing Monkey Virus, Contaminated Polio Vaccine, and the Millions of Americans Exposed'] say: How would you feel when you come to know that the vaccine you have given to your child to save them from a disease has injected into their bodies the SV-40 virus that is responsible for the cancer that ninety-eight million U.S. citizens have suffered from? This vaccine is a great medical fraud.

"Barbara Loe Fisher, the president of the National Vaccine Information Center, has claimed that the sole reason behind weak immune systems in most children and youth, as well as learning disabilities, asthma, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, seizure disorders, skin diseases like lupus and hyperactivity, are the protective vaccinations. Ninety-eight million people have been infected by the SV-40 virus because of the polio vaccine. Consequently, the number of cancer patients in the U.S. has increased alarmingly.

"According to a report in The Washington Times of September 21, 2003, the vaccination drugs given to Americans between 1962 and 2000 had a monkey virus in them. Besides, the report has mentioned evidence and reports tabled before the House Committee. Citing these reports, Stanley P. Copse, an attorney handling lawsuits by people afflicted with polio, has said that it has not been proven to date that oral polio vaccines are completely free of the SV-40 virus. He has written an article in this regard on 'Oral Polio Vaccination and Cancer,' on the basis of legal documents, stating that SV-40 virus is found in the vaccine. This was published in the 'Anti-Cancer' magazine in 2003. He writes: 'In the oral polio vaccine case the Lederle company is unable to say that all its vaccines are free of SV-40 virus. Lederle's director has said that examination of all the vaccines is impossible. So, experts should not be confident in the absence of any solid proof that these vaccines are totally safe.'

"Dr. Philippe Che Chunin, a prominent oncologist at Mount Sinai Hospital and a mesothelimoa [sic] specialist, says, We are seriously considering the fact that the SV-40 virus is becoming a greater cause of cancer in human beings. Russian scientist Dr. John Martin says that SV-40 virus is so dangerous that it can be transmitted by birth to the next generation without any vaccination. Currently, Dr. Tain Garnie is researching how the SV-40 virus destroys cells. Dr. Venus Jophon Tana says that there is a close relationship between the SV-40 and mesothelimoas [sic] cancer."

The U.S. Has Banned the Oral Polio Vaccine

"The Useless and Fatal Polio Drugs (OPV) Kept in U.S. Warehouses Are Being Flown to Asian Countries via the World Health Organization (WHO)"

"Few know that the U.S. Health Department and Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have banned oral polio vaccines as of January 1, 2000. Over 600 million polio vaccines were sold between 1969 and 1999. Lederle has been ordered to close its operations. The CDC has stated that these vaccines contain live viruses, which may affect healthy people or those who have not taken the polio drops. This is why injections, instead of oral vaccines, are being given to the people in the U.S.

"It is being claimed that the danger of the spread of polio has been substantially reduced by the use of inactivated and killed polio vaccines (IPV). The cost of one injection for a child can come to 500 [Pakistani] rupees. It is obvious that such costly injections are beyond the reach of Third World children. Therefore, the useless and fatal polio drugs (OPV) kept in U.S. warehouses are being flown to Asian countries via the World Health Organization (WHO)."

"[This Oral Vaccine] Might Be Why Healthy Children in Indonesia, Yemen, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Niger And Nigeria Contract Polio Even After Taking [It]"

"Dr. Allen Cantwell MD – the author of two books on the man-created disease AIDS, titled 'AIDS and the Doctors of Death' and 'Queer Blood' – has even said that the two drops of oral polio vaccine has increased the risk of polio in the next generation, and has also increased the risk of paretic polio, a dangerous strain of polio. This might be why healthy children in Indonesia, Yemen, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Niger, and Nigeria contract polio even after taking this oral vaccine."

"Samples of the OPV Given In India [Were] Found... To Be Dangerously Adulterated"

"Dr. Haroon Fatiya, a prominent pharmaceutical scientist and the dean of Ahmadu Bello University, which is based in Zaria, Nigeria, said in March 2008 that his examination of samples of the oral polio vaccine given in India found them to be dangerously adulterated.

"According to a report on, dated March 11, 2004, when asked why the companies adulterated their drugs, he gave three reasons: a) There are some secret agendas of those who make and distribute vaccines and dangerous materials, and detailed information regarding this distribution can only be obtained after research; b) they know that the Third World countries do not have the skill, education, and facilities to discover the truth easily through research; c) and last but not least, they have their supporters among us... It is extremely sad that people from our medical field are associated with those whom we trust to protect our interests.

"That is why Dr. Fatiya has demanded the prosecution of these people who have brought counterfeit drugs into their countries, in the name of [eradicating] polio, and that they receive the harshest punishment [possible] as criminals. A group of medical experts has solid ground to believe that genetically engineered viruses can be used to spread diseases."

"In 1971, the [U.S.] Army's Bio-Warfare Department... Entered Into a Secret Pact... With the National Cancer Institute; That Is Why... Experts Claim That the AIDS Epidemic Was Spread In An Organized Way"

"The U.S. Army began working on biological warfare during the term of President Richard Nixon. In 1971, the army's bio-warfare department, based in Maryland, entered into a secret pact regarding this with the National Cancer Institute. That is why a sector of experts claims that the AIDS epidemic was spread in an organized way, in which the patient falls victim to cancer at the end.

"A London Times report, of May 11, 1987, said that the AIDS epidemic in African countries was the result of the anti-smallpox vaccination of 1972. Experts like Dr. William Campbell Douglas, MD, do not recognize this as more than rumor. According to the WHO declaration, green monkeys are responsible for AIDS in Africa. They say that the study of the structure of genes in monkeys proves that it is impossible for the AIDS virus to naturally enter the human body. Doctors also say a human cannot get AIDS unless he is given [an] injection with a needle [previously used by an infected individual], or that [the disease] is transferred from one person to another via blood transfusion and multiple sexual relations.

"However, rejecting the facts and figures, Dr. Theodora Strecker says that even if it is agreed that monkeys are responsible for it, only 8,000 people should have contracted AIDS between 1972 and 1987 through this one cause – not 75 million."

"How Did the AIDS Virus Spread in the U.S.?... [The Epidemic] Was Caused by the Hepatitis-B Vaccines Given to Homosexuals in U.S. Cities in 1992"

"And how did the AIDS virus spread in the U.S.? Did the green monkey come flying there? [The epidemic] was caused by the Hepatitis-B vaccines given to homosexuals in U.S. cities in 1992 are responsible for it.

"Dr. R. J. Bugger specifically stated, in an article published in 'Lancet,' that AIDS viruses were prepared in laboratories. Quoting from a WHO Bulletin (Vol. 47, p. 289, 1972), Dr. Campbell said that the WHO is destroying our immune system in the name of fighting diseases through vaccines; he asked whether it wants to eradicate human beings from the earth itself."

Why is Polio Eradication Sponsored?

"The Jews, Who Dream of Ruling the World, Have Invented Different Types of Vaccines, Drugs, and Injections... to Weaken Muslims... The Oral Polio Vaccine Campaign Is Being Run Under a Worldwide Conspiracy – Except in the Zionist Countries

"The Jews, who dream of ruling the world, have invented different types of vaccines, drugs, and injections in an organized way to weaken Muslims in their beliefs on spiritual, practical, and moral levels, and make their bodies contaminated. The oral polio vaccine campaign is being run under a worldwide conspiracy – except in the Zionist countries. Its total focus is now on South Asian countries – India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The U.S. has already marked this area as an extremely strategic region."

Why Are "These Greedy Jews and Christians... Spending Millions on This Campaign?"

"Have we ever thought why these greedy Jews and Christians are spending millions of dollars on this campaign?

1) The Pentagon, a U.S. defense institution, provides about $100,000 million for this campaign every year.

2) The WHO spends $150,000 million dollars on this campaign every year.

3) Rotary International also provides a sizable amount for this campaign. Like thousands of NGOs, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the NGO of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, has alone given $750 million for the vaccination of children in poor countries – more than double the amount that the U.S. government gave to the people affected by the tsunami. This will help the WHO vaccinate 90% of children around the world by 2015. All these organizations are known to work openly for the interest of Zionism.

4) Institutions like the Center for Diseases [sic], the ICC Control [sic], and the World Bank are also investing huge amounts in such programs.

5) UNICEF is supervising the polio vaccination campaign in India. It has already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on this campaign. On the other hand, the UN has continued the ban on the provision of essential drugs to Iraq since 1991. Because of this ban, half a million children have died in that country. As an alternative arrangement to save the children of that country, a pharmaceutical company was established in Sudan, but it was destroyed by a U.S. bombardment, and the UN remained a mute spectator. "

The Polio Vaccine is Prepared from Impure Animals

"An Analysis of How the Polio Vaccination is Prepared is Sufficient in Order to Understand How the Viruses of Haram and Unpious Animals... Are Being Injected Into Our [Muslim] Bodies"

"An analysis of how the polio vaccination is prepared is sufficient in order to understand how the viruses of haram [forbidden in Islam] and unpious animals like monkeys, chimpanzees, dogs, mice, and pigs are being injected into our [Muslim] bodies.

"Experiments were carried out in different stages on 4,000 monkeys imported from India and the Philippines in 1955, at a deserted place near a river in the area of Bluffton, in southern California. After that, polio vaccines were prepared from their kidneys.

"None other than Jonas Edward Salk (1914-1995) was responsible for this achievement. Besides being a prominent bacteriologist, he was a great Jewish spiritual leader who is revered even now by Jewish religious scholars and rabbis. He established the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in the Lazola area of California in 1963. The annual budget of this [institute], one of the biggest biological laboratories of the world, is $120 million, and 400 scientists work there around the clock. For a long time, the U.S. government used the vaccine prepared in this laboratory for their sweeping polio drives."

According To a Recent WHO Report, "500 Million People Around the World Were Given the Hepatitis-B Vaccine – A Vaccine Which is Only Not Given In Israel"

"Even today, Lederle prepares the polio vaccine from the kidney of Rhesus monkeys. According to U.S. journalist Michael Dorman, only Christian children in the U.S. were given the vaccine prepared by Dr. Salk during 1962-2000, while the Jews, who constitute less than 1.5 of that country's population, refused the vaccination on religious grounds.

"On the other hand, a recent WHO report says that 500 million people around the world were given the Hepatitis-B vaccine – a vaccine which is only not given in Israel.

"It is strange that the world media did not make it an issue, while it forced the Saudi government to vaccinate its eight million children by creating a concern that three pilgrims from Nigeria could spread polio."


[1] Mahnama Banat-e-'Aisha, Pakistan, Vol. 9, Issue No. 10, October 2009.

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