November 15, 2011 Special Dispatch No. 4284

Article in Lebanese Daily: The Arab Spring Coups Are Part Of the Jewish Plot Spelled Out in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

November 15, 2011
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 4284

Lebanese columnist Bushra Gharz Al-Din wrote in the daily Al-Diyar that the revolutions of the Arab Spring are part of a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, as described in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

The following are excerpts from the column:[1]

"About 100 years ago, 300 of the most arrogant elders of Zion convened. [They were] members of 50 Jewish groups who held secret meetings at which they plotted how to enslave the world. Some [of our readers] may be thinking that these are events of the ancient past that are no longer important and should not be remembered or raked up again. But what would [these readers say] if they knew that what was decided 100 years ago is being implemented today, down to the last detail? Yes, that is the bitter truth. These are The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

"[The Protocols say]:[2] 'We fear an alliance between the force of gentile (non-Jewish) rulers and the blind force of the [gentile] mobs, but we have taken every precaution to prevent this from happening. We have created a bulwark between these two forces, in the shape of mutual fear. This way, the force of the people remains our support, and we will be the only ones to lead it, directing it to serve our goals. Nowadays, when one of the governments opposes us, it is only [an act of] pretence, done with our knowledge and consent, because their antisemitism is crucial for us.'

"This is written in the Ninth Protocol, which clearly sets out their satanic plot, aimed at destroying governments [by] tempting kings to persecute their peoples and peoples to rebel against their kings. This, though the dissemination of principles like freedom and equality, and by interpreting these principles in a way that harms both sides, in an attempt to keep the two forces – the government and the people – hostile to one another.

"The 15th Protocol says: 'We shall do everything in our power to prevent conspiracies being hatched against us after gaining ultimate control over the government by means of sudden political coups that we shall organize simultaneously in all the countries, and by seizing power quickly when the local governments officially announce that they are unable to control the peoples.'

"[The Jews'] goals in doing all these things are revealed in the 10th Protocol, which says: 'It is indispensable that the relations between the peoples and their governments continue to be troubled, and that hostility, wars and martyrdom [continue] in all the countries, as well as hunger, poverty and the spread of disease, until the goyim find no escape from their difficulties except by accepting our protection, though our capital and [our] absolute rule.'

"Yes, that is their hidden goal. They want to rule the world, but in a different way, and that is why they have been persisting in their plan for 100 years. All their previous plans have been successfully executed, and the Arab peoples are their greatest victims, for between the [two] jaws – of the dictatorships and the Protocols – there hides the Arab citizen, yearning for freedom, democracy and justice...

"[They instigated] revolution after revolution, in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria, and what is yet to come will be even worse. Governments are collapsing, tyrants are falling, and countries are being destroyed, incinerated in the furnace of anarchy and devastation.

"Yes, the Arab governments have fallen, the clerics have lost their status, anarchy and division are rampant throughout the Arab world, economic troubles are gnawing at the societies, and the peoples are being killed and suffering poverty and disease.

"After all this, the only question left to ask is: How long will we continue to let them toy with us, like puppets on hidden strings?"


[1] Al-Diyar (Lebanon), October 17, 2011.

[2] Gharz Al-Din is apparently using an Arabic translation of the Protocols.

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