March 30, 2021 Special Dispatch No. 9263

Article On Hizbullah Website: U.S. Ambassador To Lebanon Dorothy Shea Is A 'Wicked Witch' And The Representative Of Satan In Beirut

March 30, 2021
Lebanon | Special Dispatch No. 9263

In a March 16 article on Hizbullah's website, Lebanese journalist Layla 'Amasha virulently attacked U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea, describing her as a "wicked witch" and as "the ambassador of Satan in Beirut," who sows division in Lebanon, hatches poisonous plots against its people in the service of Israel, and casts "evil spells" – all this with the help of Lebanese politicians, activists and media figures who do her bidding.  'Amasha  added that Shea's efforts are thwarted by the Lebanese resistance, i.e., Hizbullah, which stands like a solid mountain against her, and hoped that Shea will meet the fate of the wicked witches in children's stories, who end up crumbling, shattering or disappearing.   

U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea (source:

The following are translated excerpts from her article.[1]

"Among the images that linger in the minds of [our] youngsters after they watch animated series is the image of the wicked witch who lives in a mysterious castle and spreads evil and destruction wherever she goes. She conspires with anyone who may become an ingredient in her poisonous brews, and surrounds herself with a group of 'slaves' who automatically do her bidding. Sometimes she uses the media to cover her 'charity' activities and broadcast anything that helps to amplify her false spells. Her name changes from one story to the next, but the heinous and evil nature of her actions always serves to expose her identity, even if she dresses like a princess… or plays the role of a good and gentle old woman who hands out shiny red apples filled with poison or distributes masks during the Covid pandemic.    

"It is not difficult to recognize the evil witch in the current series of Lebanese local news, for [U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon] Dorothy Shea, who lives in a den of evil in Beit Aaoukar [a town near Beirut where the U.S. embassy is located], is so famous she required no introduction – especially for whoever follows the television channels that constantly air her spells, cover her activity and spread her poison recipes on every media [platform] and in every news report.

"Dorothy Shea is currently directing the destruction of Lebanon with conspicuous activity and with the stubbornness of one who is willing to do anything she can in order to realize the goals of her country, for she has been the official ambassador of Satan in Beirut since 2020. Her predecessors were witches and sorcerers with similar traits, for the U.S. administration is careful to select, as its representatives in the Middle East, people with particular traits, chief among them the ability to sow division and a talent for managing local groups that emulate the Americans and using them to serve the Zionists on various levels.  

  "Like her predecessors, Shea came up against the mountain of the resistance [i.e., Hizbullah], its political party and its social milieu… This woman is trying with all her might to create even one crack in this multi-layered mountain, so she can return to her country with some achievement [to boast about]…

 "The situation is now difficult and there is a deep, profound and clear conflict between two sides: [between] haughtiness and honor, between global arrogance and the growing power of the downtrodden, between the international plan of systematic usurpation and the plan of resistance on all fronts – in short, between the oppressor and the oppressed. Shea, the witch appointed to direct the evil action in Lebanon, had to invent new methods in order to bridge the deep rifts dividing  the American [camp] in the region. This is because Israel, America's protégé, armed from head to toe with all the products of the U.S. arms industry, has suffered constant defeats in the conflict with the resistance, which is armed first of all with the truth [and only later] with weapons – that the U.S. is trying to learn about and take away from it by every means… ISIS and barbaric [organizations] like it, which were created by the U.S. and dispatched throughout the region, have also been crushed to pieces by the resistance, turning them into scrap metal – so much so that their manufacturer [the U.S.] no longer knows how to make any use of them. 

"In addition, there are now signs that the U.S. political plan in the region is failing, having become an obvious monster that can no longer deceive anyone with shining slogans and false promises… Shea knows all this and more: She knows that the poisonous brews she concocts in Washington and Beirut will find no place on the tables of the region. It cannot be ruled out that she will serve them to those who work for her, hoping to derive some benefit from poisoning them… She knows that the [Lebanese] team she heads, which includes politicians, media figures and activists, is nothing but a gang of failing mercenaries, whom she no doubt despises much more than we do. She knows that the reviews/briefings she presents at various events are nothing but 'movies' nobody wants to show or market, except media outlets that have been paid in advance to do so. She knows that those who welcome her [in Lebanon] will not manage to carry out any of her requests, [for which she] promised them jobs or privileges. She knows that her mission in Beirut, like the other missions of her failing country, are destined to fail.

"Let us return to the image of the wicked witch we remember from the animated children's stories we used to watch so avidly, knowing that the truth would eventually win, of course… As we revisit [these stories], the sound of the witch disappearing and crumbling fills us with a benign joy – [the joy] felt by honest people when they triumph over evil. We cherish these feelings in our memory, remembering the certainty we felt as children that evil would eventually vanish. We will start from [that point], each of us doing what he does best in order to join the story and advance it, even a little, so as to reach the happy end: the sound of the wicked witch falling to pieces!"


[1], March 16, 2021.

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