September 1, 2007 Special Dispatch No. 1699

Antisemitism and the Turkish Islamist "Milli Gorus" Movement: Zionists/Jews “Bacteria,” “Disease”

September 1, 2007
Turkey | Special Dispatch No. 1699

A Turkish Flash TV interview ( with former Turkish prime minister Prof. Necmettin Erbakan, who is the founder and leader of the Islamist movement Milli Gorus, was aired July 1, 2007 as part of a pre-election program.

Erbakan is the leader and mentor of the ruling AKP leadership, including both Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and presidential candidate Abdullah Gul – both of whom have in the past been active members of Erbakan's political parties, filling mayoral, ministerial, and parliamentary posts. All of Erbakan's parties have been banned by Turkish court orders.

In his campaign to promote his Islamist Happiness Party (SP) prior to the July 22, 2007 general elections, Erbakan reiterated antisemitic statements in this interview, as well as in interviews with other TV channels. In his public speeches, he expanded on these views, frequently referring to "Zionists" (meaning, in fact, the Jews) as "bacteria" and "disease," to crowds of tens of thousands, at every stop on his campaign trail, including Ankara and Istanbul, and especially in Anatolian cities such as Konya, Elazig and Trabzon.

The following are excerpts from the Flash TV interview:

All Infidel Nations Are One Zionist Entity; Jews Want To Rule From Morocco to Indonesia

Interviewer: "Dear Mr. Erbakan, we are going to elections at the end of a five-year-long rule by your students [in AKP]. You say that these elections are of vital importance, that they are about 'to be or not to be' for Turkey. Why do you think this way, especially when the country is being ruled by your own disciples?"

Erbakan: [following greetings and prayers] "These elections are about whether we will be, or we will cease to be. I'll tell you where this is coming from, and for this we have to first demonstrate the infrastructure. […] The right path to the happiness of all humanity is our path, the Milli Gorus way.

"Our Prophet was sent with love and compassion, and our goal is the happiness of all six billion people in the world. We are Muslims, and our civilization has brought happiness to the entire world. This is the good, but there also is evil. Our religion says that the infidels are one nation [Millah]. That means evil is run by one control center.

"When we look at the map of the world, we see about 200 countries painted in colors, and we think that there are many races, religions, and nations. The fact is that for 300 years, all these [200 nations] have been controlled from one center only. This center is the racist, imperialist Zionism. Unless you make this correct diagnosis for the illness, you cannot find the cure to it. You will ask, 'What is this belief, this racist imperialism that destroys happiness in this world?'

"This belief began 5,765 years ago, when the children of Israel were living in Egypt, with a book of magic that was written by someone called Kabbala. The author or authors of this book later claimed that they belonged to the tribe of Moses, but this is not true. They distorted the Tevrat [bible] of Moses and put in it the Kabbala. If you want to see proof of this, you can look at their Tevrat and then look at the Kabbala.

"What do these people believe in? Their belief has four principles [while ours has six] that say: […] 1) You are the real people of God; all others are created to be your slaves; you were created as men and others [were created] as monkeys that later turned into men. This is what they believe and what they teach. They believe that they are the superior class. 2) This superiority will be not only in thought, but will be materialized, actually realized. They will be the masters and the others will be their slaves. 3) For all this to come true, they must perform three duties: The first duty will be to gather all the exiled sons of Israel into Quds [Jerusalem]; the second duty is to build the 'Greater Israel' between the Nile and the Euphrates, within these determined borders, and to provide for the safety of this Greater Israel.

"Do you know what the safety of Israel means? It means that they will rule the 28 countries from Morocco to Indonesia. Since all the Crusades were organized by the Zionists, and since it was our forefathers the Seljuks who stopped them, according to the Kabbala there should be no sovereign state in Anatolia. This is these people's [i.e. the Jews'] religion, their faith. You can't argue or negotiate with them. This is their religion, and it comes from the Kabbala.

"Why did this man, Kabbala, write this book? Because he wanted to encourage those who were oppressed by the pharaohs, by saying that they were superior and were God's true people. Kabbala says that this people defeated even God – may Allah forgive. The same line is found in the Tevrat as well."

The Zionists Worked 5,767 Years to Build a World Order In Which All Money and Manpower Depend On Jews

Interviewer: "I understand, my hoca [teacher], but what does all this have to do with the July 22 elections? Can we come to that?"

Erbakan: "I'll finish their four principles. 3) They will destroy – Allah forbid – Al-Aqsa mosque and in its place build Solomon's temple. 4) Only then will their messiah come and establish them as the rulers of the world.

"This is what they believe in. To realize these goals and meet their obligations, they [i.e. the Jews] have been working for 5,767 years!

"Their history begins with this Kabbala. They say that they want to be the rulers of the world. This is a racist religion. If your mother is not a Jew, you cannot be a Jew. That's why they cannot multiply and grow. Among six billion people they are only 30 million. […] So how will they rule the world? They say, 'Wait a minute, we have conquered the power of money within the capitalist order. As one can see in the symbol of the 13 levels of a pyramid that is depicted on the American dollar, all peoples will serve us at the top. With the power of the dollar, we have established a world order where money and manpower are dependent on us. This is how we rule the world.'

"Now, let’s come to us [the Muslims]. Thanks to our beloved Prophet, light and happiness came to the six billion people of the world. We became the masters. We [the Muslims] ruled for 11 centuries. But unfortunately, in the last three centuries the children of Israel have grabbed this material power. Now they control the world that we live in.

"What kind of a world did they build? Without understanding this, nothing can be comprehended. Ballots, elections [that you ask about] are all details. The essence is this: Let's assume you, as a Muslim, want to go to [Mecca for] the haj, and you want to fly on a Turkish plane. For an airline to get a permit to fly and land in other airports, it must be a member of the IATA. The IATA is an organization of the children of Israel, of Rockefeller. To become a member, airlines must give them [the Jews] 9% of the ticket proceeds."

The U.S. Dollar is Zionist Money; The Jewish Bacteria Must be Diagnosed for a Cure to be Found

Interviewer: "This means that when we go on the haj, we pay 9% of our fare to Israel."

Erbakan: "You know what this means. It means saying to Israel, 'Take this money, buy guns, and kill me tomorrow, [so that you can] occupy Turkey.' This is the order that they have built and have implemented for three centuries.

"Let's say that you, as a Muslim, want to send money to another Muslim country. Say you want to send money to Pakistan. You cannot send it, because you don't have the infrastructure to do that. You are living in their [i.e. the Zionists'] world. To send the money, you need to take it to a Turkish bank. Then the Turkish bank will give it to the American bank. The American bank will give an order to its branch [in Pakistan], that branch will give the money to the Pakistani bank that will pay out the money that you sent.

"But in all this, you will pay 1%. From wherever [and] to wherever the money goes, 1% is paid to the Jew. They have taken the world into their hands. That green dollar that you recognize is Zionist money.

"The owner is not the American central bank. The American central bank only rents this money, paying $500 billion a year for rent. They [the Zionists] print this green money, the paper, and they bring it to our sheikhs in Saudi Arabia and they say, 'Here, take this green paper and give us your oil.' And they take the oil with these pieces of paper. There are five trillion [of these] dollars outside of America.

"And look at what else they do. I am telling you all this so we can all recognize this bacteria. What do they [i.e. the Zionists] do? They go back to the oil sheikh and tell him to return the green papers, and give him a yellow paper instead. What is this yellow paper? It is an American bond. There are bonds outside the U.S. valued at $5 trillion as well. That means they took back their green papers to use them again. Those bonds go to the central banks. And what does the American central bank do? It gathers all the central banks, to give them a white paper.

"So where are all the reserves of the countries? Our reserves are not in the safes of our central bank. They are in the safes of Rockefeller. He is using all this money. What do we have? The head of our central bank has a white paper in front of him. On this paper it is written that such and such a number of billions of dollars are in the banks [in the U.S.] What we have is only a piece of white paper.

"They are crooks three times over. They suck [money] from everybody – five trillion with green papers, another five trillion with yellow papers, and they keep trillions with the white paper they give you. Every child born should be told, 'Welcome to this house, my dear, but this house has an owner, and there is rent to be paid. The owner of this house – that is, this world – is the Zionist, and you must pay him $1,200 every month.' Every one of us has to pay this $1,200, because of those trillions of exploitation dollars.

"There's more: Say you go to a supermarket, wherever you are in the world. You [select] some products, and you pay for them. Say the cashier tells you the total is 300 lira. You pay 300, and you walk out with your sack. No matter where you are and where you buy, 100 lira of the 300 is interest.

"You buy bread. The tractor was purchased with interest. The flour mills, the factories were built with interest. We are made to pay for these interest [charges]. If you read the book we wrote on this, you would see clearly that one-third of the money we pay for a loaf of bread is paid out in interest."

Zionists Organized the Crusades; The Jews are Using the Christians

Interviewer: "But, my hoca [teacher], it is now your students, your disciples [in the AKP], who are ruling Turkey…"

Erbakan: "My students must have thought, 'Since there is so much money going around, why shouldn't we have a share of it too?' But that money is exploitation money. It is not good money. Our students apparently have not understood what we have been teaching them for 30 years [in Milli Gorus].

"Let's go back to the [Zionist] bacteria. About $22 trillion out of all the money we spend every year is paid to these racist imperialist Zionists. We, as a country, are paying $200 billion every year to the Zionists so that they can prepare their bombs, so that they can one day come and take our country. This is the world that the Zionists have built. […]

"This racist imperialist Zionism organized 19 Crusades just to reach its goals. To organize the Crusades, it used the Christians. Why is it that the Christians are helping the Jews? A rabbi goes out on the balcony and tells them, 'Oh Christians, isn't it the Messiah that you are waiting for? We too are waiting for the same Messiah.' What the rabbi is doing is taqiya,[1] of course. Then he goes into his synagogue and tells a five-year-old, 'What you heard me say outside is not true. Our Messiah is different. That Jesus is someone whom we killed. He will not come or go anywhere. I told them that to deceive them.'

"These people tell the Christians, 'You are waiting but you have no guidelines as to how to make him come. Our Tevrat tells us what to do. Let's do them together and let's bring the Messiah.' And what were those guidelines? To bring the Jews to Jerusalem, to build and secure the Greater Israel, and so on."

Jews Founded Protestantism, the Capitalist Order; Clinton, Bush are Members

"It was Zionism that established the sect of Protestantism. The capitalist order of today is the religious order of Protestantism. It's because the pope rejects the concept of interest, so as not to allow the exploitation of his children. That's why the Jews decided to change the [Christian] religion, and founded Protestantism. This way they can charge interest and make everybody work for them.

"That's also why they built the Evangelical sect in America, which now numbers 90 million members. Most people you see there [in the U.S.] belong to this sect. Take Clinton: He said that he did not serve in the military for America, 'but for Israel' he said, 'I would take up arms, go into a bunker, and fight.' You ask him, "Hey, Clinton, are you a Jew? Why is Israel your business?' He says, 'Nooo. It is not because I am a Jew that I say this. It is because I am a good Christian that I think that way. It's because I want Jesus to come that I am saying this.'

"All this is because the Evangelical sect was built by the Jews for them to think that way. Bush belongs to that sect. Clinton belongs to that sect. Anyone you know… Now look, when we look at someone we see his skin only; but behind it are all the muscles, bones, nerves. I am now giving you the anatomy of the world to show you what is behind the skin, behind the surface.

"Without knowing all this, you cannot comprehend what is going on in the world. When we learn all this, we will know that there are no 200 countries in the world. There are only two. One is the world of Islam, and the other is all the others. Who uses these others? Racist imperialism [meaning Zionism].

"The Zionists are holding the Christians in the palms of their hands, and using them. China's and India's industrial development is being carried out with Jewish capital. Japan's too. They control them too. Now, only Islam remains against them. The Jews say you will be our slaves. Islam says la i lahe il l'Allah. We won't bow to anyone but Allah. Nobody will be slaves to anybody. So this is the clash between the two – the clash between good and evil."

Bush Attacked Iraq to Build Greater Israel, So Jesus Can Return

Interviewer: "So how do we tie all this to the elections? Why is it that these elections are about 'to be or not to be?' It is your students who are going strong. They were taught and trained by you. So what is the problem...?"

Erbakan: "A little more patience. Look. These Jews started 19 Crusades. The 19th was World War [I]. Why? Only to build Israel. They used the Christians to build Israel. The Canakkale [Gallipoli] victory was only one of our battles. We fought on 30 fronts during the war. Then they had us sign the Treaty of Sèvres. They told us they would eliminate us and build Greater Israel and make us their slaves. No other nation could fight against them on 30 battlefronts like our nation did.

"After they made us sign the Treaty of Sèvres, the French came to Kahramanmaras [on the Syrian border], not to keep it but to give it to make it part of Greater Israel. The English went to Palestine, not to keep it for themselves, but to build Israel. They are doing all this just so that Jesus will return.

"If we do not see these realities, we cannot understand world affairs. What does Bush say? He says that Jesus ordered him to invade Iraq. He says that the most important factor in making his decision on Iraq was his being Christian. [He thought,] 'I will take Iraq. I will build Greater Israel, so that Jesus can return.' These people work with that kind of belief. If you don't know about these peoples' beliefs, you cannot understand why they do what they do. Our youth must learn all this." […]

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[1] Taqiya is an Islamic term that means concealing one’s true beliefs to avoid repression.

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