May 12, 2022 Special Dispatch No. 9961

Antisemitic Messaging In Jordanian State Daily: Lavrov's Claim That Hitler Was Jewish Is Correct; Israel Exploits, Exaggerates The Holocaust

May 12, 2022
Jordan | Special Dispatch No. 9961

The tension between Israel and Jordan over the events at Al-Aqsa during the recent weeks is reflected, inter alia, in an increase in the anti-Israeli tone of the Jordanian state press. In addition to articles scathingly critical of Israel's policy, the Jordanian state daily Al-Rai also published several articles that included antisemitism and Holocaust denial. The authors of these articles justified the recent statements by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who said that Hitler was of Jewish origin and that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is  proof that Jews are capable of adopting Nazi ideology. One of the writers even provided historical "evidence" that that Hitler was a Jew. 

The articles also stated that the claims about the scope of the Holocaust are exaggerated, that Israel amplifies the Holocaust and uses it to extort the West and squeeze it for money, that Israel presents the Jews as the only victims of the Nazis, and that the Zionist movement collaborated with the Nazi regime.

Some of the articles also made other antisemitic claims. One stated that Global Zionism, headed by the Rothschild family, spreads terror in the world, and another claimed that the Jews had a hand in causing the downfall of the Soviet Union.

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The following are translated excerpts from these articles in Jordan's state daily Al-Rai.

Jordanian Journalist: Israel Exploits The Holocaust; Russian FM Lavrov Was Right In Saying That Zelinsky's Judaism Is No Proof That He Is Not A Nazi Sympathizer

Al-Rai columnist Muhammad Kharroub wrote on May 8, 2022 that Israel trades in the Holocaust to extort money from the world, and that Jewish and Zionist leaders made deals with the Nazi regime. He also stated that Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov was right when he said that Zelinsky being Jewish does not mean he cannot be a Nazi sympathizer. Kharroub wrote: "Even before, and especially after the racist settlement plan of the Zionist movement succeeded in Palestine with the creation of its state on the ruins of the Palestinian people – this [movement] never stopped exploiting [the Holocaust], i.e., extorting financial compensation and military, political and diplomatic support [from various countries], and using the weapon of [accusations of] antisemitism against anyone who opposed or questioned the Zionist narrative. The Zionists' exploitation of the crimes committed by the Nazi monster, and their claims that the Jews were the only victims of the Nazis, never ceased, while the historical facts and the information on the ground proved that the crimes of the Nazi machine also targeted members of other religions, [ethnic] groups and nationalities. Proof of this is the UN resolution that designated January 27 as the [international] day for commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. [The UN chose this date] because January 27, 1945 was the day on which the Soviet forces liberated the detention and extermination camp of Auschwitz-Birkenau, [even though] the  victims at that camp were not all Jews but belonged 56 different nationalities, [ethnic] groups and religions. And yet the Zionist Movement and Israel did not accept the UN resolution, and chose their own day [for commemorating the Holocaust], so as to monopolize the Holocaust and continue to trade in it and commit extortion in its name…

"The persistent Zionist-Jewish exploitation of the Holocaust continues and has even increased,  so that the imperialist Western countries have continued to succumb to the Zionist blackmail and narrative since the establishment of the state and until this very day. [This is accomplished] by defaming and leveling accusations of antisemitism… at anyone who dares to expose the facts or tries to shed light on the deeds of the Nazi monster against members of [other] religions, [ethnic] groups and nationalities who were targeted by the Nazi war machine.

"The evidence and data is known and documented, but the new development of the recent days was outrageous and attracted attention, especially since this time the Zionist-Western-imperialist campaign was audaciously directed at the top Russian diplomat [Foreign Minister Sergey] Lavrov, who is a descendant of the 27 million Soviets who fell at the hands of the Nazi monster. [For it was] the heroic Soviet soldiers and generals who invaded the Third Reich, flew the red flag over its headquarters and declared the defeat of Nazism, while the Zionist movement and a group of Jewish leaders made a pact with its leader, Hitler. These are facts that the Zionist movement has not managed to shake off or to erase with all its mythological lies, its nonsense and its political and media terrorism.

"Lavrov spoke only the truth when he replied to the questions of Italian journalists… He said, like many before him, that Zelensky's Judaism does not exonerate him of taking the Nazi path which has imposed itself on Ukraine ever since the so-called Maidan Uprising of 2014,[1] which ousted the regime of the elected Ukrainian president [Viktor] Yanukovych with the direct and public support of the U.S. embassy in Kyiv, members of the American Congress and the CIA…"

Later in the article Kharoub also addressed the media reports regarding disagreements between Israel and Russia over Israel's support for Ukraine and its support of the UN resolution to suspend Russia from the UN Human Rights Council, and made antisemitic remarks blaming the Jews for the fall of the Soviet Union. He wrote: "[The disagreements between Israel and Russia] have attracted the attention of political and media circles and of research centers in Russia, and some of them began to open the 'dossiers' of the Jews and Zionists and [to discuss] the role their institutions played in dismantling the Soviet Union, and in usurping the Soviet-Russian civil sector and privatizing it for paltry sums in favor of U.S.-supported Jewish mafias during the Yeltsin era."[2]

Al-Rai Columnist Raja Talab: Lavrov's Claim That Hitler Was Jewish Is Backed By Historical Evidence

Another Al-Rai columnist, Raja Talab, praised Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov for his "courageous" claim that Hitler was Jewish, stating that it is true and backed by historical evidence. He wrote on May 9: "Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov exhibited courage when he refuted the ostensible contradiction between Judaism and Nazism by making a statement that will no doubt go down in history, that 'Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood in his veins.'  He made this statement to stress that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's Judaism does not mean that his government doesn't sponsor neo-Nazis…

"The importance of the statement lies in the fact that it was uttered by the foreign minister of a superpower who is known as a serious intellectual and politician. Furthermore, his provocative statement is based on historical facts regarding Hitler's Jewish roots, which some Western historians have noted. The most important of these facts is the memoir by the Nazi Hans Frank, titled In the Face of the Gallows, which was published in 1953, several years after his execution [in 1946]. In his book, Frank claims that he secretly researched Adolf Hitler's origins at the request of the Nazi leader himself, and that he concluded that Maria Anna Schicklgruber, Hitler's paternal grandmother, had an illegitimate son whose father was the head of the wealthy Jewish Frankenberger family, for whom she worked as a cook in the city of Graz, in Austria.

"Lavrov's statement rocked the Zionist entity, which, for more than 77 years, has profited from the catastrophe of the Holocaust and exploited it in an ingenious and Nazi manner at the expense of the Palestinian people and its land. [It did so] despite the fact that the Holocaust, or the acts of mass murder committed by the German Nazi forces, were not perpetrated only against the Jews but also against Slavic Russians, Bulgarians, Poles, Romanians and several [other] ethnic groups, among them Gypsies and Turks. The Germans perpetrated massacres against [various] ethnic groups just because they believed that they were inferior to the Aryan race, and not for any other reason. That is the truth that the world, and in particular the Western world, doesn’t dare to announce or to focus on, due to the terrorism carried out against it by the global Zionist [movement], led by the Rothschild family, and by its political, economic, and financial allies in the U.S., Europe and across the world…

"Nazism has become a criminal ideology that is not associated with any [particular] people, race, or religion, and Judaism is no exception [in this context]. What alarmed the Zionist Jews about Lavrov's statements is that their narrative of the Holocaust [is dying and] has gone to the resuscitation room, and that the fraud and propaganda surrounding it have begun to be exposed in a scientific manner, based on evidence and documents that reveal that the criminal leader Hitler, who murdered Jews, had Jewish blood flowing in his veins…"[3]

"Zionist Propaganda Maintains That The Nazis Killed Almost Six Million Jews… This Figure Is Hard To Believe"

In an earlier column in Al-Rai, from April 18, 2022, Taleb claimed that Israel exaggerates the scope of the Holocaust and distorts the facts about it, and questioned the claim that six million Jews were murdered. He wrote: "Even before it was founded as an organization by Herzl in 1897, Global Zionism had succeeded, with the support of Evangelical Christians in Britain and the U.S., in turning the biggest lie in human history into a concrete project [named] Israel… In 1917 Balfour promised Rothschild that Britain would stand with the Zionist movement in its quest for a Jewish homeland in Palestine. That promise was considered the birth certificate of the lie that is called Israel, which became a reality in 1948.

"In the same context, this lie was followed by another one, amplifying the Jewish Holocaust and falsifying a lot of information about it, as Zionist propaganda maintains that the Nazis killed almost six million Jews during World War II, out of the eleven million Jews worldwide at that time. This figure is hard to believe. The truth of the matter is that the Nazi murders and torture during the war included most Slavic peoples, among them the Jews of Slavic origin – in addition to the gypsies of Romania, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, and the mentally and physically disabled. The killing operations were carried out under the purely racist pretext that these races and peoples are inferior and despised. Global Zionism invested deeply and qualitatively in the Holocaust, thanks to Western complicity particularly on the part of Britain and the U.S., in the process of mobilizing the acceleration of global recognition of the occupation state in 1948.

"The third lie is trying to claim that there are ideological and moral contradictions between Nazism and Zionism, while the facts refute this – rather, they present instances of important cooperation between the two parties…

"Currently, the president of Ukraine, the country that has produced the most Israeli prime ministers, is mocking those who accuse his country of harboring Nazism, on the grounds that he is Jewish and [thus] it would not be possible for his country to embrace any Nazi movement. [But] he forgets, or pretend to forget, that the Nazi Azov Battalion,[4] which holds high the swastika symbol and glorifies the famous Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera,[5] is part of the Ukrainian National Guard, which is massacring Ukrainians of Russian origin and blaming it on the Russian forces."[6]


[1] The  Maidan Uprising or Euromaidan Uprising was a wave of protests that broke out in Kyiv in late 2013 following the decision the Ukrainian government at the time not to sign the European Union–Ukraine Association Agreement, but rather to strengthen its ties to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union.

[2] Al-Rai (Jordan), May 8, 2022.

[3] Al-Rai (Jordan), May 9, 2022.

[4] The Azov Battalion is an extremist nationalist unit of the National Guard of Ukraine.

[5] Stepan Bandera (d. 1959) was one of the founders of the far-right Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists. He is a controversial figure in Ukraine due to his collaboration with the Nazi regime in hope of achieving independence for his country. His followers were involved in crimes against Jews during the Holocaust.

[6] Al-Rai (Jordan), May 18, 2022.

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