December 22, 1999 Special Dispatch No. 66

Anti-Semitism in the Syrian Media.

December 22, 1999
Syria | Special Dispatch No. 66

Following are excerpts from "Shylock of New York and the Industry of Death," by Jbara Al-Barghuthi in the Nov. 27, 1999 Al-Usbu' Al-Adabi, [The Literary Magazine], The Arab Writers Association's Damascus weekly.

"The Talmud's instructions, soaked in hatred and hostility towards humanity, are [stamped] in the Jewish soul. Throughout history, the world has known more than one Shylock. [The world has also known] more than one Toma as a victim of these Talmudic instructions and this hatred. [In the Damascus Blood-libel of 1840, members of the Jewish community were accused of murdering the Priest Toma and his Muslim servant in order to use their blood for the Passover Matzah.][1]

Now Shylock of New York's time has arrived. He does not conceal his real intentions and is not ashamed of his evil deeds and his sins against humanity. Shylock of New York draws the elixir of his hatred and evil from all the extremism and fundamentalism on Earth. There are religious groups in the USA that are so fanatic for the Jews that they contradict their own Christian faith and support Israeli injustice towards Christian Arabs. They claim that an American who does not support Israel violates the will of God, for God has chosen the Jews and the men of white flesh [sic] to be masters of humanity.

This is why the official US ignores Israel's wickedness and understands - like George Bush and Ronald Reagan have - that to reach the Hereafter, Americans must support the 'Men of the Torah' and their evil and hatred towards all humanity, to which they themselves admit.

For the sake of Israel, defined by the fanatic Americans as the 'Kingdom of God,' crises are managed in the Middle East in order to keep the false belief in the Torah and the despicable intentions of Shylock of New York intact.

The [Passover] Matzah of Israel is soaked with the blood of the Iraqis, descendants of the Babylonians, the Lebanese, descendants of the Sidonese, and the Palestinians, the descendants of the Kan'anites. This Matzah is kneaded by American weaponry and the missiles of hatred pointed at both Muslim and Christian Arabs. The Talmud incites the Jews on Earth to [allow] Shylock to plant states among the Gentiles', meaning Muslim and Christian Arabs, lands.

Jewish Shylock, whom the US made popular and forced upon the nations, is not merely an ally to America, but also its powerful partner, both sensitive and spoiled. It is he who ensures that Israel's Matzah will continue to steep in blood, the spilling of which is permitted in the Talmud, in order to glorify the Jewish military. This happens because the Jews have more than one God, in contrast to their claim that they are monotheists. Jewish Shylock, spread all over the world, operates in America's shadow, in accordance with a plot designed by the decision makers in the Pentagon rather than the White House."

[1] In 1984, Syrian Defense Minister, Mustafa Tlass, published a book called "The Matzah of Zion" in which he claimed that this story is historical fact. Tlass repeated his claim recently when a French university refused to publish a Ph.D. thesis he wrote about the Geography of Syria, in protest of his previous anti-Semitic book.

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