January 21, 2014 No.

Ansar Al-Sunna Claims Responsibility For Volgograd Bombings, Threatens Additional Attacks On Russian Targets

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On January 18, 2013, a group called Ansar Al-Sunna published a statement on the website VDagestan titled “A Message to Russia's Crusaders" in which Umar, the group's emir appeals to the Russian people and takes responsibility for the Volgograd terror attacks of December 2013.

The statement claims that the attacks were carried out following the decision by Caucasus Emirate leader, Dokka Umarov, to lift a moratorium imposed on attacking Russian civilians.[1]

The group threatened additional attacks on Russian targets unless Russia retreats from the Caucasus.

Following are excerpts from the statement:, 18.01.2014

"We, the Caucasus mujahideen, wish to tell the ‘Russian’ people: sabotage attacks resembling those carried out in Volgograd, are just the beginning of your suffering, unless you change your mind and withdraw your forces from the Caucasus lands. Otherwise, the attacks will continue, [and escalate to the] level of chemical attacks."

"You deployed troops on our land and we deployed ours... And each of our fighters awaits an emir's order to detonate your tranquility, as occurred in Volgograd. It's in your interest to leave our lands.... and it is your relatives' and friends' interest to facilitate it [the retreat]."

"Until recently the mujahideen of the Caucasus didn't carry out such attacks but this wasn't due to intervention by your ‘omnipotent services’. We didn't [carry out such attacks] only because our emir Dokka [Umarov] Abu Othman did not issue such an order, but none of you understood it and accepted this fine gesture..."

"[In] Every region, city, street, neighborhood – we will fill your homes with blood! Just as today you break into our homes and destroy the lives of Muslims! For centuries you have been spilling the Muslims' blood in the Caucasus lands and mistakenly imagined that you will win this battle…"

"Neither Putin, nor any other accursed politician... who promises you security will be able to ensure it, and Volgograd provides an illustrative example of that! We will spread the light of Allah to the entire planet, and if you don't want peace we will give you war and you will drown in your own blood ‘by paying the bills’ for the blood of Muslims [shed] on the Caucasus lands."

"You can stop it today. You will encounter tranquility in your homes if you quit the Caucasus lands... Save yourselves and your families. No one will be spared Allah's rage! Once Dokka lifted the moratorium on such operations, you are not safe. Until each Muslim man and woman can breathe calmly in their homes you will die in yours!"

"We will retaliate for your curses, we will take revenge on your homes for our pain unless you stop! We will return your bombs and destroy you with your weapons unless you stop!"

The following text is highlighted in red: "People of Russia, you still have time. You still have a bit of time to stop something that you will not be able to turn back later. You couldn't do it [up to now because] your government didn't give a choice to Muslims, but we are giving you [the choice] today. Decide. The order for next attack to destroy Russian crusaders is already being considered. The choice is yours."


[1] In Video Message, Dokka Umarov Orders His Mujahideen To Refrain From Attacking Russian Civilians - See more at: