December 27, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 11046

American Muslims For Palestine Official Taher Herzallah At San Diego Mosque: This Is The Time To Make Zionists Feel Very Uncomfortable On Campuses; It Is Incumbent Upon The Muslims To Rule Palestine, Enforce The Rules Of Allah On Earth

December 27, 2023
Palestinians, United States | Special Dispatch No. 11046

American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) director of outreach and grassroots organization Taher Herzallah spoke at a December 23, 2023 AMP event held at the Islamic Center of San Diego about pro-Palestinian student activism. He said that this is the time to make the Zionists feel "very uncomfortable on campus." He stated that the "Zionists are really going to regret the day they made Muslims their enemy," and he claimed that the Jews colonized Palestine in order to be accepted into "whiteness." Herzallah said that on October 7, the people of Yemen and Gaza destroyed the "veneer of superiority" of the West and the colonizers, and he advised his audience to follow the path they have set. He said that it is "incumbent" on the Muslims to rule Palestine from the River to the Sea and that the Muslims will "bring the rules that Allah gave us to this earth, because that's what we were sent for."

Other speakers at the AMP event were the mosque's imams, Taha Hassane and Shaykh Abdeljalil Mezgouri, Dr. Ahmed Soboh, the religious director of the Islamic Center of Yorba Linda, religious advisor of the Chino Calley Islamic Center, former chairman of the Islamic shura council of southern California, and board member of CAIR LA, and Osama Shabaik, who, along with Taher Herzallah himself, were among the "Irvine 11", a group of university students who in 2010 disrupted a speech by the Israeli Ambassador to the US at UC Irvine.[1]Herzallah's wife, Lallia Allali, reportedly lost her position as lecturer at UC San Diego after posting an image on Facebook of a star of David decapitating babies, with the text "the devil is killing".[2] The AMP event was streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Islamic Center of San Diego.

To view the clip of American Muslims For Palestine Official Taher Herzallah, click here or below:

"The Zionists Are Really Going To Regret The Day That They Made Muslims Their Enemy"; They Chose To Colonize Others In Order To Be "Accepted Into Whiteness"

Taher Herzallah: "The Zionists are really going to regret the day that they made Muslims their enemy. Because we didn’t choose them. It's not like we went through the Rolodex of colonizers of the world and we were, like: British? No. Germans? No. French? No. Oh, Jews, yes, yes, you guys colonize us, that will be great. No, no, no—that was the path that they chose, because their acceptance into whiteness, into Europe, was conditioned on the fact that they had to colonize some other people. And they thought they could pull it off.

"October 7 Showed That The Most Poor, Under-Resourced, Devastated, Starving People Of The World... Have Destroyed The Veneer Of Superiority That The West And The Colonizers Have Fed Us For Generations"

"October 7 showed that the most poor, under-resourced, devastated, starving, people of the world—Franz Fanon called them 'the wretched of the earth'—have destroyed the veneer of superiority that the West and the colonizers have fed us for generations.

"You’re telling me that the Yeminis who just two years ago the United Nations said is undergoing the worst humanitarian crisis in history, and the people of Gaza, who have been under siege for 17 years, are leading a fight against the most powerful superpowers in the world. Allah Akbar! Who would have thought? Who would have thought that? And here we are—scared to say something at work. Come on, bro! We have people showing us the path, showing us the way.

"This Is The Moment To Agitate, To Make Zionists Feel Very Uncomfortable On Campus"; "Free Palestine, From The River To The Sea – Don't Let Anybody Make You Feel Uncomfortable About Saying That, Because We Don't Follow Their Moral Authority"

"Why would the U.S. Senate be so concerned with what's happening on campuses across the country? Why would they host a congressional hearing with the presidents of U. Penn, Harvard, and MIT, to question them about why they can't clamp down on student activism? Because they recognize that the floodgates have opened, and they’re trying their best to put their fingers in the cracks.

"You know, in our time, we were happy if people just said, you know: "We sympathize with the Palestinians." No. Now the polls are saying that youth from age 18 to 24 in the United States don't just support the Palestinians, they support the resistance. It's a different discussion, generationally speaking. So, when we talk about student activism, this is the moment, this is the time to agitate, to make Zionists feel very uncomfortable on campus.

"We are clear about our objectives. Free Palestine, from the River to the Sea. Don't let anybody make you feel uncomfortable about saying that, because we don't follow their moral authority.

"It Is Incumbent Upon Us To Rule Palestine Again... We Will Bring The Rules That Allah Gave Us To This Earth, Because That's What We Were Sent For"

"When they ruled Palestine, they massacred us in the thousands. They destroyed our homes, they displaced our people, they ruined and destroyed our religious spaces, they dug up our graves, but when we rule Palestine, we go by a different moral code. So therefore it is incumbent upon us to rule Palestine again.

"We are Muslims. We believe in Allah. We will enforce…we will bring the rules that Allah gave us to this earth, because that's what we were sent for."



[1] September 23, 2011.

[2], November 1, 2023.

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