November 29, 2005 Special Dispatch No. 1034

Al-Qaeda Presents Footage of Preparations for Triple Baghdad Hotel Suicide Bombings

November 29, 2005
Iraq | Special Dispatch No. 1034

The following are excerpts from footage of preparations for the triple suicide bombings against Baghdad hotels by al-Qaeda in Iraq. The footage appeared on the Internet [1] on November 26, 2005.


"The al-Qaeda Organization in the Land of the Two Rivers presents: The Badr Raid of Baghdad.

"Surveillance of the target before the operation.

"Abu Juheiman, Allah's mercy upon him."

Pictures of the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel and the Palestine Meridian Hotel are shown, followed by the picture of a young man.

"The first martyrdom-seeker. Abu Naim Al-Najdi, Allah's mercy upon him."

A picture of another young man appears by the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel.

"The second martyrdom-seeker. Abu Dahham, Allah's mercy upon him."

The picture of a young man appears by the Palestine Meridian Hotel.

"The third martyrdom-seeker Abu Juheiman, Allah's mercy upon him."

Another explosion is seen, then the car surveillance continues.

The military commander explains the plan of the raid of the martyrdom-seekers:

Military Commander: "This is the gas station where brothers Abu Juheiman and Abu Dahham should stop. They should stop by the gas station in order to avoid attracting attention. Brother Abu Naim should move forward with the Hyundai car. He should keep moving forward... He should take the right lane towards Firdaus Square. He should keep in the right lane, in order to have a good angle. He keeps moving... good.

"This is the Palestine Meridian Hotel, which will be targeted by brother Abu Juheiman, driving a Cherokee jeep. That's the corner. Here he should pay attention to where he should meet Abu Naim. Pay attention to Abu Naim, who will be waiting here. This bomb will be directed to the right, to blow up the first concrete barrier, and the second, dirt barrier.

"Here you can see the Ishtar Sheraton Hotel, which will be targeted by our brother Abu Dahham, with the cement-mixer, loaded with the larger amount of explosives. It will turn left, and, Allah willing, when he enters this way, his distance from the target will not exceed 20 meters. I pray to Allah for our success."

Abu Dahham: "I proclaim that the Armies of Truth have arrived, and they are wreaking havoc upon the apostates and Americans. To my family I say - rejoice. By Allah, I have never been as happy as I am today. Blessed be He who, in this blessed month... Blessed be He who gave me this operation on this blessed month. I pray to Allah that I can recommend you on Judgment Day. Blessings upon Allah, Lord of the world."

A young man is seen walking towards a cement-mixer.

Military Commander: "The perpetrators of today's attacks chose the time of the breaking of the fast, when the security forces are less vigilant, to strike at the Palestine Hotel, the center for foreign journalists in Baghdad. The explosions left many..."

[1] The al-Qaeda video was posted in various Islamist message forums such as

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