July 6, 2023 Special Dispatch No. 10694

Afghan Taliban Government-Owned Pashtu-Language Daily 'Shariat' Accuses West Of Nursing 'Anger And Jealousy' Against Islam: 'They Want To Extinguish The Candle Of The Holy Religion Of Islam And Divine Teachings With The Wind Of Their Mouths'

July 6, 2023
Afghanistan | Special Dispatch No. 10694

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An article in Shariat, a Pashtu-language daily published by the Directorate of the Government Dailies of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA, i.e., the Afghan Taliban), accuses the West of nursing "anger and jealousy" against Islam since being defeated by the mujahideen in Afghanistan.

The article, titled "The Real Problem For The West Is Islam!" describes the defeats of the Soviet Union by the Mujahideen in 1988, and of U.S.-led NATO forces by the Taliban, whom it says are the descendants of the mujahideen, in 2021. It says that the West spent lots of money in Afghanistan but were replaced in power by the original people of the country, meaning the Taliban. The name of the author of the article is given as Amiri. The Shariat website includes articles, poetry, books, and news about Afghanistan and the world in Pashtu and Dari languages.

Following is a translation of the article from the original Pashtu:

"Unbelief And Satanism Are Their Daily Routine; And They Want To Extinguish The Candle Of The Holy Religion Of Islam And Divine Teachings With The Wind Of Their Mouths"

"After the defeat of [the] Warsaw [Pact] and NATO in Afghanistan, their internal [Afghan] mercenaries were ashamed and ran away; and the power of the country went to the real heirs and the true sons of the nation. This development was not accepted and tolerated by the political rulers of the West because their personal and financial expenses went in vain.

"This is the reason why all their hearts are full of anger and jealousy, and they have no choice but to open their mouths of evil against the Afghans. They have been working day and night, using their entire propaganda machine, making false propaganda, baseless accusations, negative news, and discord among people.

"Unbelief and Satanism are their daily routine. And they want to extinguish the candle of the holy religion of Islam and divine teachings with the wind of their mouths and eventually call the people of the world to follow 'Taghut' [tyrants] like themselves.

"But the truth is that as God has promised, they spend their wealth in destroying the religion of God and in forbidding people from the way of God, but the desired result will never be achieved and in the end, they will be very sad and regret their expenses and effort."

"If We Adopt An Attitude Similar To Their Military Invasion Against The Illegal And Evil Propaganda Of The Irreligious And Selfish People Of The World, Remain Patient, And Do Not Value Anything, We Hope That In This Field Too We Will Be Successful"

"Also, they want to extinguish the light of God's religion with the wind of their mouths, but God almighty will not fulfill such a desire. Because, it is clear that now the age of the holy religion of Islam is thousands of years if we consider it from Hazrat Adam (peace be upon him); and if we consider it from Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him), it has reached fifteen centuries.

"Yet this religion is still increasing and spreading despite the total opposition of the unbelievers. For example, the Afghan people are witnessing the use of force and the tools of the world's biggest superpowers with the aim of eradicating Islam and Muslims in their own country, but despite this, it is a matter of gratitude that our people are still more committed to their values ​​and beliefs than other nations.

"Based on this, it can be said that if we adopt an attitude similar to their military invasion against the illegal and evil propaganda of the irreligious and selfish people of the world, remain patient, and do not value anything, we hope that in this field too we will be successful, and they will be defeated.

"Then no one here will listen to them and will not value them. Of course, the most important means for success in this field is to correct our actions, to develop a sense of true fear of Allah, and to consider the service of Allah's creation as the greatest worship and the best reward and to be with real people, surely this is the only way for us to win."

Source: (Afghanistan), June 21, 2023.

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