July 6, 2017 Special Dispatch No. 6994

At The 95th Anniversary Of Russian Illegal Intelligence, Putin Touts Spies, Warns: 'Foreign Intelligence Services Directed Against Russia And Our Allies Is On The Rise'

July 6, 2017
Russia | Special Dispatch No. 6994

On June 28, the Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the headquarters of the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) to attend a gala event devoted to the 95th anniversary of Russian illegal intelligence.[1] During the event, Putin stressed that foreign intelligence services directed "against Russia" are on the rise.


During the gala, SVR Director Sergey Naryshkin concurred: "At present, a number of NATO member states pursue an aggressive policy, so our duty is to search for new methods to improve our capabilities in order to quickly respond to the changes, challenges and threats of the modern world and the modern information society." [2]


Meanwhile, the Russian National Guard was granted permission to act abroad. Until this moment, it was widely believed that the National Guard was created with the sole specific purpose of protecting "the constitutional order" and stability inside Russia. The National Guard’s First Deputy Director Sergey Melikov stated: "Under the president’s order, the National Guard forces will have, among other things, the possibility to complete tasks outside our country, unlike the Interior Forces. Such tasks may be assigned to the National Guard, which will mean responsibility not just for our state’s security, but for the peace of our citizens on distant borders, as the president put it. "Melikov then added: "Together, we must set up a structure that will secure and keep our citizen’s peace and guarantee the constitutional rights of our people, as well as peace and stability in our country and across the world."[3]


The following are excerpts from Putin's address at the 95th anniversary of Russian illegal intelligence:[4]

Description: The President congratulated Foreign Intelligence Service staff and veterans on the 95th anniversary of Russian illegal intelligence.

The Russian President congratulated Foreign Intelligence Service staff and veterans on the 95th anniversary of Russian illegal intelligence. (Source:


Putin: 'Not All States Have Such A Powerful And Special Tool As Illegal Intelligence'

Putin: "Comrade officers, colleagues,

"I would like to congratulate all current staff and veterans of the Foreign Intelligence Service on the 95th anniversary of Russian illegal intelligence.

"For almost a century this legendary unit has been making its own special, sometimes invaluable contribution to ensuring national security and defending the interests of the Fatherland.

"Our country has faced many trials, and our intelligence officers have always been on the frontline. Time and again their decisive actions, the information they obtained and their adroit missions literally changed the course of history, protected our people from threats, and preserved peace.

"We will always remember our heroic intelligence officers who fought the Nazis. Their struggle against this evil began in the pre-war years, and they fought just as courageously during the Great Patriotic War.

"Their work was strenuous and dangerous in the Cold War era as well. It is enough to recall the contribution of our intelligence officers to maintaining strategic parity. Ending the monopoly on nuclear weapons ruled out both a new world war and direct aggression against our country.

"The history of illegal intelligence is filled with legendary names: Yakov Serebryansky, Dmitry Bystroletov, Nikolai Kuznetsov, Iosif Grigulevich, Rudolf Abel, Konon Molody, Gevork Vartanyan, Alexei Kozlov and Yury Drozdov, to name a few. There are living people on this glorious list – Goar Vartanyan, Alexei Botyan and many and many others.

"In years past dozens of undercover agents have received the high title of Hero of the Soviet Union and the Hero of the Russian Federation. Hundreds were awarded with combat orders and medals. Today yet another Star of the Hero of Russia will be conferred on one of our comrades at a closed ceremony. He has displayed valor and courage while fulfilling special missions in life-threatening circumstances.

"The difficult profession of undercover agent assumes anonymity. It is no accident that the motto of illegal intelligence is: 'Without the right to glory but for the glory of the nation.'

"Undercover agents are people of a special disposition, moral fortitude and willpower. They devote their entire lives to the homeland. They sacrifice much, forgo much, but they do so in the name of service to the Fatherland. They do intensive, meticulous work every day, without weekends or holidays. They are modest people who do not like being called heroes. They say that they are simply doing their jobs, 'what they were trained to do,' and producing results.


But I would like to emphasize – our country, our citizens must know that real warriors, courageous and honest professionals are serving in Russian intelligence. We are proud of them.




"I regularly receive materials prepared by your colleagues, including undercover agents. It is always thoroughly prepared information and analysis. It serves as the foundation for developing strategic decisions in defense, foreign policy, and ensuring the country's security in the broadest sense of the word.

"Of course, many countries of the world have intelligence services, but not all states have such a powerful and special tool as illegal intelligence. I would like to thank everyone who in difficult years – I am confident you know what I am referring to – have preserved traditions, continuity, experience, and the school of training in the sphere of illegal intelligence. Today, this capacity is fully utilized in service to Russia. It helps identify and block external threats in a timely manner and protect our sovereignty and right to be a free and independent country.

"You are well aware of the challenges faced by Russia. They include attempts to hinder our development, to provoke confrontation, and to destabilize the regions near our borders. In particular, terrorist and extremist groups are being used as tools. It is no secret that some of them are being diligently looked after, and even receive direct support from special services of a number of states.

"In general, it is clear that the activity of foreign intelligence services directed against Russia and our allies is on the rise. Innovative methods of collecting and falsifying information, cyber-attacks, and attempts to recruit agents to gain access to data on the defense, economic, resource potential of Russia are being used. Finally, operations are carried out to influence the political and social processes in our country.

"In these circumstances, the Foreign Intelligence Service and all our special services bear an enormous responsibility. Your effective work is one of the most important guarantees of Russia’s sovereign development, security and stability. As such, we will continue to improve and expand our intelligence capacity, and technical and operational capabilities. We will continue to rely on experienced professionals and train young professionals using the best examples from our veterans.

"I am confident that you will never fail and will effectively carry out all your missions.

"Once again, I congratulate you on the 95th anniversary of illegal intelligence. I congratulate everyone in this room, all our colleagues. And, of course, [I also congratulate] the agents who are now serving abroad.

"I wish you good health, good luck, and new victories for the greater good of Russia."



[1] The Russian term nyelegalnaya razvedka means a Russian intelligence agent who worked in a foreign country in the guise of a citizen of the target country or of a third country rather than under diplomatic cover. The term is roughly equivalent to the American term non-official-cover. Rudolf Ivanovich Abel, whose exchange for Francis Gary Powers was the subject of the recent film "Bridge of Spies", posed as an American photographer and painter. Gevork Vartanyan, while working in Iran, was responsible for thwarting a German plot to assassinate Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill at the Tehran summit in 1943, after Nikolai Kuznetsov had gotten wind of the plot, while working undercover in German-occupied Denmark.

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