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WARNING: Graphic Images. ISIS Executes Homosexuals By Casting Them Off Rooftops, Shooting Them

The following report is a complimentary offering from MEMRI's Jihad and Terrorism Threat Monitor (JTTM). For JTTM subscription information, click here.

The Islamic State (ISIS) has been executing homosexuals in the areas under its control by casting them off a rooftop and then stoning them.[i] On May 2, 2015, the ISIS Information Bureau in "Al-Jazira province" in northern Iraq released photos documenting yet another execution of this kind, this time in the town of Al-Ba'aj. The photos, which were posted on the Jihadi Media Platform forum[ii] and elsewhere, show the condemned man standing blindfolded on the roof of a two-story building and then being hurled down before a large crowd of onlookers. Subsequent photos show his body lying in the street amid large stones, indicating that he too was stoned after being thrown from the roof.


Also on May 2, an individual calling himself 'Abd Al-Hamid posted on his Twitter account[iii] photos of three homosexuals being executed in Libya, in the town of Derna, which is under ISIS control. These victims were publically executed with a bullet to the back of the head.


The following are some of the photos.


The execution in Al-Ba'aj:

The Libya execution: