On Twitter, Iraq-Based Belgian Fighter Boasts About Breezing Through Brussels Security Despite Being Under Surveillance Since Age 14; Discusses ISIS Life, 'Charlie Hebdo' Attack; Tweets: We Are Coming To Shake The Throne Of Sisi [In Egypt]

January 13, 2015

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"Abu Mariya Belgiki,"  a Belgian Islamic State (ISIS) fighter based in Iraq, tweets in English and Flemish about various experiences in his life with ISIS.

As of this writing, his Twitter account, @LemonNigga, is suspended.  

On Getting Past Belgian Security

On January 9, 2015, Abu Mariya Belgiki tweeted: "Don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but Belgian intelligence agency is the laziest and the dumbest in the world probably… they kept me under surveilence since I was 14. And I passed through brussels airport like a knife cutting through soft butter…"

On Life In ISIS

On January 5, 2015, he described his interactions with local shopkeepers in the Islamic State. He wrote: "Asked a random shopkeeper in broken Arabic how the situation was here before dawla [ISIS]. He said the rich used to oppress the poor…"
He added: "Why is it that everytime I speak english in the market, the shopkeeper and everyone in there have a big smile on their faces and say 'No problem : )'"

Discussing his daily routine, Abu Mariya Belgiki tweeted on January 5: "Making Wudu [prayer], jets …hanging clothes in the sun, jets… playing with cats in the garden, jets... urghhh."

Also on January 5, he tweeted in Flemish about encountering a 16-year-old Dutch boy in Iraq who had run away from home. "Ik ontmoete een hollandse jongen in iraq, hij was maar 16 jaar oud en liep weg van zn ouders, hij vertrok en ik zag hem nooit meer..."

He tweeted a photo of himself, with most of his face concealed, with the text: "From a life under oppression to hayat [life] under the raya [flag] of tawheed [oneness]...dijna kum bid dhab..."

On Fighting

Belgiki claimed to know fighters who had fought against Jabhat Al-Nusra – writing "Khusra" for "Nusra," meaning "loser." On January 5, he tweeted, "I was speaking to a brother who fought against Jabhat ul Khusra on multiple fronts, he told me some incredible stories of their treachery…"

Another January 5 tweet stated:  "So funny reading US PROPERTY on our m16's"

According to Belgiki, there is a hierarchy within the ranks of ISIS fighters. He tweeted: "The jazrawis [inhabitants of the Arabian Peninsula] have really the best akhkaq [rights] from what I've seen in Iraq…and jordanians and tunisis…"

On The Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack

On January 9, 2015, Belgiki expressed his happiness at the terror attack at the office of the Charlie Hebdo satirical weekly in Paris. He wrote: "Was going to bed yesterday, my ameer [leader] yells and says, 'france france you know france? 'I said yes its south of belgium. He said 'yes I know.'

In a subsequent tweet, he added: "He said 'Ikhwa [brothers] did operation there and killed 12'. I was like whooaaaaa what are the ikhwa in belgium waiting for…: )"

On Egypt

On January 9 Abu Mariya Belgiki tweeted an ominous message pertaining to Egypt: "Soon u will here wonderful news from the land of Egypt... we are coming to shake the throne of Sisi."

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