Syrian Opposition Websites: Military Experts From Iran-Backed Iraqi Militias, Lebanese Hizbullah Enter Eastern Syria

November 9, 2023

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Delegation From Iraqi Shi'ite Militias Enters Deir Al-Zour To Discuss Recent Attacks On U.S. Bases

On November 7, 2023, the Syrian opposition website Euphrates Post published a report claiming that a military delegation of the Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades militia, Al-Nujaba Movement militia, and Sayyid Al-Shuhada Brigades Militias, including senior commanders, had arrived in Al-Bukamal, on the Iraqi border in eastern Syria's Deir Al-Zour governorate.[1]

According to the report, the delegation then headed to the cities of Al-Mayadin and Deir Al-Zour, where they secretly met Iran-backed militia officials, including the commander of all the militias in eastern Syria, Hajj Kamil, and the security and military chief of Al-Bukamal, Hajj Amir 'Abbas.

The report claims that the visit's purpose was to discuss the recent attacks of Iran-backed militias on bases of the U.S.-led Global Coalition against ISIS, assessing that the delegation would likely visit militia positions in Palmyra and Al-Sukhnah.

The report added that prior to the delegation's arrival, reinforcements of Iran-backed militias arrived from Iraq through the Sikak border crossing, and included dozens of Al-Nujaba operatives and vehicles which were en route to Western Deir Al-Zour governorate and eastern Raqqa governorate. In addition, the Afghan Fatemiyoun Brigade militia transported two trucks and three fuel tanks through the same crossing. Euphrates Post suggested that the trucks contained rockets and launchers that were manufactured in Iraq under the supervision of the Hizbullah Brigades.

Missile And Drone Experts From Lebanese Hizbullah Enter Syria And Are Deployed In Deir Al-Zour Governorate

On November 8, the deirezzor24 website, which covers the Deir Al-Zour region in northeastern Syria, reported that a group of 20 operatives of Lebanese Hizzbullah entered the Deir Al-Zour region, including experts in short-range missiles systems and drones. The report claimed that the operatives were divided between Hizzbullah positions in Deir Al-Zour city's Al-'Ummal neighborhood and in the towns of Al-Mayadin and Al-Bukamal.[2]

The website noted that the influx of Iran-backed militia operatives in Deir Al-Zour began in October following the outbreak of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

Over the past month, there have been multiple reports about Iran-backed militias sending operatives and military experts into Syria, particularly the areas near the Israeli and Iraqi borders, to reinforce their presence there.[3]

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