Spokesman Of Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades Says Coordination With Palestinian Factions Expanded On All Levels, Threatens To Attack UAE, Claims Iran's Axis Of Resistance Will Strech To East Asia, Caucasus

January 9, 2024

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On January 9, 2024, the military spokesman for the Iraqi Hizbullah Brigades, Ja'far Al-Husseini, confirmed in an exclusive interview with Mayadeen TV (Lebanon), that communication with the Palestinian factions and the Iraqi resistance factions following Hamas's attack on Israel has expanded. He added that there is direct and daily coordination between the factions on political and military levels.[1]

'We Have Undisclosed Weapons'

Discussing the military aspects of the attacks conducted by the Iraqi factions against Israel, and against U.S. bases in Iraq and Syria, Al-Husseini explained that Iraqi factions have used drones, short-range missiles, and long-range missiles to reach and destroy vital targets "in Eilat, the Dead Sea, and the Mediterranean," noting that there are other weapons as well that he will not reveal at this time.

Suggesting that Iran-backed militias in Iraq are planning to expand the geographical scope of its attacks in support of Hamas, he added: "The battle is open, with great possibilities, and all American and Israeli targets, even those in West Asia and the Gulf, are the target of the Islamic resistance in Iraq."

"We Will Deal With UAE"

Elaborating on such possibilities, he accused some of the Gulf countries, namely the UAE, of siding with Israel, saying the "UAE is playing a malicious role at this stage by extending a land bridge to Israel." He warned that the "UAE will be confronted in a different way." He added that the Iraqi resistance factions have other options to deal with that kind of support to Israel.

"We Will Fight With Lebanese Hizbullah And Houthis"

Discussing the possibility that Israel might expand the war against the Lebanese Hizbullah, he warned that if so, the Iraqi factions will fight in Lebanon, "shoulder to shoulder" with Hizbullah.

Regarding Yemen, Al-Husseini stressed that "any attack on it will put all calculations and considerations aside, and all options will be open to us, and there will be responses from the Islamic resistance in Iraq." He further emphasized that: "the United States will see days that it may not forget throughout history, and nightmares will haunt her forever."

"Bahrain Is Part of The Battle Against Israel"

He claimed that Bahrain, which has Shi'ite opposition factions, some of which are backed by Iran, are already taking part in the battle against Israel. He predicted that their role will expand in the future.

"The resistance in Bahrain also has a role in the resistance axis, although it is not clear at the current stage, but its features will become clearer during the coming years, and the upcoming confrontations."

Expanding Iran's Axis Of Resistance

He further claimed that Iran's Axis of Resistance would expand its regional influence during the "next decade to include countries from East Asia and some Caucasus countries."



[1] Almayadeen.net, January 9, 2024.

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