In Southwestern Afghanistan, Afghan Taliban Officials Launch Monthly Magazine

November 2, 2021

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Taliban officials in Afghanistan's Farah province have launched a monthly magazine, according to an Afghan website. Maulvi Imamuddin Sadiq, head of the Islamic Emirate's Cultural and Information Commission for Farah province, told a reporter from the Afghan news outlet Raha Press on October 31, 2021, that they had published the first issue of the monthly under the title Sistan. The name refers to an old name for the southwestern region of Afghanistan, which also includes parts of Iran, the website said.

The monthly publication, which is a Taliban government initiative, will be published by Taliban officials in Farah, said Imamuddin Sadiq. He added that it will cover news and essays about the history of Afghanistan and introduce prominent scientific and cultural figures from Afghan history and society.

News of the publication comes amid reports of harsh conditions imposed by the Taliban on Afghan media groups struggling to stay open and concerned over security threats.

According to a report by the Afghan Journalists Safety Committee, at least 200 Afghan media outlets have suspended their activities since the Taliban took over the country. 

Source: (Afghanistan), October 31, 2021.

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