Secretary General Of Istanbul-Based Global Commission Of The Prophet's Supporters Tells Muslims To Pay Their Next Year Zakat Earlier And Dedicate It To Hamas And To Gazans

December 4, 2023

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On December 1, 2023, the Istanbul-based Global Commission of The Prophet's Supporters, released issue 19 of its monthly magazine, "The Prophet's Supporters." It included several lengthy articles addressing and celebrating, "Al-Aqsa Flood," the codename of the Hamas attack on October 7 on Israel.[1]

Among the key articles is one authored by the Secretary General Sheikh Mohammad Al-Saghir, an Egyptian cleric who, on November 26, published an article on his website praising the spokesman of Hamas's military wing, Abu Obeida, as "a role model," writing that Abu Obeida is inspiring the youth of the Islamic nation to follow his lead.[2]

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'Muslims Should Open Border Crossings With Gaza’

In his newest article, titled, "The Untold About the Gaza War," he called on Muslims in Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan to extend their help to Hamas and Gazans, saying that they should seek in every possible way to open border crossings with Gaza to ensure humanitarian aid would reach Gazans. Those who will be killed seeking such goal, will be martyrs, he said.

'West Bankers Should Expand Circle Of Battle'

Furthermore, he called on Palestinians living in the West Bank to expand the "circle of battle," and open new fronts with the enemy," i.e., Israel, to distract it from attacking Gaza.

He condemned Arab governments which have refrained from doing so. He singled out Egypt, saying their current stances are considered a "betrayal of Allah and His Prophet," which makes them religiously "apostates."

'Suspend Normalization With Israel'

The cleric also called on countries who had normalized relations with Israel to cancel their agreements, saying that maintaining ties with Israel means that they support the "occupier” and its "crimes" in Gaza.

'Boycott Products, Cut Oil Supplies'

Calling for boycotting products by companies that support Israel is a must, according to the article, especially for American and French companies whose governments are the biggest supporters of Israel.

Al-Saghir further told Muslims that they should not do business with Israel, adding that governments should not sell Israel oil or other sources of energy.

'Support Jihad By Money'

"Jihad should be performed in souls and money," he urged, adding that Muslims who can fight in support of Gaza, should at least donate their Zakat (Islamic tax) in support of Gaza. He said that although Zakat is not due till next year, they could make a payment in advance.

"Rush your payment of Zakat which is due next year [..] it is a must to support Aqsa Flood in order for it to meet its goal," he said.

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[1] Telegram, December 1, 2023.

[2] December 4, 2023.

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