Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Media Outlet Lists Targets To Attack In Arabian Peninsula Including Oil Installations, Foreign Embassies, Ambassadors, Shi'ites And "Polytheists"

May 14, 2023

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On May 12, 2023, the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) At-Taqwa Foundation released a poster titled "Targets for the Monotheists in the Arabian Peninsula," listing five main targets for Muslims to attack: oil installations, foreign embassies and ambassadors, prison workers, banks and Shi'ites. The poster also lists three secondary targets.[1]

The first goal of this campaign is to target oil interests, by detonating pipelines and vehicles and killing "crusaders" who work at these sites. Such attacks, according to the poster, would cause price hikes and weaken American and European economies by scaring off investors and the increased cost of security precautions.

The second goal is to detonate embassies and consulates, for "the embassies and the consulates are an intelligence nest, and the ambassador is a spy for its country, especially the "crusader" embassies from which emerge conspiracies and plans of war on Islam and Muslims. Therefore, it is most important to target them in the land of the Two Holy Sites [i.e. Saudi Arabia] and to kidnap diplomats, kill them or trade them for our prisoners which located in their jails."

The third goal is to attack those who work in prisons, as well as the judges who imprisoned "the Monotheists," and to free prisoners.

The fourth goal is to destroy "places of corruption," such as banks which charge interest, night clubs, offices of news outlets, and authors who mock Islam.

The fifth goal is to target "polytheists," including Shi'ites and their places of worship, claiming that Muslims must kill or expel them from the Arabian Peninsula, to ensure that [Sunni] Islam remains the only religion there. The poster further claims that it is necessary to fight Shi'ites, "to attack their cities, explode their Husayniyat [Shi'ite gathering place], burn their farms, bomb their buses, lie in wait for them on highways and gas stations, and kill them in their shrines."

The poster includes three more targets: those who participate in global coalition meetings; "evil scholars whose apostasy is proven"; and governmental and military facilities.

The poster notes that ISIS operatives can also achieve these goals in other countries such as Turkey, Iran, UAE, Qatar, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Egypt.


[1] Telegram, May 12, 2023.

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