Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Media Groups Condemn Hamas For Alliance With Shi'ite Iran; Claim Shi'ites Greater Enemy Than Jews; Discredit Hamas Leaders For Staying In Qatar

January 30, 2024

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In the first half of January, pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlets published posters condemning Hamas for its alliance with Shi'ite Iran, and for fighting for national reasons rather than religious.[1] Since then, these media groups have continued to release posters with similar themes. Following is a survey of some of these posters.

Shi'ites Are 'Brothers Of Jews,' Hamas Is 'Obedient Dog' Of Shi'ite Iran

On January 18, 2024, the pro-ISIS Sarh Al-Khilafah media outlet published[2] a poster titled "Polytheist Rafidites [pejorative term for Shi'ites] Are Brothers of Jews," warning the "people of Palestine" against cooperating with Shi'ite Iran and Hamas.

Stressing that "Rafidites" have committed crimes against Sunnis in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, including shedding Muslim blood, violating Muslims' honor, and destroying houses and mosques, the poster describes Shi'ites as "unbelievers" and "apostates," and warns Palestinians against cooperating with them, as they want to enter "your land" in order to spread their "impurities."

Describing Hamas as the "obedient dog" of "Rafidites" that opened the "doors of Palestine" for them, it warns that Palestine will not be liberated by "polytheists" and their allies, "the enemies of religion," but by mujahideen aiming to establish shari'a law and raise the banner of "monotheism." The poster displays an image depicting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shaking the hand of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, against the backdrop of a Hamas fighter.

Palestinians Should Not Expect Support From Shi'ite Iran

On January 24, Sarh Al-Khilafah published[3] a poster warning Palestinians against accepting support from "Rafidites." The poster mentions "crimes" committed by Shi'ite militias and movements, as well as the Alawite Assad regime, against Sunnis in Iraq, Lebanon, and Syria, and asserts that if Palestinians let them into their lands, they will repeat these acts. It concludes: "Do not be tempted by their empty slogans. They are… vipers soft to the touch, holding only a sharp sword." The text is backgrounded by a photo of Ali Khamenei standing with Qasem Soleimani, slain commander of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force.

Shi'ites Are Top Enemy, Before Jews; Palestine Will Not Be Liberated Until Arab Countries Are Purged Of Them

On January 29, Sarh Al-Khilafah published[4] a poster warning Palestinians that "Rafidites" are the "top enemy," before Jews. It claims that Muslims in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and other places have been "exterminated" by Shi'ites, who now use the Palestinian cause to "polish" their image, even as their stance toward Sunnis is "horrifying." Reminding Palestinians that Shi'ites "massacred" Palestinians in the streets of Baghdad, the poster stresses that Palestine will not be liberated by Shi'ites who defame the Prophet Muhammad's companions and wives, or until Arab countries are purged of "Rafidites, tawaghit [un-Islamic rulers], and their unbeliever soldiers." Photos of Ali Khamenei, Syrian President Bashar Assad, and Hamas fighters accompany the poster.

Hamas Leaders Deceive Palestinians, Sacrifice Muslims In Gaza For Iran's 'Malicious Plans'

On January 29, the pro-ISIS Hadm Al-Aswar media outlet published[5] a poster titled "Jihad of Hotels," discrediting Hamas leaders who "deceive their followers" by claiming to wage jihad for the liberation of Palestine, while "you only see these leaders and speakers in places far from the ongoing struggle." Criticizing Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh for staying in Qatar, "thanking Rafidites and their alliance, spending his days in hotels, and sacrificing Muslims in Gaza for Iran's malicious plans," the poster concludes: "How great is the difference between him and the Emirs of jihad, who spent their lives in trenches, and illuminated the path for their followers with their blood." Photos of Haniyeh are presented, alongside a photo of ruins in Gaza.

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