Pro-ISIS Video Derides Foreign Influence In Yemen, Accuses UAE, Saudi Arabia Of Waging War Against Muslims, Cooperating With Houthis

August 16, 2022

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A pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Telegram channel released a two-part video series aimed at inciting Yemen's Sunni Muslims against the country's primary political actors: the Shi'ite Houthis, the internationally-recognized Republic of Yemen Government (RYG), and the separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC), as well as regional and international actors involved in the country's conflict, including the Saudi-led Arab Coalition in Yemen, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and the U.S.

The video series, titled "Oh, Sunnis In Yemen: Where Are You Going?" was published by the pro-ISIS "Voice of Faith and Wisdom" Telegram channel in two parts on July 29 and August 15, 2022, respectively. The two-part series seeks to portray Yemen's Sunni populace as victim to two conspiracies: one by regional Shi'ites and the Houthis in particular, who covertly aim to oppress the Sunnis and convert their children; and another conspiracy by Arab Gulf States and the U.S., who seek to plunder Yemen's resources and ravage the country.

The following report reviews the second videos in the pro-ISIS video series "Oh Sunnis In Yemen: Where Are You Going."

Yemeni Powerbrokers Promote "Polytheism Of The Constitution"

Released on August 15, 2022,[1] the second video in the two-part series opened with a prologue that cast Yemeni Sunnis as equally suffering under all the country's powerbrokers.

"The conditions of Sunnis in Yemen living in areas under the control of the Rafidite [pejorative term for Shi'ite] Houthis," it read, "does not differ from those under the control of the coalition of the statelet of the Emirates, Al-Salul [i.e., Saudi Arabia], and their proxies in the Yemeni Army and the militias of the [Southern] Transitional [Council]. All of them seek to humiliate [the Sunnis], corrupt them, and lead them to apostasy and polytheism, whether it be polytheism of the grave or polytheism of the constitution."

It accused the Arab Coalition headed by "Al-Salul and the statelet of the Emirates" of spreading "secularism, democracy, and nationalism" in Yemen, which it argued accelerated "factionalism, separatism, and ignorant gangsterism among the people," as well as supporting political actors in the country who have "shared interests with the apostates and unbelievers, even though their interests appear to be different."

According to the video, such actors, including the RYG, STC, and others, "sacrifice their lives in the path of Satan and wage war against the devotees of Allah everywhere they can, in addition to aiming to implement the plans of the West and the Crusaders: corrupting the country, enslaving the servants [of Allah], and drowning them in the darkness of unbelief and polytheism."

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UAE President Mohammed bin Zayed (far right) labelled as "tyrant," with STC Vice President Hani Bin Braik (second from left) labelled "apostate."

"Tyrants Of The Arabs" Wage War Against Muslims Alongside U.S.

The video also targeted the "tyrants of the Arabs," criticizing longstanding cooperation between Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and the West, particularly the U.S. It showed video clips of Saudi Kings meeting with former President Barack Obama alongside historical footage of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt meeting with then-Saudi King Abdul Aziz ibn Al-Saud in the Suez Canal in 1945. The video quipped: "Are the crimes of America against the Muslims lost on anyone?"

While the Arab Gulf states wage war against Muslims, they do little against regional Shi'ites who harass and torture Sunnis, the video argued. It included photos allegedly showing Shi'ites torturing Sunnis, as well as videos of a Shi'ite police officer forcing a Sunni child to say "Ali," and Shi'ite processions in Saudi Arabia's Qatif region.

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U.A.E, Saudi Arabia "War Dealers" That Sold Sunnis To Houthis

In conclusion, the video also accused the Arab Gulf countries of coordinating with the Houthis, highlighting the case of Tareq Saleh – the UAE-backed commander of the National Resistance Forces (NRF), who formerly fought alongside the Houthis – whose forces withdrew from areas near Al-Hodeidah as part of a U.N.-brokered ceasefire deal.

"Oh, Sunnis in Yemen, do you expect these apostate betrayers will deliver you victory, and they were the ones who drove your children toward unbelief under the pretense of liberating the country from the Rafidite Houthis," the video asked, "Then they no sooner delivered them on an alter there was no escape from before surrendering them voluntarily to the Rafidites? Or were they rather the ones who were killing you previously?"

[1] Telegram, August 15, 2022.

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