Pro-ISIS Article: Mainstream Media Is Controlled By Jews And Crusaders, Who Wage War On Islam, Tarnish The Image Of ISIS, Focus On Insignificant Events

February 9, 2022

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On February 9, 2022, Al-Murhafat, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media outlet, released[1] an article claiming that mainstream media worldwide and in the Arab world is controlled by the enemies of Muslims and applies double standards by focusing on insignificant events and ignoring the suffering of Muslim women and children who are related to ISIS fighters.

The article, titled "The Enemy's Controlled Media and the Policy of Double Standards," described the case of a Moroccan boy named Rayan, who died after being stranded inside a well for days. The story was widely covered by the media and on social media, said the article, while the suffering of Muslim children in prisons and camps in Syria and Iraq receive no attention.

Describing media as "a double edge sword," the article accused "the unbelievers" of using it to "wage war on Islam and Muslims and prevent Muslims from following the path of Allah." The tactics used by the media, it said, include "reporting on fabricated news, distorting facts, and manipulating people's feelings..." The internet and social media have advanced the agendas of the unbelievers, it said. "The international media of unbelief controls the news and events [on social media;] they conceal what they wish to conceal and amplify what they want to amplify[;] they exaggerate one event and downplay another, without hindering their objective and interests," it argued.

Next, the article condemned the media for ignoring the "plight of Muslim children, women, and the elderly in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Africa, Burma, Kashmir, and other countries where Muslims are oppressed, tortured, and die of hunger, cold, in air strikes, or by other means... while focusing on other events, due to their insignificance and unimportance... or favoring tyrants and improving their image [in the eyes] of the public."

After mentioning the wide coverage and reactions on social media regarding the case of the Moroccan boy who died in a well, the article condemned the media and the lack of widespread response to the suffering of Muslim children and women in ISIS territories, "who have been bombed by planes, whose homes were destroyed, and who experienced what is called genocide in military and media terms, through the use of a scorched-earth policy, such as what took place in [the village] of Baghuz."

The article then lashed out at those who have justified attacks against women and children under claims that they are the "family members of terrorists, and therefore, deserve what they experience." It questioned the excuses of those who claim that cannot express support for ISIS for fear of tyrants, saying that mujahideen can be supported through "other safe means... we live in the era of the internet, a wide, unlimited space."

Addressing those who have ignored the plight of Muslim children in Syria and Iraq, but who responded to the story of the Moroccan boy, the article stated: "Were they not bombed by the Crusader alliance in Iraq, Syria, Libya, and other Muslim countries which [the Crusaders] violate[?] [Is it not] the same enemy who controls the media and directs it to serve its interests? Were the children and women who were bombed, killed, and displaced not Muslims, and [therefore] deserving of sympathy and interaction? Or is this the policy of double standards[?] Are the feelings you claim to have only temporary[?] ...If not, tell me what is the difference?"

The article addressed those who have realized, after following the coverage of the Moroccan boy's death, that the "international media controls what is amplified and what is ignored," and pointed out that this is the same media that "tarnishes the image of ISIS" by describing ISIS as "Khawarij," and accusing them of killing Muslims." This media, it said, was "created by the Jews, the Crusaders, and the Shi'ites in Iran." The article condemned Muslims who are aware of this bias, yet do not react when the media incites against ISIS, instead believing the allegations made in the media.

Concluding the article, the outlet called on those who noticed the media's double standards in reporting about the Moroccan boy, to "realize the same thing [is true] regarding the Islamic State and the media allegations against it."

[1] Telegram, February 9, 2022

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