Pro-Al-Qaeda Media Outlet Incites Muslims To Conduct Martyrdom Operations In The "Heart Of Crusaders' Lands," Praises Attacks On Synagogues In Montreal, Threatens Similar Attacks To 2015 Attacks In Paris

November 16, 2023

On November 16, 2023, the pro-Al-Qaeda media outlet Jaysh Al-Malahem Al-Electroni (Electronic Army of Epic Battles) published a three-page statement, in Arabic, praising three recent attacks that targeted two synagogues in Montreal, Canada, using rifles and Molotov cocktails.[1]

The statement called on Muslims to carry out additional attacks in the land of the "Crusaders," to show their support of Gazans. The statement also incited violence, similar to the 2015 attacks on the office of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris following that magazine's publication of cartoons of Prophet Muhammad. The statement argued that jihadi operations today are not the sole responsibility of jihadi groups, but available to all Muslims.

Titled, "A Statement Praising The Heroic Operations In The Canadian City Of Montreal And A Message To The Western Peoples," the statement extended greetings to Muslims around the world, praising Allah for extending His support to them.

"Son of our beloved Ummah [Islamic nation] everywhere, peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you. In this statement, we would like to praise the heroic operations that targeted two Jewish synagogues in the Canadian city of Montreal with machine guns and Molotov cocktails, in three separate operations, targeting the two synagogues during the past week, which spread a state of helplessness and terror among the ranks of the Jews."

The statement added: "This weakness was evident in the comment of the director of the Yeshiva Gedula synagogue, when he said: 'That people allow themselves to attack the same target again is indicative of the seriousness of the situation.'"

"Support Gaza By Attacks"

Inciting Muslims everywhere to carry out attacks in support of Gaza, the statement read:

"Sons of our great Ummah, as soldiers of this Ummah: At a time when we appreciate the blessed Montreal assaults, we urge you to intensify your efforts in carrying out such operations and entrench yourself with your brothers in Gaza. And remember that we are fighting one war on multiple fronts, and your brothers in Gaza are seeking your help and calling on you to wage jihad."

Reiterating Call By Hamas's Military Spokesman

Citing Hamas's military spokesman Abu Obaida, the statement added:

"A clear and explicit call came from the military spokesman for the Al-Qassam Brigades, Abu Obaida, in his last speech, in which he said: 'Our confidence in the victory of Allah and the justice of our cause does not exempt every individual and group from their duty towards Palestine, as it is the responsibility of all Arabs and Muslims.'"

"Carry Out Martyrdom Operations"

The statement ordered Muslims to carry out Inghmasi (commando-style) and martyrdom (suicide) operations in the heart of the Crusaders' lands.

In a message to Christians in western countries, the statement warned them:

"O Crusaders, the missiles that are raining down on our people and sons in Gaza are financed by your taxes and supported by your election of your rulers and your support for them. You must bear in mind that your rulers are dragging you into a war that you cannot bear with the Muslims."

It continued: "Beware of thinking that the heavy bill that you will pay will be from your blood, your security, and your money. It will end with the end of the days of war in Gaza. No, by Allah, our rights do not lapse by statute of limitations. Rather, what is happening today in Gaza will be a spark for invasions in your homes for many years to come."

"Don’t Forget Charlie Hebdo Attack"

Threatening attacks similar to those that targeted Paris to avenge defamatory cartoons published by Charlie Hebdo which depicted Prophet Muhammad, the statement said:

"Have you forgotten the Charlie Hebdo assault? Many years had passed since it insulted our sanctities and thought that it had escaped Allah's punishment at the hands of His servants. It [i.e., Charlie Hebdo] did not realize that our silence was in preparation [for an attack] and that Allah's punishment would take place inevitably. This is the case with all the operations that took place in your land. We are a people who do not forget, our silence is painful, and our words are actions."


Commentary On Claim Of October Cyber Attack


The statement further reiterated its previous claim of responsibility for a large "electronic warfare" attack against European and Jewish targets.[2]

"In response to the blessed Gaza of the Spider’s House, which was carried out by the Electronic Warfare Team in Jaysh Al-Malahem Al-Electroni early last month: We once again confirm that the French Minister of the Interior lied in his claims of arresting 18 suspects involved in carrying out the operation. After monitoring and investigation, we discovered that the Crusaders had arrested some of their nationals who had received threats from us and had informed the police about this. In fact, six Christians who had received threats had been arrested, in addition to a French Hindu citizen of Indian origin."


[1] Telegram, Hhsetkkbot, November 16, 2023.





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