Palestinian Telegram Outlet Solicits Donations For Gaza Via Wise Money-Transfer App, Provides Bank Accounts In U.S., Belgium

October 10, 2023

Over the past few days, the "Gaza Now" news agency shared on its Telegram account posts promoting fundraising campaign in support of Gaza  in the aftermath of the Hamas attack on Israel. The posts promoted campaigns using money transfer apps, social media accounts and crypto wallets. The recent fundraising campaign promoted by the channel involves soliciting donations in USD dollars or Euros via Wise money transfer app and through bank accounts located in Belgium and the U.S.[1]

Donations In Euros

On October 9, the "Gaza Now" Telegram post instructed potential donners who wish to make donations in Euros to use Wise, providing the following information:

"Account holder: Gaza now.


"IBAN: BE79967238791633

"[Country]: Belgium."

Donations In USD

For donations in USD dollars, the post instructed donners to use the following information:

"Account Holder: Gaza now

"Routing Number: 026073150


"Account Number: 8311304150

"[Country]: United States"

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This is the third time that the "Gaza Now" Telegram account promotes a fundraising campaign since the beginning of the Hamas attack on Israel.

Fundraising Using Crypto Wallets & PayPal

On October 9, the outlet shared a post in English promoting a London-based company called Alqureshi Executives announcing an "emergency" donation campaign in support of the "war on Gaza."

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Further, the "Gaza Now" Telegram channel provided an email account for donations via PayPal:, as well as the address of a wallet to donate the TRC20 and Tether (USDT) cryptocurrencies, and a permalink to a fundraiser on Instagram. The post was later deleted.[2]

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Fundraising On Instagram

A day earlier, October 8, Gaza Now Telegram channel posted a link to a fundraising campaign on its Instagram account, however the Arabic description it provided to followers read: "All of our photos can be seen on our account on Instagram here:"

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As of this writing, access to the Instagram fundraising link provided by "Gaza Now" was suspended and cannot be accessed either through the phone app or the desktop version.[3]


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