Lebanese Hizbullah Field Commander: Israel Is 'Unable To Launch War' In Lebanon; 'We Are Superior, We Still Have The Initiative'

December 22, 2023

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On December 22, 2023, Al-Akhbar Daily published an article shadowing the daily activities of a Lebanese Hizbullah field officer, who has patrolled the Lebanese-Israeli border since the outbreak of the Israel-Hamas War.[1]

The article was titled: "Field Officer in the Resistance Narrates Days on the Southern Front: The Enemy is not able to Launch a War ... And We Are Superior to it in Intelligence." It described the field officer as a man in his fifties, who serves as a "senior" field officer "in charge of managing a large section of the front" on the Israeli-Lebanese border. It also noted that he has "displaced tens of thousands of [Israeli] settlers from occupied northern Palestine."

"We Are In A Stage Of Superiority, We Still Have The Initiative"

In shadowing the unnamed officer, the article recounted him delivering a comprehensive presentation on Israeli military formations, sites, and defenses. "The initiative is still to a greater degree in the hands of the Resistance," he was reported to have remarked during the presentation. "Until now, the resistance has used only an almost insignificant portion of what it has in its possession. Even the weapons that we tested very narrowly--we did not use all the types we had. We are in a stage of superiority, we still have the initiative, and in the current situation we are not forced to reveal all our cards.”

However, the officer also addressed the issue of the "high numbers of martyrs" since the outbreak of the war, saying that casualty numbers naturally rise and fall in response to tactical adaptations on the field. He claimed that, thus far, Hizbullah has "found solutions" for the enemy's tactics, which has reduced the number of martyrs.

Threat Of Conflict In Lebanon Is "Psychological Warfare"

The officer further dismissed the possibility of an expansion of the conflict into Lebanon as "psychological warfare." He pointed to the fact that "it is impossible for the enemy to open two fronts at the same time," but noted that Hizbullah is nonetheless prepared for this if the conflict escalates.

Regarding the current state of hostilities, the officer noted that Israeli forces are in a "defensive posture." He said that Hizbullah's ability to target Israeli radar and surveillance systems has left them "completely blind" since the outbreak of the war, while Hizbullah has been able to maintain its electronic surveillance systems and fly drones over Israeli territory "without the enemy being able to shoot them down."

Stressing the damage inflicted on Israeli surveillance systems, the officer concluded by noting that Hizbullah attacks on such systems also have regional implications, as damage to surveillance sites degrades Israel's ability to monitor developments in countries beyond Lebanon, such as Syria and Iraq, as well.

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[1] Al-akhbar, December 22, 2023.

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