Issue 31 Of ISKP Magazine, 'Voice Of Khurasan' Offers 'Practical Steps To Fight The Jews': 'Limiting Ourselves To Fighting The Jews Of Palestine... Is Not Enough To Achieve The Elimination Of The Jews'

January 5, 2024

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A key article in the latest issue of the "Voice of Khurasan," an English-language monthly magazine published by Al-Azaim Media Foundation, a media outlet linked to the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP), which defines itself as a supporting entity for the Islamic State (ISIS), offers "a comprehensive shari'a vision" to fight Jews. The piece calls for attacks on Jewish neighborhoods in America and Europe and on Israeli and Western embassies around the world.

The article, titled: "Practical Steps To Fight The Jews," states: "This plan is represented by a serious and rapid field effort to target the Jewish presence in the entire world, whatever is the form of this presence, especially the Jewish neighborhoods, in America and Europe, which constitute the backbone of the Jewish economy and the hotbeds of control in Western Crusader decision making circles supporting the Jewish statelet. It is necessary to target and attack Jewish and Crusader embassies everywhere."

The article appears in Issue 31 of Voice of Khurasan, which is dated Jamadi-us-Saani 1445, in the Hijri calendar, which corresponds with the lunar month beginning October 16, 2023.[1]

Following is the text of the article:

"The Murtad [Apostate] Arab Governments And Armies... Are Also Part Of The Ropes Of Jewish Deception That Strangle The Populous To Keep Them Away From Threatening The Interests Of The Jews, Or Attacking Their Statelet"

"As soon as the Jewish statelet is exposed to an attack or a potential danger, the allies of the Jews rush to provide their comprehensive and unlimited support. This is neither new nor surprising, even if it appears [to be] more intense this time, as was clearly demonstrated in the speeches of American leaders that were filled with unprecedented threats and incitement against Gaza, and everyone in it!

"These Crusader-Jewish speeches were quickly translated into a massive campaign of barbaric bombing, throwing Gaza into an unprecedented spiral of pain, massacres, and body parts. To Allah we turn for help. Every time confrontation with the Jews is renewed in the Palestinian arena, conversations [occur] about practical steps to fight the Jewish statelet and ways to support Palestine escalate, especially from those outside it.

"Many parties act without presenting a comprehensive shari'a vision that could be considered a process or a practical way to achieve the divine promise of abolishing the Jewish statelet, while the Palestinian scene remains the same. They act in the shadows of the prevailing illusion that it is possible to achieve this divine promise by fighting under the banner of the Iranian axis, which itself is hostile to the divine method! Or they act by engaging in national or pan-national alliances that fundamentally neglect the legitimate purpose of fighting. They act in the shadows of emphasis that the battle and hostility with the Jews is confined within Palestine and has nothing to do with fighting the Jews outside it.

"In accordance with shari'a and practicality, limiting ourselves to fighting the Jews of Palestine, no matter how spiteful they may be, is not enough to achieve the elimination of the Jews, because from the beginning the construction of the Jewish statelet relied upon and depended on a chain of people. Throughout history, the Jews only advanced by relying on other parties who, through deception, they exploited to serve them. They established their statelet initially by leaning on Britain, then taking refuge in America, and finally by subjugating murtad [apostate] governments.

"Indeed, anyone who reflects upon them finds that the speeches and positions of the American leaders who lament the Jewish blood, whether Republicans or Democrats, are the same; he realizes the extent of Jewish control over American and European decision-making circles, and the extent of the pressure exerted on them by Jewish pressure groups that live and breed in the neighborhoods of America and Europe, controlling the joints of the economy, trade, and Western media, and interfering in drawing up the policies of these countries, and tie up the ropes of deception in a way that ensures the preservation of Jewish interests.

"The same is the case when it comes to the murtad Arab governments and armies, which are also part of the ropes of Jewish deception that strangle the populace, to keep them away from threatening the interests of the Jews or attacking their statelet, which explains why the Jews are desperate to 'normalize' their relations with these murtad governments."

"It Is Necessary To Target The Defense Lines And Walls That Provide Cover For The Jewish Statelet, Represented By The Murtad Arab Armies And Governments, Specifically The Armies Of The 'Ring States' That Encircle And Strangle Palestine"

"Based on this introduction, and legal, historical, and factual data, it is abundantly clear to us that the practical way to confront the Jewish statelet in preparation for its elimination can only be achieved by striking all of these components, alliances, and all those involved in them, who together form fortresses, walls and ropes that protect the Jews and perpetuate their power and control over Palestine.

"Accordingly, this is a warning and incitement to Muslims everywhere: that in front of them lays a plan to participate in fighting the Jewish statelet and rid the Muslims of its evils. This plan is represented by a serious and rapid field effort to target the Jewish presence in the entire world, whatever is the form of this presence, especially the Jewish neighborhoods of America and Europe; these constitute the backbone of the Jewish economy and the hotbeds of control in Western Crusader decision-making circles supporting the Jewish statelet. It is necessary to target and attack Jewish and Crusader embassies everywhere.

The magazine's table of contents.

"Simultaneously, it is necessary to target the defense lines and walls that provide cover for the Jewish statelet, represented by the murtad Arab armies and governments. Specifically, [target] the armies of the 'ring states' that encircle and strangle Palestine, as well as target the rear lines of defense, such as the armies of the Gulf states that host the American bases which support the security of the Jewish statelet.

"All of these parties, that include kuffar [unbelievers] and riddah  [apostasy], Arabs and non-Arabs, are a rope for the Jewish statelet, the severance of which will ensure the extraction of their statelet by the roots. This is the shari'a-based practical and realistic path to fighting the Jews and fulfilling Allah's promise of the elimination of their statelet. It also includes real, actionable support for our Muslim people in Palestine. This is the path that the Islamic State [ISIS] took by fighting all these kafir [unbeliever]  axes, governments, and armies, and it is still on its way, about to reach its goal, Allah willing."

"Young Muslims... Must Prepare Themselves And Be Equipped With Whatever Military Equipment Is Available To Them, But Especially With Explosive Belts [To Carry Out Martyrdom-Seeking Bombings] That Have Been Absent From The Arena Of Confrontations With The Jews"

"In light of the sharp changes and turns taking place in the region, which do not deviate from the plan of Allah the Almighty and his plan for his worshipers on the ground, and in light of the talk of the possibility of the small, short 'sector' being exposed to a Jewish ground incursion, whether at this stage or elsewhere:

"The first thing to do, in order to confront it, is to prepare on the basis of iman [faith], dedicating tawhid [Islamic monotheism] to Allah the Almighty, purifying the banner from the American 'international rules and laws,' and fight for the arbitration of Islamic shari'a within the framework of tawhid, and not within what is originally and primarily based upon a Jewish framework.

"If this premise of preparation with iman is firmly adopted, then young Muslims there must prepare themselves, and be equipped with whatever military equipment is available to them, but especially with explosive belts (to carry out martyrdom-seeking bombings) that have been absent from the arena of confrontations with the Jews.

The magazine also has an article advocating a holocaust of Jews at the hands of Muslims.

"These blessed belts are a distinguishing mark between the fighting guaranteed by international laws, and the fighting guaranteed by divine shari'a. We ask Allah the Almighty to inflame the blood of our people in Palestine, and to spare them the evils of the Jews and the Crusaders.

"In conclusion, the Jews have walls and ropes that they rely on and fight behind to preserve their crumbling statelet. There is no way to bring down the Jewish statelet without bringing down these walls and cutting these ropes, until the Jews reach the point where they find nothing to take refuge in and hide behind except stones and trees. Then the Jews will realize that they have not lived through the 'Holocaust' yet!"


[1] The original English of the article has been lightly edited for standardization and clarity.

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