Islamic State Spokesman Renews Calls For Attacks In West, Praises Attacks Carried Out In Canada, France, Australia, And Belgium, Threatens 'What Lies Ahead Will Be Worse…And More Bitter'

January 26, 2015

On January 26, 2015, the Islamic State (ISIS) via Al-Furqan media company, released an audio message by ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-Adnani. In it, Al-Adnani renews his call from September 2014 to carry out attacks in the West. Al-Adnani also praises the terror attacks that have taken place in Canada, France, Australia, and Belgium, while promising at the same time that "what lies ahead will be worse … and more bitter."

Al-Adnani also notes the coalition campaign against ISIS, and says that it has failed to defeat or contain ISIS, while noting the recent pledges of allegiance to ISIS from a number of jihad groups in Khorasan.

Al-Adnani also welcomes the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, while noting at the same time this means nothing for ISIS, since he was replaced by another tyrant, and that the true rulers of Saudi Arabia are the Jews and the Crusaders.

Al-Adnani's message, which is 9:37 minutes in duration, was released on The message was accompanied by English and Russian transcripts.

Below is a summary of the message. Direct quotations are based on the English transcript that was provided by ISIS:

Al-Adnani addresses the coalition forces, informing them that their campaign against ISIS hasn't spread fear inside ISIS, nor was it able to grant them victory. He said: "Gather, o spiteful Crusaders, and assemble your allies from among the apostates, the Rafidites [Shi'ites], and the atheists … gather, conspire, and mobilize. The monotheists will not fear you."

Al-Adnani notes as well ISIS's belief and the certainty that Allah is on its side: "It is with this creed that we fight you, o Crusaders… Every mujahid … has complete certainty that you altogether will not be able to harm him…" Al-Adnani also emphasizes that ISIS will remain upon its path, and that its enemies must therefore "die in their rage." He notes: "So praise be to Allah, who has made the Islamic State a thorn in your eyes, a choking pain in your threats, a spear in your chest, and a range burning in your hearts."

Next, Al-Adnani says that ISIS has managed to continue expanding despite the campaign against it, citing the recent pledges of allegiance of a number of a jihad groups from Khorasan as an example of that expansion.[1] Al-Adnani also calls upon those who haven't joined ISIS in Khorasan to do so. "We call upon all the monotheists in Khorasan to join the caravan of the caliphate and abandon disunity and factionalism. So come to your state, o mujahideen! Come to you caliphate, for you are the forerunners."  

Turning back to the Crusaders, Al-Adnani says that their campaign against ISIS had led to nothing but it become stronger: "Your wild campaign has carried on for months, but the mujahideen … have only increased in strength, steadfastness, and their certainty of victory." Al-Adnani notes the consequences of that campaign on the Crusaders' security and psychological state (as seen in the various terror attacks that took place in the West in recent months, which Al-Adnani praises in another part of his message), saying: "Every day that passes, the fear, terror, and loss of security you suffer only increases."

Addressing Barack Obama, Al-Adnani calls him a dog, and a coward who continues to rely on the Arab regimes and their armies for his campaign. Al-Adnani also notes that the Crusaders continue to be dragged into a ground war, and that it will eventually be forced to enter one against ISIS. Al-Adnani also notes that when that happens, ISIS will defeat the Crusaders and will attack them also on their own soil: "None of this [i.e. the Crusaders' reliance on Arabs' support] will benefit you. We will see you [i.e. Crusaders] on the ground, and will meet you on land, and we will defeat you here and attack you in your land." Al-Adnani also urges ISIS fighters to prepare for the battle, which, he says, "is about to intensify."

Addressing Muslims living in the West, Al-Adnani renews his call from September 2014[2] for them to target the Crusaders wherever they find them. He also notes that those who do not shed a drop of Crusaders' blood will be asked about it in front of Allah. Al-Adnani praises the attacks in Canada, France, Australia, and Belgium, while promising that those are only the beginning. Below is Al-Adnani's message to Muslims living in the West, followed by his threats to the West:

"Likewise, we renew our call to the monotheists in Europe and the disbelieving West and everywhere else, to target the Crusaders in their own lands and wherever they are found. We will argue, before Allah, against any Muslim who has the ability to shed a single drop of Crusader's blood but does not do so, whether with an explosive device, a bullet, a knife, a car, a rock, or even a boot or a fist.

"Indeed, you saw what a single Muslim did with Canada and its parliament of polytheism, and what our brothers in France, Australia, and Belgium did – may Allah have mercy upon them all and reward them with good on behalf of Islam. And there were many others who killed, ran others over, threatened, frightened, and terrorized people, to the event that we saw the Crusader armies deployed on the streets in Australia, Canada, France, Belgium, and other strongholds of the cross to whom we promise – by Allah's permission – a continuation of their state of alert, terror, fear, and loss of security. And what lies ahead will be worse – with Allah's permission – and more bitter, for you haven't seen anything from us just yet."

Last, Al-Adnani addresses the passing of Saudi Arabia King Abdullah, and notes that the mujahideen have rejoiced the death of the "tyrant." However, he adds, King Abdullah's death "means nothing to us," since "one tyrant has perished and another tyrant [i.e. Salman bin Abdulaziz] has taken his place, and they are both puppets [for the West]." Al-Adnani also adds that "that is no difference whether they are present or not, for the real rulers of the lands of al-Haramayn [i.e. Saudi Arabia] are the Jews and Crusaders…"


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