Islamic State (ISIS) Supporter Warns Muslims Residing In Non-Muslim Countries Against Working For Jews And Christians, Encourages Them To Carry Out Lone Wolf Attacks

May 24, 2023

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On May 3, 2023, an Islamic State (ISIS) supporter on Telegram published a post calling on Muslims living in non-Muslim countries not to work for Christians or Jews, explaining that working for them is akin to empowering infidels against Islam. He further called on them to carry out lone wolf attacks.[1]

Citing a hadith (Prophet's saying) and Quranic verses that instruct Muslims to avoid providing support to Jews and Christians or allying with them, the user, Abu Emad Al-Nairabi, said that such religious rulings state that "those who choose to live in the abode of Kufr [disbelief] and war, waging war against Muslims, then by this act he is an apostate who has all the rulings of apostasy, including the obligation to kill him, and the permissibility to seize his money and the annulment of his marriage, and so on."

Elaborating, Al-Nairabi said these rulings also apply to Muslims residing in India, Sindh (i.e. Pakistan), China, Turkey, Sudan, and the Rums.[2]

Do Not Offer Services To Infidels

Discussing exemptions from these rulings, he claimed that Muslims who cannot leave non-Muslim countries due to financial or physical hardships or because "there is no way out" are excused. However, he wrote, a Muslim who extends support to "infidels" by offering services such as "writing" is an infidel like them.

'Opt For Lone Wolf Attacks'

Instructing Muslims in non-Muslim countries to take advantage of their residency to support jihad, Al-Nairabi encouraged them to carry out lone wolf attacks.

"Hence, we have to praise the lone wolves before whom the tyrants closed the doors of [jihadi] migration, so they opened their own doors of jihad and did not rely on the present status of their life despite the excuses they had."

The post used two hashtags that read: "Continue to incite" and "Jihad by the believers is ongoing."



[1] Telegram, May 3, 2023.

[2] Quranic terminology referring to the Roman Empire or Byzantium.

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