Islamic State (ISIS) Publishes Infographic Listing ISIS Attacks Against Christians Over Four Years, Explains Their Rationale, Threatens Further Attacks

November 13, 2022

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On November 10, 2022, ISIS released issue 364 of its weekly magazine Al-Naba',which contained an infographic titled "The Bleeding of Christians Over Four Years."

The infographic lists all ISIS operations against Christians around the world from the past four years, and shows a map of their locations: in Europe (Russia, Austria, the UK), Africa (Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Congo DRC, Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique, Somalia, Egypt/Sinai), the Middle East (Iraq, Syria, and the Hijaz region of western Saudi Arabia), and South and Southeast Asia (Afghanistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia).

According to the tally, the total number of operations stands at 839, including 28 suicide or inghimasi (commando-style) ones. The infographic further details the number of vehicles destroyed or disabled (260); planes shot down (four); prison breaks (two, both in Congo DRC), as well as the burning of 2,781 houses, 36 army barracks, and 67 churches. ISIS attacks also caused the displacement of tens of thousands from their homes and significant economic damage. The total number of casualties over four years is listed at 5,198, including 80 officers and commanders.

A text section in the infographic explains that Christians are targeted because of their "unbelief," their "polytheism" (as they consider Jesus divine), and for fighting Islam "by any means," including the ISIS caliphate.

At the bottom is another text section with a message by slain ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad Al-'Adnani to "Jews and Crusaders," declaring that in order to live in safety, they must either convert to Islam or pay the jizyah (tax on non-Muslims in areas governed by shari'a law).

Christians are urged to withdraw their armies from Jerusalem and all Muslim countries, which "cost them more than they would pay in jizyah." If they refuse both options, they  will face the subjugation of the caliphate. Behind the text is an image of six African Christians about to be executed by ISIS.

The past months have seen repeated ISIS attacks against Christians throughout Africa, particularly in the Sahel, Nigeria, Congo DRC and Mozambique. In early September, an Italian nun was killed in an ISIS attack in Mozambique alongside four locals.

ISIS-affiliated groups in Africa recently delivered messages to "Christian governments" in video productions. On August 9, 2022, ISIS' Mozambique Province released a video with a message to the Mozambican government, vowing "to fight the Mozambican army and Christians until Shari'a is implemented in the country" and asserting that "jihad in Mozambique is an extension of the Islamic State's jihad across the world," and that the group has "old scores to settle with Christians."

On August 17, 2022, following an ISIS prison break in Butembo, in eastern DRC, ISIS' Central Africa Province (ISCAP) released a video of a fighter delivering a message to the "Christian Congolese government," claiming that ISIS' fight is based on religion and "will continue until Allah's law is established over the country."

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